100 TB HDDs and A New Spin on Storage

November 23, 2014 - storage organizer

At a new Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM) Conference, put on by a IEEE Magnetics Society and a American Physical Society, several speakers spoke about advances in tough hoop expostulate record and Spin-based non-volatile memory devices. Hard hoop drives are a renouned digital storage record for low cost digital storage. As forked out in new blogs HDDs have been announced with adult to 10 TB of storage ability in 2015. However a genuine roadmap for HDD record has been formidable to come by.   The enlargement of 8 and now 10 TB drives involves a introduction of a few technologies such as shingled captivating recording (SMR) and hermetically hermetic He-filled tough hoop drives. Coughlin Associates is a organizer of a 2015 Storage Visions Conference and publishes a news on rising non-volatile memory technologies.

The SMR record substantially can't supplement too many some-more to areal firmness enlargement and putting helium in a tough expostulate can usually concede adding so many some-more disks to a drive. Thus aloft storage capacities requires a introduction of new digital storage technology. The Advanced Storage Technology Consortium (ASTC) expelled a 2014 roadmap for HDD areal firmness (the volume of digital storage that can be stored on a given aspect area of a HDD). According to a ASTC highway map Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) should be introduced into HDDs by 2017, augmenting a normal annual areal firmness enlargement rate to 30% (it is now about 15%).

2014 ATSC Roadmap

Interestingly, a roadmap shows that a record called bit settlement media (with a captivating media damaged into tiny regions on a hoop surface) will be introduced about 2021 total with SMR or an prolongation to SMR called Two Dimensional Magnetic Recording (TDMR). This will fast be total with HAMR, that will outcome in adult to 10 Terra-bit per block in. (Tbpsi) areal densities by 2025. Note that today’s HDDs have an areal firmness as high as 0.86 Tbpsi. This implies that a 3.5-inch HDD built with that record could have about 10 X a ability of a 10 TB HDDs in 2025, or 100 TB.

The MMM discussion featured several sessions focused on a latest investigate on captivating spin-based storage and estimate technologies. The electrons that emanate stream in stream wiring also have a skill called spin. The spin of electrons is compared with a captivating field. The review sensors in HDDs have used spin-based record as very supportive captivating margin detectors for good over 15 years and a record is now being grown for use in solid-state storage technology.

These spin-based captivating pointless entrance memory (MRAM) technologies are a many earnest technologies for replacing a semiconductor-based SRAM and DRAM that are a costly categorical memory in many computers with a non-volatile memory technology. MRAM inclination keep their memory when a appetite is incited off while SRAM and DRAM need unchanging doses of electrical appetite to keep their memory. In further to probable deputy of a categorical semiconductor memory in computers, MRAM can be used as a cache memory and is appealing for cache memory in storage inclination such as HDDs, SSDs and RAID cards.

It was as engaging to see who attended these sessions as what was presented. The spin-technology sessions were good attended by technologists from all a HDD companies, semiconductor companies, spin hovel MRAM start-ups and companies creation SoC (System on Chip) inclination that are a basement of many consumer and craving systems.  This record appears to be prohibited right now and a recently announced partnership between a MRAM company, EverSpin, and Global Foundaries indicates a appearing enlargement of this marketplace into some-more mainstream applications.

Magnetic record for storage and memory is building to accommodate a needs of destiny mass-storage markets even as flash-based technologies eat divided during aloft opening markets. You can find out some-more about a enlargement of HDDs, peep memory and spin-based MRAM inclination during a Storage Visions Conference, Jan 4 5, 2015 in Las Vegas, www.storagevisions.com.

Tom Coughlin consults and writes on digital storage and applications.  He is authority of a Storage Visions, Creative Storage Conferences as good as a Flash Memory Summit, tomcoughlin.com

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