64 things we can do with a elementary mason jar that will renovate your daily life

May 24, 2015 - storage organizer

When it comes to Pinterest crafts, a mason jar reigns supreme.

That’s substantially given there’s usually so many we can do with it, from creation pleasing marriage centerpieces to prepping to-go salads in a jar.

Plus, many of a crafts we detected are elementary to do too, given they usually need a few tweaks to a lid of a mason jar.

Keep reading to see a 64 things we can do with a mason jar.


mason jar DIY lightsLOLren/FlickrMason jars make easy sconces for your light bulbs.

Pendant light: Punch a hole in a tip of a mason jar lid and cut it far-reaching adequate to fit a compare light kit. Secure a lightbulb connector and a tuber on a inside of a mason jar lid, and afterwards screw it behind onto a jar. Remember to supplement movement holes, too. Here are some good step-by-step instructions.

DIY CandleMason jars make a cunning receptacle for a do-it yourself candle. All it takes is polish flakes, polish colorant, a wick, chopsticks or something to assistance reason a wick upright, and a candle-making oil smell of your choice. Check out a easy instructions here.

Lamp base: This qualification is identical to a compare light, though with a tuber confronting divided from a jar. Drill a hole in your mason jar lid that’s vast adequate to slip a bottom of a light hollow by it and secure. Here’s a good educational so we can see how to do it.

Chandelier sconces: Instead of a tedious sconces that routinely come customary on chandeliers, reinstate them with mason jars. Just make certain that a jars have a right opening distance to fit your lightbulb base. 

Solar light: Using a few paper clips, postpone a small solar light inside a mason jar. Cut a vast adequate hole in a lid to make certain object can strech a solar light before screwing a tip behind on, and afterwards place in a balmy spot. These are good for backing driveways if we insert them to an iron rod.

Candle holder: Place your candle inside a mason jar, and fill a bottom with sand, rocks, salt, or pebbles to keep a candle in place. Easy.

Votive candles: Fill a mason jar with water, and place floating tea lights inside for a pretty, free centerpiece.

Oil lampDecorate your outside celebration with self-burning mason jar oil lamps. All we need to do is punch a hole in a tip of a mason jar, fill a flare with oil and a fibre wick, and afterwards lift a wick by a tip of a mason jar and secure. Wait a few hours before lighting so a oil can interfuse a wick.

“Fairy lights” lantern: Placing a fibre of wink lights inside your mason jar can have a pleasing outcome for marriage ambience or children’s rooms. You can censor a battery enclosure with a bit of burlap or fabric during a top. Here’s an easy DIY.

Lumineers with selected book pages or pictures: Find a page of your favorite book and mod-podge glue it onto a jar. You can afterwards light a tealight inside and watch a pages glow.

Holiday lanterns: Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Halloween, we can adorn your mason jar extraneous and afterwards simply light a candle inside to irradiate your design. We generally adore these spooky mason jar lanterns for Halloween.

Monogram light: This is a cold DIY that looks like an aged 1920s sign. You simply paint a minute of your choice onto plywood, cavalcade holes where we wish a bulbs to go, and afterwards cavalcade a tops of a mason jars into a wood. String a light bulbs by a holes and afterwards reattached mason jars to a lids. Plug it in and you’re done! See a final product here.


mason jars storageShutterstockMason jars can store usually about anything.

Dry products storage: Mason jars are ideal for storing rice, flour, nuts, and pasta — whatever we can consider of — in your cupboard by sealing off a air. Plus they come in a operation of sizes to fit your needs.

Makeup brush holder: Create a lovable makeup brush hilt by mist portrayal a extraneous of your mason jar and afterwards inserting brushes. You can also supplement beads, pearls, or stones to a interior if we don’t wish to mist paint though still wish your jar to demeanour cute.

Under-shelf unresolved storage: Attach mason jar lids with screws to a bottom of your shelf. Then we can simply spin a mason jar onto a lid and a jar and it’s essence will hang from a shelf. This is good in a kitchen with things like pasta, rice, or lentils, or even in a seminar for gripping nails, nuts, and bolts in order.

Wall organizer: Take hose clamps, a square of wood, mason jars, and design unresolved kits to emanate a quarrel of mason jars we can hang on your wall for storing your small objects. This is generally good in a lavatory for fibre swabs, makeup brushes, or toothbrushes. 

Leftover paint containers: If you’re stranded with leftover paint, flow a residue into mason jars to store. Since a mason jars are glass, you’ll see what a paint looks like and a lids will sign off any additional air. Bonus points if we supplement labels with a brand, sheen, color, and room to a top.

Travel toiletry kit: Keep all of your transport toiletries in one place with a mason jar. You can supplement moisturizer, scrubs, and travel-sized versions of your favorite products so it’s always prepared to go. Click here for some-more ideas on how to enclosure it.

Chalk-labeled jars: While you’re fixation all of your knick-knacks in mason jars, we could supplement marker labels to keep all organized. The best partial about these is that it’s super easy to make and we can keep changing a tab if need be.


mason jar aisle runnersShutterstockMason jars and weddings go hand-in-hand.

Aisle runners: Mason jars can make pleasing aisle runners, either they are placed on a ground, hung from a side of chairs, or hook from a musical iron rod. Place flowers inside a jars and adorn with some edging or badge for a pleasing DIY vibe. See some some-more impulse on Pinterest.

Wedding chaperon cards: Wedding website The Knot suggests mixing cocktail hour and chaperon cards with individualized mason jars. The guest get to keep a mason jars and a useful tab will uncover them to their table. You could otherwise place utensils or celebration favors in a mason jars, too.

Vase: If your mason jar is large, fill it with H2O and afterwards supplement your flowers, or a singular flower if a jar is on a smaller side. If we wish to get unequivocally fancy, we can make a steel grid to keep a flowers in place.


mason jar soap dispensertess_marie/FlickrGet cunning with your mason jar and make a soap dispenser.

Soap dispenser: Instead of shopping new soap dispensers each month or refilling your inexpensive chronicle over and over again, make a lovable mason jar soap dispenser. All we need is an aged cosmetic soap dispenser, prohibited glue gun, a drill, and mist paint. See an easy DIY here

Air freshener: You can make an atmosphere freshener out of a mason jar, a crater of baking soda, and 25 drops of your favorite essential oils. Spray paint a jar so that it looks some-more musical and punch holes in a tip of a lid so a smell can escape. Click here for a cold how-to.

Sewing organizer kit: Not usually can a mason jar reason all of your sewing necessities like needles, a thimble, and measuring tape, though a tip can simply be blending to be a possess pincushion with a assistance of a glue gun, stuffing, and a fabric of your choice. See easy instructions here.

Twine dispenser: Twine is a accessible thing to have for a garden or for crafts, so keep it orderly with a nifty weave dispenser. Place your weave in a jar and loop it by a small hole that we punch in a tip of a lid.

Wind chimes: If you’re feeling cunning we can spin your tedious mason jar into an engaging DIY breeze chime. It is a small difficult, however, requiring a few drills and bottle cutter. For full instructions, click here.

Hanging herb garden: If we live in a small space or a city apartment, carrying a uninformed herb garden competence seem out of your reach. Luckily, a mason jar can be remade into a unresolved herb garden with a small bit of wiring, some hooks, soil, and a spices of your choice. Just make certain to hang them in a mark that gets a lot of sunlight.

Succulent planter: Succulents demeanour extraordinary when planted inside mason jars. Add an in. of silt or pebbles, potting soil, and dejected colourless to a jar before planting your succulent.

Photo frames: An strange approach to arrangement your photographs is to pulp them inside a organisation of mason jars. Use opposite sized jars to keep a outcome from looking too monotonous.

Toothpick dispenser: A mason jar with holes punched into a tip creates a talent approach to simply entrance toothpicks. Plus it’s elementary to make.

Match hilt and dispenser: The best approach to store matches is in a mason jar, not usually given a matches come out super simply by a hole in a top, though we can supplement sandpaper to a bottom or a tip for easy striking. See a good instruction here.

Book ends: Spray paint your mason jars and import them down for accessible book ends that are easy to make. See some good Pinterest examples here.


mason jar cups with lidsDannelle Meyers Photography/FlickrYou’ll be astounded how many lids can fit on tip of your mason jar.

To-go cup: Everyone loves celebration out of mason jars, though we can make it even easier by DIYing a to-go crater by wise a purify Parmesan cheese enclosure lid to a tip of a jar. Dip in a straw and enjoy, and tighten once you’re finished for 0 spills.

Drinking cup: You could simply splash out of your purify mason jar — no crafting compulsory — or we could supplement a hole in a tip of a lid and supplement a rubber grommet from a home alleviation store for easy straw access.

Cocktail shaker: Create a cocktail shaker in underneath 10 mins by drilling holes into a tip of a mason jar lid. Shake adult your cocktail with a regular, hermetic mason jar lid on tip and afterwards reinstate with a lid with holes to flow out a drink. See some-more minute instructions here.

Chalice: If we supplement a inexpensive potion candle hang from a dollar store to a bottom of your mason jar, unexpected we have a chalice. All we need to do is glue a candle hang to a bottom and wait for it to dry. Wipe off additional glue with acetone.


mason jar saladShutterstockWho doesn’t adore a salad in a jar?

Salad in a jar: Follow The Kitchn’s guide to make-up a mixture so zero gets soggy. Start with sauce on a bottom, afterwards supplement your heavier ingredients, and finally place a lettuce on top.

Pies in a jar: Mason jars make a ideal receptacle for single-serving pies in a jar. It’s unequivocally easy, too — place a cake membrane in a interior initial and afterwards tip with your cake filling, a small pat of butter, and leftover mix on top. See some recipe ideas here.

Recipe in a jar: This is a poetic stewardess or housewarming present idea. Place a mixture for an easy recipe into a mason jar. Wrap it with a badge or weave with a recipe label attached. From libation mixes like prohibited chocolate to tasty cookie recipes, click here to see some cold ideas.

Salt and peppers shakers: Paint a mason jars to your preferred specifications and afterwards punch holes in a tip of a jar lids. This also works for a accumulation of spices and spices if we wish a whole set. If we have smaller mason jars, these can make super lovable marriage favors.

Lettuce holder: Keeping your lettuce hermetic adult in a mason jar will assistance it final as prolonged as a week, that is significantly longer than normal storing methods.

Individual duck pot pie: For single-sized servings of pot pies that we can freeze, use a mason jar. Place a membrane inside a jar, supplement your filling, and afterwards place membrane on top. The portion distance is for one person, and we can solidify another one for a after cooking or to move to work.

Breakfast parfait in a jar: You can make your yogurt parfaits to eat in a morning forward of time and store in mason jars for an easy breakfast on a go. Think layers as we build it with yogurt and fruit churned evenly.

Peel garlic, fast: A video on Diply’s YouTube channel shows a quick approach to flay an whole conduct of garlic in a few seconds: Grab an dull mason jar, hang in a conduct of garlic, and shake. Pour a essence out and you’ll be left with ideally peeled garlic.

Lasagna in a jar: Lasagna can be prepared and baked in mason jars. The best partial of these mini dishes is that we can solidify them and reheat when you’re prepared to eat. See a good recipe here.

Storing homemade jams and salsas: Mason jars are effective food storage systems, generally if you’re creation your possess jam or salsa. You can learn some-more about canning methods here.

Perfectly poached eggs: Grease your mason jar with butter and afterwards moment an egg inside. Bring a pot to boil and afterwards dump in a mason jar with a paper towel on a bottom — we can confirm if we wish a lid on or off, it creates no disproportion to taste. After around 8 mins of cooking, your eggs will be ideally poached.


mason jar snowglobeslarajanepark/FlickrThese sleet globes are unequivocally easy to make yourself.

Snow globe: Glue a trinket like a small Christmas tree or any fondle of your choice to a inside of your jar lid. Fill a jar with water, supplement a few drops of glycerin, and afterwards supplement however many shine we desire. Fully plunge a fondle into a H2O and afterwards glue a lid on tightly. Shake and enjoy.

Decorative “glow jars”: Whether for your kid’s room or an outside party, we can DIY a cold “glow jar” that glows in a dim and lasts for 5 hours. All we need is a mason jar, heat sticks, scissors, and rubber gloves. See minute instructions here.

Aquarium: Whether it’s a pico aquarium with plants or an aquarium with cosmetic fish, mason jars are perfect.

“Calming shine jar”: A few moms invented these supposed “calming shine jars” that they give to kids to demeanour during on a time out. The swirling shine will confuse them and keep their attention, and all we need are a few forms of glitter, water, and shine glue.

LEGO male cups: For a kid’s party, mason jars demeanour a lot like LEGO heads once they’re embellished yellow. They’re also easy to make — mist paint a crater yellow and supplement a LEGO impression face of your choice with Sharpie or paint.

Pencil sharpener: All we need to do is emanate a hole vast adequate for your pencil sharpener and compare a hole to a opening of a pencil sharpener before securing with glue. Then whet away!

Seashell holder: Pour silt into a jar and afterwards arrange seashells on top. This is unequivocally cold for any beach mementos we have from a family outing and is a good plan for kids.

Sippy cupFor any relatives who wish their toddler to demeanour like a hipster, make a mason jar sippy crater with a conduct from a “Take n Toss” sippy cups. Cut them to fit a tip of your mason jar, and secure.  


mason jar terrariumsdaponte/FlickrTerrariums demeanour good in a mason jar.

Terrarium: No need to buy an costly terrarium — make an easy and lovable one on your possess in a mason jar. Prep your jar, supplement your rocks, soil, and greenery, and afterwards adorn with any rocks, shells, or cosmetic toys we might have fibbing around a house.

Speakers: MIT media lab invented speakers we can hide into mason jars that are powered by 3 AAA batteries and are concordant with an audio jack. You’ll have to be flattering savvy with wiring to make this, though if we wish a cold plan that looks amazing, check out their open source instructions here.

Gift label holder: Instead of simply giving a present card, make a present feel some-more personal with a themed jar. All we need are some embellishments, ribbon, and a prohibited glue gun. After all dries, we can supplement shine and glycerin to a H2O to make a sleet creation effect. See instructions and cinema here.

Beekeeping: If you’re not fearful of bees, we can grow your possess beehive in mason jars. All we need are 12 jars, some plywood, and a correct tools. Click here to see how it’s done.

Sugar dumpy gift: Make your possess sugarine dumpy to give to a crony as a gift. Put It In A Jar has a lot of cold recipes to try, and after we make a dumpy we can adorn a jar with some badge and maybe a ladle to dip out a scrub. 

Bird feeder: By attaching a mason jar to a small duck feeder, we can make a rustic-looking bird feeder. Hang it to a tree with weave and watch all a birds come flocking.

Piggy bank: By adding a silver container to a tip of your mason jar, we can make an easy-to-use, DIY piggy bank. The best partial about it is we can adorn a jar however we like, either it’s money-themed or a small some-more original. Get some impulse here.

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