50 percent of mobile photographers use a cloud as a heart for backup and storage

December 21, 2014 - storage organizer

It seems like usually yesterday — though it’s indeed been a few years — given a judgment of a cloud picked adult steam with a ubiquitous public. Once an unknown and technical term to people but a grade in mechanism science, a cloud is now some-more or reduction a tie in bland life. And that’s generally loyal for photographers of all levels.

Suite 48 Analytics, a investigate organisation specializing in mobile photography  — and not coincidentally a horde of San Francisco’s Mobile Photo Connect discussion — has found that currently 50 percent of mobile photographers now use cloud services for some or all of their photos and that 16 percent store their whole print collection in a cloud.

“The series one cause that could expostulate serve adoption of print cloud storage services is for these services to some-more transparently residence mobile photographers’ many dire print storage need: secure backup,” pronounced news researcher Hans Hartman, boss of Suite 48 Analytics.

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These and other revelations, published in a new White Paper entitled Photos and a Cloud, are a outcome of an online consult a association conducted for Photo Gurus among 1,212 mobile photographers in North America. Respondents between a ages of 25 and 44 had shot photos with a smartphone or inscription during a preceding 3 months. Of those, 48 percent of respondents were female, 49 percent were age 25 by 29 and 34 percent were parents.

For the consult respondents, cloud services encompassed a far-reaching operation of offerings from Dropbox to Apple’s iCloud, some of that sync photos between inclination and a cloud, while others like Picturelife and Shoebox total multiple cloud-based photo collections for observation and discovery. Of those responding a survey, 89 percent deliberate themselves a primary organizer of their family photos.

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Primary reasons for using cloud print storage are archiving, backup, cross-device viewing, easy pity and server-based processing.

As cloud companies and services supplement free, consumer-friendly facilities such as timelines, metadata print discovery, visible browsing and one print viewing, they also are building a patron bottom of dedicated users who are peaceful to compensate additional for specific services such as high-volume storage, a news said.

Of a 50 percent of respondents that store photos in a cloud, 43 percent do so for backup purposes. However, even those who essentially use a cloud for backup have opposite motivations. Some 37 percent use cloud backup usually for their many critical photos while 23 percent review to a cloud especially to giveaway adult device space. The consult found a many used services are: Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud.

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However not everybody was preoccupied with a cloud, and for those who did not use it, 39 percent pronounced it was since of privacy concerns, while 32 percent were not informed adequate to see a benefits.

In a future, print classification will rest some-more on picture approval technologies, according Hartman. And, applicable to today’s heightened concerns about security, cloud services will have to infer themselves infallible for safely storing family memories.

Screen Shot 2014 12 19 during 10.45.50 PM 730x444 50 percent of mobile photographers use a cloud as a heart for backup and storage

“Our respondents were clear: backup is a many critical reason because they use these services,” Hartman wrote. “Many are confused as to either their print cloud services offer secure backup, as good as either they would yield full liberation of their strange print collections in a eventuality their inclination mangle down or are stolen. Some services need to improved broach a preferred backup and revive features, others need to improved explain how their facilities work.”

The whole White Paper can be downloaded for free from a Suite 48 Analytics site.

Photos and a Cloud [Suite 48 Analytics]

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