Airstream building trailer designed by CCAD students

October 21, 2015 - storage organizer

Within a few years, business expected will be means to buy an bureau (and home) on wheels
developed in a
2013 category devise during a Columbus College of Art Design.

Airstream, a Jackson Center, Ohio-based manufacturer, says it is building a indication formed on
the students’ design.

“More and some-more jobs don’t need a table in an bureau … and this Airstream takes a thought of
working from ‘home’ to a whole new level,” pronounced Bob Wheeler, Airstream’s CEO, in an email. “We love
the formula and are perplexing to figure out a timing to deliver it into a product line.”

Pricing and other pivotal sum are still being determined.

This is a latest step in what has been a fun float for students and expertise members.

“It’s been shown all over a U.S., that is intensely cool,” pronounced Russell Kittel, 23, a CCAD
senior majoring in industrial design. “I can’t remember that function with another student

The prototype, that students named a Pursuit, is housed during a college after creation several
appearances around a country.

Students began with a china aluminum bombard of a 25-foot trailer and designed many of the
inside regulating what Wheeler describes as a “clean, midcentury style.” One of a focal points is a
desk that sits subsequent to a back induce that opens to a shade door.

“As one of a students said, ‘What’s a indicate of operative during a beach if we can’t smell the
beach air?’ ” pronounced Tom Gattis, vanguard of a college’s School of Design Arts and a pivotal organizer of
the project.

The interior includes a seating space, dark kitchen storage and an expandable desk.

Airstream concluded to work with a college in a hopes of anticipating a product that would interest to
younger customers. The devise enclosed a core organisation of about a dozen students who did a pattern and
production, and some-more than 100 other students who helped request and ventilate a project.

“That knowledge for a students was totally unique, carrying captains of attention come in,”
Gattis said.

The pattern is underneath examination by a growth group during Airstream, pronounced Mollie Hansen, a company
spokeswoman. “We trust that it’s a really viable product.”

A some-more evident regard during Airstream is throwing adult with orders for existent products. The
company has about 580 employees during a flagship plant in Shelby County, northwest of Columbus.
Demand for new trailers has outstripped supply to a indicate that business need to wait about six
months for delivery.

The association has increasing a production ability in new years, though not adequate to keep up
with heightened demand. This is in line with a recreational-vehicle attention that is enjoying a
prolonged upswing.

Meanwhile, a Airstream devise has turn a tip showpiece during CCAD.

“Most people that have seen any devise like this, it’s customarily finished by professionals,” Kittel
said. “To see students do that, (people are) amazed.”

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