Albany military video isn’t a cure-all we consider it will be

March 17, 2016 - storage organizer

Last fall, to most fanfare, a Albany Police Department announced that it had perceived a sovereign relating extend to squeeze body-worn cameras for officers. This is partial of a broader, national pull to outfit departments with some-more audio and video capturing technologies.

Broad coalitions, from many opposite sides, including politicians, protesters and military departments, have called for wider doing of these tools. The thought is that video and audio justification will yield an “objective” perspective of each military stop and encounter, yield burden for military and build trust between military departments and a communities they evidently serve.

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Joe Paparone is an organizer with Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration.

We shouldn’t reason a exhale for these results.

Video footage was not adequate to secure philosophy or reason any officers accountable in a violence of Rodney King. Surveillance footage was not adequate to secure indictments or reason any officers accountable in a murdering of John Crawford, or Tamir Rice, or Eric Garner. Clear footage of Chicago military executing Laquan McDonald was evenly suppressed, with believe of a video essence during scarcely each turn of government, including a mayor, for over a year. Officers in that box also deleted circuitously notice video. A recording lurch camera was not adequate to forestall officer Brian Encinia from assaulting and impediment Sandra Bland.

Over and over and over again, with usually a rarest exception, we have witnessed military abuse, attack and kill people of color, on video, and face no consequences over paid executive leave.

Locally, operative lurch cameras or physique cameras would have finished zero to forestall a profiling, harassment, attack and murdering of Dontay Ivy. The unit cars with operative lurch cameras during that stage managed to be conveniently parked in positions so that their videos showed zero applicable of a stop. We know that Ivy, who had committed no crime and was walking in an area where no crime had been reported, was profiled, and video footage is not required to know this.

The enterprise for additional video support comes from a position of privilege, both category and racial. The thought that we need to see what a military do to people of tone is usually constrained if you’ve never listened to or believed people of tone when they tell we what a military do in their communities. These stories and cases are not new or different, and merely adding costly cameras and information storage will not change extremist military and authorised cultures; it will merely record them. We contingency not upset support of military abuse with genuine military accountability.

If a city of Albany wants to build trust between a military and a community, as Chief Brendan Cox and Mayor Kathy Sheehan contend during scarcely each open opportunity, they should start by acknowledging a stream APD use of secular profiling, by seeking for a sovereign exploration into Ivy’s death, and by bringing a jot of genuine burden by immediately banishment a officers who profiled and killed Dontay Ivy.

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