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July 26, 2016 - storage organizer

At high Noon Sunday, with temperatures streamer toward 95 degrees, I’m assured we was not a usually one scheming to impetus by a streets of downtown Philadelphia who removed that aged elementary-school story about a wig-wearing drafters of a Declaration of Independence huddled inside of Independence Hall on a breathless Jul day.

In fact, on a eve of a Democratic National Convention (DNC), Independence Hall was a verbatim finish of this impetus to announce a autonomy from hoary fuels.

In annoy of a dangerous heat—or maybe precisely since there are now simply approach too many extremely prohibited days like this one—marchers showed adult in outrageous numbers and they brought with them a insubordinate support of mind.

Convened by Pennsylvanians Against Fracking and Americans Against Fracking—for that we offer as scholarship advisor—the March for a Clean Energy Revolution captivated some-more than 10,000 people and was permitted by some-more than 900 environmental, health, labor, political, faith, justice, inland and tyro organizations groups from all 50 states of a union.

The day kicked off with a press discussion during city gymnasium that featured internal and inhabitant advocacy leaders as good as people from communities decimated by several hoary fuel extraction, ride and storage projects.

All together, these speakers called on stream and destiny inaugurated leaders to anathema fracking, keep hoary fuels in a ground, stop unwashed energy, transition to 100 percent renewable energy and safeguard environmental probity for all.

“As a initial inhabitant classification in America to call for a anathema on fracking, Food Water Watch has seen a transformation enhance dramatically, apropos a vital emanate in a conflict over a Democratic assignment for a presidency,” a organization’s owner and executive executive Wenonah Hauter said. Food Water Watch served as a lead organizer of a march.

“Today, after listening to a science, some-more Americans are against to fracking than support it,” Hauter noted, referring to a most new Gallup poll that shows that Americans conflict fracking 51 to 36 percent.

Also vocalization during a press conference, Teresa Hill of ACTION United decried a devise to spin Philadelphia itself into a major appetite hub for fracked gas, that includes a due import/export depot on a Delaware River.

Hill privately called on Gov. Tom Wolf to contend no to a enlargement of oil and gas during a Southport site.

“Over one entertain of children in Philadelphia have asthma, essentially in reduce income communities of color. We have a right to breathe, though companies like a Philadelphia Energy Solutions oil refinery are poisoning us,” Hill said.

Pennsylvania’s Gov. Wolf is portion this week as a titular chair of a DNC Host Committee.

The final orator during a press conference—who also addressed a crowds during a convene during Independence Hall that followed a march—was soft-spoken Laura Zuñiga Cáceres, daughter of Honduran environmental personality and Goldman Prize winner, Berta Cáceres, who was recently assassinated. In a short, relocating debate that was translated from Spanish, Cáceres described a environmental struggles of a Lenca people and their couple to policies crafted here in a U.S.

Sharing a signature quote from her mom that seemed as many a criticism on a meridian predicament as on a personal threats faced by a world’s inland peoples who confront it, Cáceres exhorted, “Wake up, humanity! Time is using out!”

Sandra Steingraber with Laura Zuñiga Cáceres, daughter of slain Honduran environmental personality Berta Cáceres, after both spoke during this morning’s March for a Clean Energy Revolution press conference.Food Water Watch

During a impetus itself, we walked with a We Are Seneca Lake brigade. Wearing blue and carrying banners from past polite insubordination blockades, a Seneca Lake defenders—many of whom had been formerly arrested in actions to stop gas storage in subterraneous lakeside salt caverns—attracted substantial courtesy from marchers from other grassroots groups who were fighting hoary fuel infrastructure projects that were melancholy their possess communities. These embody pipelines, compressor stations, LNG trade facilities, oil trains and new gas appetite plants.

Filmmaker and Seneca Lake defender Josh Fox assimilated associate defenders from We Are Seneca Lake along a impetus route. Fox’s new film, How to Let Go of a World and Love All a Things Climate Can’t Change, screened after that night as partial of an outside unison in Vernon Park.Colleen Boland

All together, these marchers shaped a inFRACKstructure fortuitous in a Mar for a Clean Energy Revolution. In my opinion, this fortuitous carried a many artistic signs and art during a march.

InFRACKstructure art arrangement during a post-march convene on Independence Mall.Sandra Steingraber

Intersectionality, to use a buzzword of a meridian probity movement, was on arrangement everywhere. The assent and probity village had a manifest and outspoken participation during a march, as did a open health village and a labor movement. The message, in both signs and words: replacing hoary fuel dependency with investments in renewable appetite serves to de-escalate domestic conflicts around a globe, forestall ongoing diseases related to poisonous bearing and emanate jobs that don’t blow workers up.

Intersectionality abounded during a Mar for a Clean Energy Revolution. These psychologists make a box that a failing universe creates mishap and mental health risks.

“Climate change is already causing conflicts and crises around a world, from Louisiana to Syria. We need to make hulk leaps towards a purify appetite economy and put an finish to a infamous cycle of unwashed wars, meridian refugees and faith on unwashed energy,” Alesha Vega of a Coalition for Peace Action said.

In her residence during a shutting rally, Karuna Jaggar, executive executive of Breast Cancer Action, pronounced that a inhabitant anathema on fracking was preventive medicine.

“We are marching to direct an finish to fracking and other dangerous drilling practices that rest on poisonous chemicals and are related to an array of lethal diseases and disorders,” Karuna said. “As health professionals, open health experts and people endangered with safeguarding health, we are sincerely endangered about a ascent systematic justification arrangement that these chemicals are frequently contaminating a water, a atmosphere and eventually a bodies.”

Indeed, only final week a Johns Hopkins study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, found that people with asthma who live nearby drilling and fracking operations in Pennsylvania are 1.5 to 4 times some-more expected to humour asthma attacks than those who live over away.

According to another recent peer-reviewed study that analyzed all of a applicable novel on fracking, “The good infancy of scholarship contains commentary that prove concerns for open health, atmosphere peculiarity and H2O quality.”

As a post-march convene during Independence Hall reached a rousing crescendo, a tiny craft circled overhead, pulling a pointer that read: “Protect Unborn Children.” It was a summary that was certainly dictated not for us though a nearing representatives of a DNC.

And yet, as a craft continued to circle, we couldn’t assistance though consider about a comprehensive study published final year that related fracking to beforehand births and at-risk pregnancies. Data on some-more than 10,000 pregnancies in Pennsylvania from 2009 to 2013 showed that a contingency of beforehand births increasing 40 percent when trusting mothers live in heavily fracked communities.

Premature birth is a series one means of tot mankind in a U.S., as good as a heading means of disability.

And so did a intersectionalities adult in a sky fly past us.

Meanwhile, down on a ground, a Mar for a Clean Energy Revolution resolved with a staggering artistic arrangement that remade a cavalcade supply into a sun.

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