An organizer’s strategies for 5 problem areas of a home

February 22, 2017 - storage organizer

Organizing is always a renouned subject around a new year, as people solve to de-clutter, de-stress and generally start over with a purify slate. We asked Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton, owners and owner of Organizing Maniacs in Tysons Corner, Virginia, for her recommendation about some of a biggest problem areas in people’s homes.

Play rooms 

Storage needs to be protected and secure, though it needn’t be primary-colored plastic. Wicker baskets can work possibly on a wall (mounted shelving units) or a building (baskets lined adult in a row). For smaller children, cruise a straight storage resolution that hangs on a wall. “That would forestall them from simply removing to them and would give we some-more control over what they can get during any one time,” Sgrott-Wheedleton says.

As for incomparable furniture, storage benches can work well, though like any square of seat (dresser, shelves, desks or anything else on that a child can climb) always anchor them to a timber in a wall.

Filing cabinets 

It’s all too easy to let filing cabinets turn a transfer section for lax paper – out of sight, out of mind. But Sgrott-Wheedleton doesn’t mind them, as prolonged as they are used properly. “Keeping paperwork for a consequence of gripping paperwork is where we get into trouble,” she says. “Take some time to weed out a aged and consider about organizing what’s important.” 

If your filing cupboard is already a disaster, set a timer for an hour a day until you’ve sorted by everything, starting with a oldest paperwork. “It will be easier to inform things, and you’ll start to feel some-more assured relocating forward.” 


If your closet is a mess, don’t try to tackle it all during once. “I take it all out, weigh what we have, what fits and doesn’t, classify that shelf, bag a donations and afterwards weigh my time again to see about starting another shelf,” Sgrott-Wheedleton says. “The tip to success is violation down any plan into smaller projects and holding any one to completion. It will build your confidence, and you’ll accomplish a tiny wins and keep we encouraged to continue organizing.” 

If you’re formulation a closet from scratch, remember to use as most of a straight space as possible. For a DIY closet system, Sgrott-Wheedleton loves ClosetMaid accessible during Home Depot. For shoes, she recommends stacking containers on shelves, regulating over-the-door organizers or fixation a shelve on a closet floor. 


Too many products? Not all can be donated, and infrequently we have to only chuck things away. Sgrott-Wheedleton recommends checking with a internal preserve to see what the policies are. Some will accept half-full, non-perfumed lotions. 


Make bills a priority and put them in a protected place, such as a basket, bin or drawer. “The critical partial here is to not chuck anything else in that protected place,” Sgrott-Wheedleton says. “Bills only!” 

If involuntary check compensate is an option, that will take one some-more thing off your image any month.

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