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March 24, 2015 - storage organizer

Eastern Lawrence’s skyline is set to get a new addition. Plans have been filed by Ottawa Co-op to enhance a pellet trickery nearby 19th Street and Moodie Road.

Plans call for an approximately 75-foot-tall pellet storage bin to be commissioned adjacent to a existent pellet elevator, augmenting a pellet storage accessible by about 200,000 bushels.

“There’s only a need given there is so most pellet being constructed in a area,” pronounced Clark Wenger, ubiquitous manager for a Ottawa Co-op.

The pellet conveyor — that is only a bit south and west of a 19th and Haskell intersection — has been apportionment area farmers for decades. If we suspicion a continued urbanization of Douglas County was someday going to make that trickery obsolete, cruise again. Wenger pronounced stand prolongation in Douglas County has remained strong, and a trickery is an critical partial of Ottawa Co-op’s destiny plans.

“It has been a unequivocally good trickery for us,” Wenger said.

The commune has a few technical approvals to win from Lawrence City Hall, though Wenger hopes to have a new pellet bin in prolongation by late August, that means it could be used for a tumble collect of corn and soybeans. Once completed, a whole Ottawa Co-op trickery is approaching to have a ability to store about 600,000 bushels of grain.

The commune also will continue to work pellet elevators in North Lawrence and Midland Junction in Douglas County.

In other news and records from around town:

• Whatever are we going to do with a 5 tons of BBQ duck wings that I’m certain we all systematic for a Jayhawk Final Four party? Don’t tatter (unless we are out of soppy wipes). I’m certain we’ll come adult with a plan. This is a deteriorate where lots and lots of parties are being planned. And given a best parties in town, apparently, take place in a city street, city commissioners have several permits to approve. Here’s a demeanour during a jubilee permits only on tonight’s City Commission bulletin alone:

— The Lawrence Busker Fest is set for May 29-31. Yes, we have reduction time than we suspicion to use your sword swallowing routine. (Who needs practice? I’ve always suspicion it is a gut-feel form of thing.) Traditionally, a Busker Fest — a jubilee of travel opening art — has been hold in August. But a festival has motionless to pierce to May and mix a efforts with a annual Art Tougeau parade, that facilities some unequivocally musty cars that have had artistic touches combined to them. Commissioners are set to approve some travel closures for a 900 retard of New Hampshire and a 100 retard of East Eighth Street to accommodate a events. Commissioners also will cruise commendatory a assent to concede ethanol expenditure in designated areas of a city right-of-way as partial of a events.

— The Free State Festival, a jubilee of film, song and other arts, is designed for Jun 22-28. Most of a events will be downtown. The eventuality would embody shutting a apportionment of a 900 retard of New Hampshire Street, in front of a Lawrence Arts Center, for several outside song and travel jubilee events. The festival is requesting a compulsory approvals to sell ethanol during a festival as well. The eventuality also skeleton to have outside screenings of cinema on during slightest 4 nights of a festival. Those screenings will take place in a immature space only south of a Arts Center building.

— Bicycle racing will lapse to Lawrence. The Tour de Lawrence is scheduled for Jun 26-28. Two of a 3 races are again scheduled to take place downtown. The City Commission will cruise capitulation of permits permitting a travel scurry on Vermont Street from Seventh to Eighth streets. A downtown racecourse also will be used on Sunday, Jun 28, requiring a closure of several streets — including vast sections of Massachusetts Street — during that day. You can see a map here. The vast change with this event, however, is that a Saturday competition is relocating from a Kansas University campus to Haskell Indian Nations University. The competition will be wholly on a Haskell campus and won’t impact city streets. If we are imprinting your calendars, we will notice that a Tour of Lawrence and a Free State Festival are function during a same time. So, demeanour for a bustling time in late June.

— The Rev it Up Hot Rod Hullaballoo automobile uncover is set to lapse to downtown Lawrence Sept. 26. Organizers wish to tighten Massachusetts Street between 11th and 13th streets to accommodate a cars and other activities. Just like in past years, a festivities also will extend into adjacent South Park.

• Here’s an emanate to cruise about: Should a city’s $50 million cesspool plant plan south of a Wakarusa River embody about $1 million for open art? It is a doubt that might get some discussion. Richard Renner, a organizer of a Lawrence Busker Fest, has submitted a letter to city officials seeking them to improved implement a city’s existent 2 Percent for Art program.

For decades, a city has had an bidding that says adult to 2 percent of a cost of city building projects should be clinging to open art. It doesn’t need that such expenditures occur, though it encourages it. If we have beheld a design in front of some Lawrence glow stations, that is an instance of a module in action. More recently it also was used to account open art in a library.

Renner, however, pronounced a art should be compulsory to be partial of a tangible building project. Instead, a city should cruise regulating 2 Percent for Art income to assistance account art festivals and other such events that move a lot of people to city and showcase art in engaging ways.

Renner privately mentions a arriving sewage diagnosis plant project. It is not approaching that would be a biggest place for art, given it is not approaching that a open will go there frequently. But 2 percent of that plan could account a lot of open art. The plan is approaching to be in a $45 million to $50 million range. This contention has come adult before, and city officials mostly have pronounced a bidding is good meaning, though on unequivocally vast projects it becomes formidable to carve out 2 percent of a project’s bill for open art. But a bid to make art a incomparable partial of a city’s tourism and mercantile growth efforts is some-more strong now. We’ll see what city officials do this time around.

• Here’s a follow adult on yesterday’s object about a Rock Chalk Park audit. We remarkable that a revised Rock Chalk Park review came adult with a sum superb remuneration due from a city that was opposite from what a strange review news recommended. The new chronicle of a review news calls for a city to compensate about $67,000 some-more than what a prior chronicle had recommended. The new remuneration volume due from a city is about $1.09 million.

City Manager David Corliss has now put out his possess memo observant he agrees with a new calculations. In fact, he forked out a $1.09 million due is a volume his staff distributed behind in December. So, a strange review news simply was in blunder on a pivotal fact of how most income was left to be paid on a project. Corliss’ memo indicates that a auditing organisation enclosed some change orders that a city had authorized for a distraction core during Rock Chalk Park. Those change orders were not dictated to count towards a city’s $22.5 million top on sum Rock Chalk Park payments. But in a initial chronicle of a review report, they were incorrectly practical to a top total.

Commissioners will plead a latest chronicle of a audit, and Corliss is recommending that a elect approve a final $1.09 million remuneration on a project.

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