11 paid iPhone apps on sale for giveaway right now

January 14, 2016 - storage organizer

Do we know what’s improved than a nine paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for giveaway we told we about yesterday, some of that are still giveaway downloads? The 11 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for giveaway that we’re revelation we about today.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been done accessible for giveaway for a singular time by their developers. There is no approach to tell how prolonged they will be free. These sales could finish an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, a usually thing we can pledge is that they were giveaway during a time this post was written. If we click on a couple and see a cost listed subsequent to an app instead of a word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If we download a app, we will be charged.



Normally $0.99.

If we are sleepy of component a same summary to a same people on a unchanging basis, this app is for you.

– Setup a recipients and a physique of a SMS summary once
– Tap on a symbol in a Today Widget and send a SMS (no need to launch any apps)

Download QuickText

Extreme Week Calendar

Extreme Week Calendar

Normally $0.99.

Light chronicle of a renouned Extreme Agenda organizer app. It gives we a 7 day week perspective and inline day perspective to supplement good facilities not found in a default calendar.

Use it as a good week calendar, or as a hearing to see a peculiarity of a modernized Extreme Calendar and Extreme Agenda solutions. Once we are prepared we can simply ascent to a some-more modernized products from within a app.

Features Include:

Great Calendaring
• Powerful Week and Timeline Day with inline editing.
• Uses and expands on your local calendar data.
• Sync like we would with a default calendar(Google, iCloud, Exchange).
• Advanced repeating eventuality options.
• Move/Copy Events
• Event Templates
• Email Events
• Show events on Facebook
• Military time, ISO week, and week start options.
• Uses time bars and icons to keep we sensitive during a glance
• Filter events formed on iCal calendars.
• Almost 200 veteran icons to symbol your events

Power and Flexibility
• Universal Support
• TextExpander Support
• Portrait and Landscape Support.
• Retina Display Support.
• Background and tone thesis choices.
• Help System

• Easily upgraded to Extreme Calendar or Extreme Agenda Planner

Download Extreme Week Calendar

Monster Math

Monster Math

Normally $5.99.

Have your students use and learn addition, subtraction, division, times tables and elementary problem elucidate with Monster Math Pro! Be Maxx’s personal math supporter as we try new worlds, conflict enemies and find allies in astonishing places by regulating addition, multiplication, computation and division!

Walk your students by elementary mental math and drills built into Monster Math’s interactive personification board. Unlike peep cards or elementary ask formed apps, Monster Math’s core diversion mechanics are designed to ask mixed skills during once and beam kids towards answers.

Monster Math also provides a singular story and adaptive diversion play to mentor kids during a suitable pace. Have your kids swell by training their core math skills and times tables while assisting Maxx find Dextra! Kids adore Monster Math!

Monster Math Features:
Tons of Adventure
• Be Maxx’s supporter as he searches for his best crony Dextra! Your child can follow a enchanting voice-over exegesis as they run by mixed worlds and levels. Practice elementary problem elucidate in dozens of opposite levels to improved rivalry Troggles and Minions!

Learn and Practice Arithmetic
• Monster Math is improved than homework, and it’s a ideal math tutor for your child. Practice addition, subtraction, computation and computation with Maxx! Monster Math’s multilevel complement is designed to beam struggling kids towards a right answers.

Challenging Drills and Quizzes
• This math tutor adjusts in problem depending on your child’s progression. Pace of drills quickens or slows depending on how do with addition, subtraction, computation and division.

Multiplayer Mode
• Play along with your child or have them play with others online and around a universe by GameCenter! Children will adore a foe and proclivity to win.

Practice Mode
• This no-nonsense mode is for your children to keep training though a vigour of carrying to run from Troggles and Minions! Run by all a elementary skills that might even seem in your child’s homework!

In-Depth Reporting
• Learn how your child is doing with a Common Core Standards for math. See where they
need assistance and know what skills they do good in. You can even get a skill-by-skill analysis.

Unlock More with Monster Math!
•This chronicle of Monster Math is your child’s personal task and math helper. With this
version, we have dozens of new levels, problems and use to assistance your child with their
basic math and problem elucidate skills that they use in category any day! Meet new characters
like Faunglad a Wizard to assistance we transport and new enemies like Hypno and Treevil!
See a skills your child could be training with Monster Math!

Addition Subtraction
• Addition adult to 5, 10 and 20
• Subtraction adult to 5, 10 and 20
• Two-digit further though lift over
• Two-digit computation though borrowing

Multiplication Division
• Times Tables of 1 by 10
• Divide by numbers 1 to 10
• Multiply single-digit numbers by multiples of 10

Monster Math concentrates on Common Core Standards: 2.OA.B.2, 3.OA.C.7, 3.NBT.A.2,

See what others contend about a fun giveaway math diversion for kids!

“This kind of programming unequivocally enlivens play, and keeps kids prepared and alert.” –TeachersWithApps
“One of a best facilities of this app is a information collection” – funeducationalapps

Let your students use all of their elementary math skills and problem elucidate while they have fun. Download Monster Math now!

Download Monster Math



Normally $0.99.

Have we ever attempted to use an app to conduct your expenses, though eventually found out that we were still used to doing it on paper?
Wealthy facilities a Timeline judgment used on amicable networks, with displaying any singular responsibility clearly and beautifully. Besides, Wealthy lets we take print and share to your Facebook directly!

Wealthy, is going to dazzle your knowledge of handling expenses!

Simple and intuitive:
**It’s usually so discerning to use Timeline for browsing and handling your expenses!
**Swipe left to check Financial Report, suitable right to enter Setting Page, and corkscrew plumb on Timeline to crop all your expenses!
**Add a new transaction in seconds: Category – Price – Done!

Track expenses, take photo, and share during one step:
**A pattern is value a thousand words! It’s fit and pleasing to conduct your losses with photos!
**Showcase Displaying Mode and a superb interface, your Timeline will be looking like a beautiful personal journal!
**Share a print to your Facebook directly while adding a new expense! Showcase your feat form selling to your friends in an instant!

Powerful for handling expenses:
**Customize your possess categories/ names/ remuneration methods.
**Effective Financial Reports categorized by years/ months/ categories/ remuneration methods.
**Add personal memo into a app for easy storage and management.
**Display a disproportion between a losses of this month and final month on Financial Report.
**Add your steady losses automatically and periodically.
**Search a losses on Timeline by categories/ names/ remuneration methods.
**Use Date Picker to go to comparison date directly.
**Search and reuse a photos used by past expenses.
**Export to CSV files.
**Backup your information to Dropbox and revive to any device installing Wealthy。
**Set a passcode to strengthen your privacy.

Please join us! Get rich by regulating Wealthy!

Download Wealthy

CLZ Movies

CLZ Movies

Normally $14.99.

** Catalog your film collection on your iPad or iPhone **

Auto-download cover art, cast, crew, film plots, etc.. Just enter film titles or indicate barcodes with your device camera.

* Automatically supplement cinema to your database
Just enter film titles or indicate DVD/Blu-Ray barcodes with your device camera. CLZ Movies will automatically download full film details, including expel and organisation lists, tract descriptions and cover images.

* Catalog your film collection wish list
Track a cinema we possess and a ones on your wish list. Organize and conduct minute film information like Title, Barcode, Year, Format, Genres, and personal things like Purchase Information, Condition, Rating, Notes and Tags.

* Browse, arrange hunt your film database
Browse your film database as a film list, a cover “wall” or in cover upsurge mode. View full film information in a sum panel. Group cinema in Format, Genre or Director folders. Search your database with a Quick Search box.

* Free CLZ Cloud storage of your collection data:
Upload your collection information to a CLZ Cloud to have a full backup of your data. Sync your information between inclination (e.g. iPhone and iPad) by a CLZ Cloud.

Download CLZ Movies

incurve – zone 1


Normally $0.99.

Goal is to strike as many white dots on your approach adult as we can.
Circles have a gravitational pull, when touching a screen.

Use a sobriety to benefit movement and recover during a right angle to strech aloft circles.
• Addictive One hold gameplay
• GameCenter leaderboards
• Checkpoint mode
• Endless mode
• Quick-Fix with minimal hassle
• Some Easter eggs

Download incurve – zone 1

I’m coming

I'm coming

Normally $1.99.

Now’s your probability to share your plcae with others in genuine time. Venaki (i´m coming) is a easiest approach to find your friends .

Take advantadge of your time and don’t get mislaid again .

Using VenAki is simple. Enter your phone series and entrance a application. Then confirm with whom to share your location, your waypoints and customize your profile.

User Testimonials :

Dani , ardent about photography and computers
With VenAki we learn new places while cycling , we save them to come behind and share them with my friends. It also helps me classify meetings in opposite tools of a city. It is unequivocally useful when we go to a unison or places where there is probability of losing myself . The vicinity warning complement is an ideal assist to know where my contacts.

Emma , teen
VenAki helps me accommodate friends, applaud birthdays, holidays … Now we know where they are and how many they have left to collect me up. we also use it when we are during specific places where there are many people, like a mall. With VenAki we save time and it is easy to bond with my friends.

Sofia, businessman woman
In my pursuit it is critical to control time and place to get my products. My partners news me when a play reaches and we know accurately a track to share with others. we also use VenAki to accommodate my suppliers so we do not rubbish time looking for a organised places . VenAki increases my capability so that we can spend my time to what is unequivocally critical .

John, father
For me a many useful advantages of Venaki are to know where my family is when we have to go collect them up, to know where we parked a car, or a best sights of a new city we visit. It is improved to be orderly when we go to swarming places. VenAki creates my family life easier.
You can also use VenAki to:

Save places we revisit to come behind another time .
Share with your friends a places we adore .
Arrange events ( parties, concerts , tourism … ) with your friends.
Find your family in swarming places.
Report to your partner a time we come behind from work or travel.
Ensure in what transport stop is a chairman we expect.
Give directions to a crony to come to your house.
Locate your friends on trips or when personification sports
Host a gymkhana or organisation activities
Help we not to get mislaid on a highway in a transport group.

• Security: You always confirm with whom we share your location. There is zero to fear.

• Live: Share your plcae in genuine time

• Handy: VenAki works while regulating your phone for other things.

• Global : It works everywhere we have GPS and a information connection

Download I’m coming



Normally $0.99.

FieldNote is a cover with Graph Paper that have endless applications.

It is easy to use, being that it has usually one elementary duty that to accommodate your needs with smallest fuss.

We are presumption that we are regulating a elementary Stylized Pen.

・ You can lift out all operations by usually holding a pen.

・ You can make your entries with a same pointing as on a paper of your

You can usually name one kind of pattern for a paper.
However, we can openly set a tone of a ruled lines.

For use as a cover for your studies
・You can lift out all operations by simply holding a pen, so it is good for
“blackboard essay or demonstration” during class.

・You can keep records that will leave a improved sense than what we write,
using a sorcery marker.
You can locate with good palliate a page that we need from your records by simply giving a pretension to any page of your notes.
For business use
・It is good for gripping a record of meetings with “smooth operability”.

・It is many suitable for formulating your skeleton with a leisure of
expression like essay them out manually.
Other uses
・Great for holding records on your reading, gripping your diary, essay memoranda, etc. It is some-more available than regulating paper notebooks.

Download FieldNote

Data Robot

Data Robot

Normally $2.99.

Data Robot is like is a SpeedTest app, though it does more. It measures your information speed in genuine situation.

SpeedTest app uses a feign information file.

To know this, let’s know how a SpeedTest app works.

A speedtest uses a feign information record to send to an Internet use provider. It sends a record to magnitude a download or upload speed. But when it does this, a internet use provider cranks adult a upload or download speed for your iPhone.

Does your Internet use provider holder adult a internet speed, when we are downloading a diversion or streaming strain or video?

Honestly, we wouldn’t know, since SpeedTest doesn’t magnitude a download or upload speed in genuine situation.

SpeedTest app measures a internet speed when your internet use provider is regulating a feign record and is doing a best.

Data Robot does not use a feign information file.

Instead, it measures your download speed, when we are regulating a internet.

For example, Data Robot measures your download speed when we are downloading a movie, a song, a diversion or an app.

If we have a LTE connection, we can unequivocally see how good it does in genuine situation.

If we have a Wi-FI AC connection, we can magnitude a upload or download speed opening too.

It also depends how many LTE, 4G or 3G mobile information we used.

Note: No comment to pointer up. No Google, Facebook, Twitter or Linked comment cue to provide.

Download Data Robot



Normally $0.99.

***For a Dreamdays customers, this app can countdown remind events accurate to hours, mins seconds. And also if we buy this app in paid, we can get $0.99 behind for a aged patron promotion.***

Done allows we to simply emanate and conduct your to-dos, notes, and memos. Focusing on a palliate of use, Done helps we to correlate with your calm no matter where we are.

Some facilities and highlights:

– Create notes, reminders, and voice memos with a few taps
– Add reminders by time and location
– Easily insert photos to a note
– Flag an object for importance
– Easily toggle between all, reminders, and archive
– Organize calm with labels
– Sync your calm opposite all your iOS devices
– Protect your remoteness with passcode or Touch ID
– Widget to simply see your arriving to-dos and new notes

Download Done



Normally $0.99.

This is a elementary app that does one thing well:

– Quickly check your iPhone battery standing on your Watch by swiping adult on your Apple Watch clock-face
– No need to take your phone out of your pocket/purse usually to check a battery status
– You can check if your phone is charged from opposite a room. No some-more removing off a cot usually to see if your phone is charged.

That’s it! Simple and useful…

Download BatteryGlance

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