8 Things You Need to Know in a New Semester

February 5, 2018 - storage organizer

Library Moves to Founders During Construction

With Magill Library sealed for a foreseeable future, a library space has been set adult in Founders. Research librarians, computers and printing, and reservable carrels are now in a Great Hall, where books can also be requested, with a check to collect them from storage. There is now reading space in Founders towering common room, and many ordinarily used books are now accessible in a Locker Building trustworthy to a Alumni Field House.


Lunt Cafe Reopens

Lunt Café is open again for business this semester, with prices returned to $3, as they were before a initial closure in a fall.

Urban Churn Ice Cream Comes to a Dining Center

The ice cream accessible in a Dining Center is now locally sourced from Urban Churn, replacing a Jack and Jill ice cream formerly served, after students voted to make a change final semester. The Dining Center has also stopped charity finished ice cream novelties.



The Weekly Consensus Returns as Source of Information for Students

The Weekly Consensus email has done a return, charity updates on events, deadlines, and opportunities to a Haverford community.

Spring Plenary Planned for Feb 18; No Signs of Protest

After final semester’s Plenary was noted by a #AllStrugglesOneCode protest that highlighted feelings of marginalization among many students on campus, there has not nonetheless been any denote of a delay of a criticism during Spring Plenary. According to Sebastian Dilones ‘18, lead organizer of final semester’s protest, #AllStrugglesOneCode does not have skeleton to criticism full again this spring. Spring full is scheduled for Sunday, Feb 18 during 2 p.m. in a GIAC. Resolutions are due Sunday, Feb 4.

Haverford Innovations Program to Host Hackathon

Kicking off with a Hackathon a initial weekend in February, a Haverford Innovations Program continues a line-up of events directed during ancillary and moving tyro entrepreneurial projects.


Still Out of a Loop, though Not for Long

Loop, an app combined by Haverford students to reinstate Havertivity for campus news and communications, has not nonetheless been expelled to a tyro body, notwithstanding creatively carrying been directed during a launch early this year. According to Ian Andolsek ‘17, who is concerned in Loop, a initial chronicle of a app is “ready to go.” Andolsek pronounced that tyro supervision has entrance to Loop, and bar leaders will be introduced to it. When it is expelled to a whole tyro body, students will have entrance to Loop online, as good as on their phones.

Club Budgets to Be Settled Soon

This weekend, from a 2nd by a 4th of February, a Students’ Council Co-Treasurers, Cesar Meric ’20 and Saif Kureishi ’20, have been holding budgeting interviews for bar open budgets, to weigh and correct appropriation requests from all of Haverford’s tyro organizations, after a budgeting routine was behind by one week.


Illustrations by Sarah Jesup ’20. 

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