A Whole Lotta Data Going On

April 26, 2015 - storage organizer

At a 2015 NAB uncover there were lots of drones, lots of cameras, lots of digital apparatus in general. The media and party (ME) attention is an critical motorist of record and this includes digital storage as good as computing and network gear. There were over 100 companies during a uncover that enclosed digital storage as partial of their product offering. Let’s demeanour during a few digital storage trends suggested during a 2015 NAB show. Tom Coughlin is a author of a Digital Storage in Media and Entertainment Report.

As shown in a list next (from a 2014 Digital Storage in Media and Entertainment Report, http://www.tomcoughlin.com/techpapers.htm), for deputy tender uncompressed high-resolution cinema content; aloft pixel count, support rate and tone abyss per pixel will expostulate augmenting information rate and digital storage requirements. This has critical implications for a growth of both quick interfaces and storage inclination to emanate and discharge this calm and also for immeasurable storage libraries to residence a flourishing high fortitude digital material.

Faster information rate mandate are pushing a use of peep memory in a media and party workflow, quite in calm constraint (the 2014 ME storage consult showed that about 57% of all veteran video camera users store their prisoner calm on peep memory), post-production and calm delivery. New approach trustworthy rapid interfaces, such as Thunderbolt 2 are built to implement a information rates probable with solid-state storage inclination nonetheless multi-HDD-based Thunderbolt 2 product were also on display.

Several companies during a NAB uncover were exhibiting Thunderbolt 2 storage devices. These enclosed G-Tech (part of HGST, a multiplication of Western Digital), Lacie (a multiplication of Seagate). Lacie, in sold has a flash-memory formed Thunderbolt 2 Little Big Disk with adult to 1.3 GB/s information rates that can support transformation of uncompressed 4K data.

Other companies had peep memory formed solutions for media workflows, including EditShare’s XStream Field 2 for a high ability mobile storage array for work in a field. EMC, NetApp, DDN and others also were display peep memory appliances to offer a ME market.  In further to these peep appliances these companies, and many others, including Avid, Dot Hill, EVS, HGST, JMR, Promise Technology and others offer nearline and active repository HDD-based storage systems for a media and party industry.

Quantum was display a intelligent workflow-optimized storage StorNext Pro SAN solutions for high opening workflows, restraining this product to their StorNext Media Asset Management program and their repository products to yield managed storage services for a finish media workflow. Quantum products embody their Lattus intent storage complement that provides on-line cloud storage service. This was one of many offerings during a 2015 NAB for cloud storage services, quite for archiving and calm libraries. DDN was also charity storage products to support media workflows, including their intent storage WOZ system.

In further to these normal storage storage systems company’s cloud offerings, both Google and Amazon were touting their cloud storage services to a media and party industry. Companies such as A-Frame and others are charity cloud-based modifying and partnership tools. Rendering and transcoding are other renouned cloud-based ME applications and there are storage system/software companies such as Avere and Panasas who have grown products to offer these applications.

Fuji-film, with Crossroads Systems were showcasing fasten formed repository storage solutions, including a tape-based Dternity cloud storage complement offering by Fujifilm tied in with a Crossroads StrongBox product. The Ultrium LTO organisation pronounced that captivating fasten storage with LTO fasten is now reduction than 1 cent/GB, creation it a many cost effective storage media. Oracle and IBM were also display their fasten formed storage systems (IBM now offers adult to 10 TB of ability on a half-inch fasten cartridge).  Several companies were display a USB-based fasten expostulate done by IBM in their NAB booths.

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