Anson landfill could be used for spark charcoal disposal

January 17, 2015 - storage organizer

After a dear spark charcoal brief on a Dan River final year, residents of Lee County are fighting to keep spark charcoal from being likely of in their county, according to a news in The Sanford Herald. At a same time, Duke Energy has identified a Anson County Landfill as a probable transfer belligerent for spark ash.

“It is doubtful we’d use a Anson landfill as partial of this project, though partial of good formulation is carrying other options identified so we can accommodate a assertive timelines,” pronounced Duke Energy mouthpiece Erin Culbert.

The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League expelled a matter Wednesday morning, hostile a plcae of spark charcoal in Anson County. Cary Rodgers, BREDL organizer and a proprietor of Anson County, said, “This is another vital environmental disaster that is unresolved over a pleasing Anson County community. The county commissioners’ capitulation to enhance Waste Connections’ mega-dump ability over a year and a half ago is proof to be a really bad mistake. That enlargement puts Anson County on a radar shade to be Duke’s subsequent spark charcoal transfer ground. This contingency not happen.”

Anson County Commission Chair Anna Baucom pronounced that a landfill is a private enterprise, owned by Waste Connections. “The landfill can't take dangerous waste,” she said. “And a General Assembly has motionless that spark charcoal is not dangerous waste. What we can contend is that it will be monitored. If a landfill takes a spark ash, it will be in a apart dungeon and it will be lined.”

She combined that Waste Connections has done “a large investment” in Anson County, and pronounced she doesn’t feel a association would do anything to jeopardise a internal environment.

Still, internal environmentalists are not convinced. “There is already a witch’s decoction of poisonous poisons in a Waste Connections landfill,” pronounced Denise Lee, of Pee Dee Water, Air, Land and Lives (WALL). “It is a famous fact that all landfills leak. The guilt for Duke Energy’s spark charcoal problem should not be upheld off to another poor, farming community.”

Tim Fadul, multiplication clamp boss of Waste Connections of a Carolinas, could not be reached for criticism Friday afternoon.

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