Alleged organizer of heroin bootlegging from Argentina to Russia taken into control in Germany

March 2, 2018 - storage organizer

According to Andrey Kovalchuk’s lawyer, his customer is eliminated from a Tempelhof Police Station to a Moabit prison.

The justice in German Tempelhof certified a detain of a purported organizer of heroin bootlegging from Argentina to Russia, Andrey Kovalchuk. This is reported by a media with anxiety to counsel Aleksander Shmagin.

According to a lawyer, Kovalchuk will be hold in a Moabit prison, where he will be taken from a Tempelhof Police Station. Shmagin emphasized that his customer insists on his innocence. In addition, Kovalchuk, according to a lawyer, did not know that he was being searched for, so he did not censor from a investigation.

Soon, Kovalchuk will be extradited to Russia, a procession has already started off.

It is to be removed that a fact of a apprehension of a purported designer behind a “cocaine case” transpired on Friday, Mar 2. According to investigators, in Dec 2016, Kovalchuk, by tactful channels, attempted to send a vast conveyance of heroin to Moscow. The male himself insists that in Argentina, he bought coffee, alcohol, cigars, that he sells in Germany. It was them a mentioned products he put in 8 suitcases and left for storage during a propagandize of a Russian embassy in Argentina. Later, 12 suitcases were found with about 400 kg of heroin in them. Kovalchuk insists that he was framed.

Apart from Kovalchuk, Vladimir Kalmykov, Ishtimir Khudzhamov and Ali Abyanov are persons of seductiveness in a case. They are charged underneath partial 5 of Art. 228.1 and divide “b” of partial 4 of Art. 229.1 of a Criminal Code (production, sale or send of drugs on an generally vast scale and bootlegging of drugs on an generally vast scale). All 3 defendants are also underneath arrest.

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