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July 10, 2014 - storage organizer


The residence debate that happens Saturday is most some-more than a approach to look into a homes of 3 Fairbanks families.

It’s a approach for a American Association of University Women to acquire income to offer scholarships to women returning to their college education.

Tickets to debate a homes cost $20.

Last year, a organisation gave dual scholarships to women. Some of a income also goes to a inhabitant AAUW classification to account lobbying efforts on women’s issues nationwide.

Depending on appearance in this event, a internal section competence customarily be means to palm out one scholarship.

“We used to make $3,000 to $4,000 simply and several hundred people came through,” she said.

Participation has been shrinking a past few years as some-more activities are claiming peoples’ time.

This Drive Yourself House Tour has been going on for 42 years.

It’s not easy anticipating 3 houses in Fairbanks, according to organizer Ritchie Musick.

Somtimes people suggest houses, and infrequently Musick finds them herself. She happened to be during a booze tasting for one of them this year and suspicion it would be ideal for a residence tour.

When she asks homeowners to participate, they are customarily astounded and a small nervous.

“The normal answer is, ‘not this year, maybe subsequent year,’” she said.

“Or they say, ‘we’re not utterly ready, we haven’t finished a landscaping, it’s not perfect.’”

“And some don’t wish people tromping by their house,” she added.

She mostly has to ask 6 homeowners to find one who agrees.

On a day of a tour, a stewardess mans a doorway and volunteers are stationed via a house.

“That’s a problem as a organisation gets comparison and smaller,” Musick said.

There are customarily dual AAUW branches in Alaska: Fairbanks and Kodiak.

AAUW is opposite from a women’s organisation trustworthy to a University of Alaska Fairbanks. AAUW is particularly a inhabitant organization.

There’s a reason this eventuality has lasted as prolonged as it has: People who go on a debate unequivocally suffer it, she said.

“They suffer saying a homes,” Musick said. “They get ideas for their possess homes.”

Here’s a brief hide look during a 3 homes accessible to revisit from 1-5 p.m. Saturday.

• Harold and Susan Osborne’s home is on a south side of Chena Ridge. The reduce turn facilities a theater. The vital area is circular. Outside, there is a outrageous backyard with a tide cascading down a hilly hill. A sitting area during a tip offers a pacific mark for enjoying a view. The outside area includes a vast swing, a barbecue, outside prohibited cylinder and loll area. There are copiousness of bedrooms, including dual that yield housing for Alaska Goldpanners.

• The home of Dennis and Julie Parker provides a fantastic perspective of a Tanana Valley. It’s built in a compress family character with a singular decor. There are an collection of Alaskan and African animal mounts.

The master bedroom is upstairs and includes a rug and Jacuzzi, and a reduce turn facilities a vast distraction room and their daughter’s bedroom.

• Mary Shields lives in a ultimate record cabin in a hills of Goldstream Valley.

An out-of-date timber prepare stove and cupboards palm embellished with Alaska wildflowers are in a friendly kitchen. All a seat is handmade. The bedroom has a wood-style bed with colorful coverlet and a groundwork provides storage, guest space and all a apparatus Shields needs for her sled dog activities. 

Tickets are accessible during If Only, Team Cutters and In My Element.


FCE conference


The 17 Mile Homemakers, of North Pole, hosted a statewide FCE Conference here recently.

FCE is a inhabitant grassroots proffer classification that works to change communities for a better. FCE stands for Family, Community and Education.

Working with a Cooperative Extension Service, a group’s goal is to strengthen individuals, families and communities by education, care and action.

Fifty people from around a state, some from a Lower 48, attended a discussion and workshops including pondering art, certain thinking, amicable media, appetite conservation, stress, independence and other topics.

Dianne Doody, of North Pole, is a new boss of Alaska FCE.

Barb Thomas, from a northern district, was respected for her use as a “Heart of FCE.”

For some-more information on this group, call 378-3624 or email

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