2500+ Ways to Customize Your Carry

July 18, 2016 - storage organizer

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When manufacturers pattern backpacks and other application bags, they make them for a infancy of their customers, formed on reseach to brand a “sweet spot” that will offer a needs of many intensity buyers. And it works many of a time. But it also means that not everybody gets accurately what they need from a customary product. So what do we do? How can we make a bag built for everybody work for your specific needs?


Thanks to innovative facilities such as offshoot and loop and a military-based Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) fixture systems, we can fast and simply renovate a simple bag meant for a masses into your possess origination by adding specially-designed pouches and appendage holders right where we wish them. Introduced in 1997 by Natick Labs, MOLLE facilities together bands of elasticized webbing spaced one in. detached to concede appendage straps to be run by dual of some-more of a bands for perpendicular connectors to a pack. The straps snap firmly sealed on back.

In further on MOLLE, many bags underline vast and tiny loop fields on a outward for adding hook-backed identification, such as your name fasten and escutcheon patches. Swiss manufacturer Velcro combined a strange offshoot and loop closures after owner George de Mestral was desirous by study burrs that clung to his dog’s fir. After a strange obvious ran out in 1978, other companies began creation identical products.

User Configurable

Perhaps a biggest advantage of bag customization is a leisure to switch pouches in and out fast as your needs change. For example, chuck in a hydration sleeve for this weekend’s camping trip, and afterwards switch it out for a padded laptop sleeve when it’s behind to work on Monday. Snap on a binocular tote with MOLLE for your outing to a plateau and lift it right behind off when we get home. One trek with mixed uses, configured a approach we wish it. Some bags, such as a U.C. Pack with “User Configurable” built right into a name, are intentionally designed for customization from a start. Based on a Army MOLLE packs and US Marine Corp ILBE packs, a U.C. Pack provides MOLLE connection points all over a outward and a vast loop margin incorporated into a inside to make personalization easy. Pouches vast and tiny can be combined right where we wish them for your sold goal needs.