A pleasing day for sea urchin and pig’s blood chocolate during Yum Yum Fest 2014

September 8, 2014 - storage organizer

Lake whitefish tempura sushi with eel sauce. Garlic pig sausage on polenta with “Petit Nuage” sheep divert cheese.

A deboned duck wing, pressed with blue cheese, served on a pretzel bun with carrot and celery slaw. Pig’s blood chocolate ice cream sandwiches.

These 4 were among dozens of sophisticated, fun-loving offerings during a initial annual Yum Yum Fest on Sunday, a jubilee of internal food constructed by a Madison Area Chefs Network during Central Park on a city’s nearby easterly side.

Blessed with pleasing weather, a plain choice of hip hop, despondency and southern rock and copiousness of pre-event buzz, Yum Yum sole out (2,500 tickets) by mid-afternoon.

“I’m so happy everybody brought unequivocally good stuff,” pronounced Tim Dahl, chef/co-owner during Nostrano, toward a start of a event. “It’s unequivocally good to see everybody together — all a chefs showed adult for it.

“Hopefully that’s what creates it fun for everybody else, that they get to see everybody and put a face to all a restaurants.”

Each plate and splash cost one $5 ticket.

Among some 30 food booths, for many of a afternoon a lines were longest during Salvatore’s Tomato Pies.

The Sun Prairie pizzeria served adult pig carnitas tacos with summer veggies and housemade queso. Sal’s, that skeleton to offer tacos during a new plcae on East Johnson Street, was one of several restaurants charity something opposite than what diners competence have expected.

Gilbert Altschul during Grampa’s Pizzeria, operative his counter with Scott Williams of Garden to Be in Mount Horeb, combined one of a many desirous and surprising dishes of a fest: a delicious parfait done with, among other things, grapefruit gelee, sea urchin mousse (like oyster brine as foam), uninformed pile Maryland crab and dual kinds of radishes.

Shinji Muramoto incited out rich, delicious bowls of ramen, that seemed like a bizarre choice for a comfortable Sep day until a play was bubbling and stately in your hands. Brasserie V done drink sausage and Banzo brought merguez, a sharp north African sausage; Bassett Street Brunch Club surfaced toast with homemade chorizo, heirloom tomatoes, peppers and ricotta.

Everywhere during Yum Yum Fest, late summer furnish was on display. It was apparent tomatoes are during their peak: Dan Bonanno during A Pig in a Fur Coat done uninformed burrata (cream-centered mozzarella) for hundreds, served simply with multi-colored cherry tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

At Merchant’s food counter (it had a boozy sleet cone booth, too), chef Anna Dickson interconnected gulf shrimp with summer tomatoes and corn gazpacho.

Osteria Papavero’s Francesco Mangano showcased some-more tomatoes in a cold “insalata rifatta” with grilled beef, cucumber, chile and mint.

“The guys from Driftless (Cafe) done extraordinary pork,” pronounced lead Yum Yum organizer Tory Miller, chef/owner of L’Etoile, Graze and a newly non-stop Sujeo. “Danny Fox (at Heritage Tavern) is doing a porchetta sandwich — it’s like, if that’s what we do well, do it. Kill it.”

No tough wine was available during a fest, yet bartenders from Heritage Tavern, the Imaginary Bar and Merchant done do. From a “barmadillo,” a china 1956 Airstream done into a rolling bar, a guys from Three Count Beverage Co. served a “Lemon Zeppelin” done with Lillet Blanc, while Ruben Mendez from L’Etoile served a formidable take on a negroni done with sake.

The eventuality was not yet teenager glitches. Each cook was told to prep for 500, so those who arrived late competence have missed out on L’Etoile’s country pasta, done with lamb a grill spit-roasted on site.

Picnic blankets were encouraged, yet some remarkable a miss of list space. And many attendees balked during a prices — on tip of a $15 ticket, $5 food and cocktails combined adult quickly.

“It’s kind of high,” pronounced Natalie Eisner, 26, of Madison. “It’s some-more costly to get into than a state fair. And they have rides there.”

“It’s still to cold to check out, though,” pronounced Jamie Holzhuter, 27, also of Madison. “It’s like a garland of food carts from determined restaurants. … we don’t consider during a finish of a day I’ll be like, oh, we wish we didn’t spend that.”

Kim Smith, 35, was unhappy during a few vegetarian options. And she concluded assemblage was “a small pricey.”

“It would be cheaper,” Smith said, “to go to one of these restaurants and lay down and have cooking than it is to be here. But a preference is cool.”

Another emanate was transportation. Smith, who lives on a south side, got hold in trade associated to a Ironman triathlon for an hour before creation it to Central Park.

“Then there was no parking,” she said.

“Several storage places around here had dull parking lots,” pronounced Jason Brown, 34, of Milton. “I see a lot of people rode their bikes in.”

North siders Ben Cashin and Steph Johnson, both in their 40s, brought an eager Finn Cashin, 7, to Yum Yum Fest for both a food and a music.

The 3 generally desired a tempura during Red Sushi, a Heritage Tavern porchetta sandwich with chicharrones (pork rinds) boiled to sequence and a “BLT ceviche” from The Coopers Tavern.

Cashin and Johnson were among many who compared Yum Yum agreeably to Taste of Madison.

“It’s too large of a throng and we don’t consider there’s anything special adult there,” Cashin pronounced of the 32-year-old event, hold a week ago on a Capitol Square.

“The use of locally sourced mixture is unequivocally critical to us,” Johnson said.

Each Yum Yum chef’s counter had a internal businessman — Hidden Springs Creamery, Nine Patch Farms, St. Brigid’s Meadows, Crossroads Community Farm — listed on blue and white pointer boards. Overall pattern for a eventuality was by Pere Design, Art Sons and Emily Julka.

It wasn’t good publicized, yet deduction from Yum Yum Fest 2014 will go toward formulating an educational village garden for children in Central Park.

Next year’s Yum Yum — and it’s already transparent there will be another subsequent year, substantially in Sep — will embody a few changes.

Johnny Hunter of Forequarter and a Underground Food Collective (which done that pig’s blood chocolate ice cream sandwich) pronounced yet a eventuality went smoothly, he anticipates Yum Yum 2015 swelling out into some-more of a park. At a fullest, a space was a small crowded.

And yet a festival indispensable $10-15 sheet prices this year to give it an initial distillate of cash, an acknowledgment price competence not be required subsequent year, Hunter said.

“I’m super happy about a accumulation of seafood, beef, pig and vegetarian” dishes during Yum Yum 2014, Hunter said.

Sponsorship from a direct-from-the-dock seafood association Sea to Table, that had a counter during a event, helped chefs get high peculiarity fish, “a clever indicate of a festival.”

“That’s a indicate — artistic food,” Hunter said. “We’re here to sell grill peculiarity dishes, rarely technical dishes.”

The success of a initial Yum Yum Fest expected means some-more to come from a Madison Area Chefs Network.

“Everyone will sell out,” Hunter likely about an hour before a festival wrapped up. “Now we know how to run a successful eventuality as a group.”

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