8/30: Roddin’ and racin’ on a rez

August 31, 2014 - storage organizer

Hundreds of cars, including one of a many famous dragsters in history, will intersect on Wild Horse Motorsports Park for a initial Roddin’ and Racin’ Rendez­vous on Saturday, Aug. 30.

A automobile arrangement described as “the uncanny and wonderful” will underline a singular collection of drag cars and a race-engine fire-up. Some of these vehicles will be on open arrangement for a initial time.

Entrants can lay down some rubber in a burnout contest, and a ground-pounding drag-race muster will underline high-performance machines able of tip speeds of some-more than 200 mph.

Food and sell will be sold, and a raffle will advantage a 100 Club of Arizona, that supports police, firefighters and other public-safety crew and their families.

The tip raffle esteem is a Chevrolet 350-cubic-inch bin engine donated by Courtesy Chevrolet of Phoenix. A Rousseau mobile apparatus cupboard donated by DCI Direct-Lift of Phoenix also will be adult for grabs.

“This eventuality facilities cruising on a drag strip, with prohibited rods, travel rods, rodent rods, flesh cars, trucks and classical cars, customs, sports cars, exotics and other extraordinary vehicles,” eventuality organizer Jerry Hutchcroft said.

“We motionless to put on a really singular eventuality that facilities some really opposite components, such as cruising on a drag strip, a furious burnout contest, a crow fest, live song and a vehicles-for-sale arrangement area.”

A crow fest describes a cacophony constructed by top-fuel dragsters during idle.

Jon Rowley, a rustic and drag racer from Tucson, will trailer world-renowned dragster Green Monster 5 to a event.

“It was in a really initial National Hot Rod Association inhabitant championships in 1955, where it won a eventuality in a category as a gas-class dragster,” he said.

After several modifications, it went on to win several NHRA championships over a subsequent 5 years.

The dragster was built in ’55 by dual backyard mechanics, brothers Walter and Arthur Arfons, in Akron, Ohio. The initial chronicle was powered by a Ranger aeroplane engine mounted upside down and behind in a chassis.

Rowley, a local of Ohio, acquired a bullet-nosed dragster in 2011 from a private owners in Tucson, Charlie Hall, who had kept it in storage given 1962.

“I knew about a story of a car, and we had seen it perform during many races behind in Ohio, and we always dreamed of owning it,” Rowley said.

The Green Monster 5 is powered by a 1,710-cubic-inch Allison V-12 from a World War II-era P-51 Mustang warrior plane. Horsepower is about 2,000.

A one-speed direct-drive delivery transfers a energy to 4 16- by 10-inch slicks.

The dragster was a initial to implement a parachute for braking functions and a initial to use an integrated hurl cage.

In a heyday, a Green Monster could spin a quarter-mile in about 8.5 seconds during 170 mph. Due to a dragster’s age, it’s now used especially for muster purposes, though it done a pass during a Tucson Dragway Reunion in May.

“The Green Monster was a beginnings of a dragsters we know currently that can do a quarter-mile in 4 seconds during speeds of some-more than 300 mph,” Rowley said. “It could one day finish adult in a inhabitant museum.”

On a muscle-car side, Mike Lawson of Fountain Hills will have his resto-mod 1970 Dodge Dart on display.

“I purchased a 2006 Dodge Charger new, and gathering a heck out of it,” he said. “I desired a automobile so most we couldn’t get absolved of it, and in 2012, we motionless to cgange a 1970 Dodge Dart regulating tools from a Charger.”

With a bit of ingenuity, Lawson shoehorned a 5.7-liter Hemi and six-speed involuntary delivery from a Charger SRT into a Dart. The rest of a Charger eventually was split out.

A tradition front cessation by Heidts was propitious onto a Dart to accommodate a Charger drivetrain.

Lawson refitted all from a Charger’s firewall to a rear-end on a Dart.

“Instead of operative with what a Dart had, it was improved to reinstate a building vessel from a firewall, to make a interior tools fit,” he said.

Gray and immature paint works good with a Dart’s gray-leather interior, that incorporates a dashboard, console and seats from a Charger.

Nineteen-inch Dodge bureau wheels were combined for a street-racing look.

“I devise to journey down a drag frame this weekend and attend in a burnout contest, and have a good time with all a others who will be during a event,” Lawson said.

Roddin’ and Racin’ Rendezvous: 4 p.m.-midnight Saturday, Aug. 30. Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, 20000 S. Maricopa Road, Gila River Reservation, west of Chandler. $35 to enter a vehicle. $10 for spectators; giveaway for age 12 or younger. 480-362-1032, restorationperformance.com.

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