AROUND THE TOWN: My mantra: ‘Too many books, too small time’

March 19, 2015 - storage organizer

Posted: Thursday, Mar 19, 2015 12:26 pm

AROUND THE TOWN: My mantra: ‘Too many books, too small time’

By Jan Boston Sellers

Crossville Chronicle

My mantra has always been “too many books, too small time.” we have an constant reading list. we symbol one off usually to supplement several some-more before day’s end. we examination a examination and if a book sounds engaging to me, it goes on my list. Just recently, however, we detected a new aphorism that might be even some-more significant than a one we formerly mentioned. It reads “I was innate with a reading list we will never finish.” That is so loyal for me and substantially for all other starved readers. we crave for a books we will not live prolonged adequate to devour.

Let’s face it: in a ideal world, one is sitting on a beach, or in a chair, or in a car, or on a plane, with a fox – wait, that isn’t correct. That is from Green Eggs and Ham. Anyway, if a universe were ideal we would do positively zero though examination all my waking hours. Or, if a universe is perfect, we wouldn’t need nap so we could examination those hours too, that utterly honestly would cut down on my reading list a small faster.

I have created here before about how unsettled we turn when we find my book accumulate has been depleted. we can’t have this. What if something happened and we was incompetent to feed it? Like, we know, an ice storm? So, what we find myself mostly doing is finishing one and shopping three. This works flattering good until a book storage starts to open and come tighten to bursting all over a house.

Prepping for a annual taxation appointment, we deliberate momentarily how pleasant for us it would be if a Internal Revenue Service were to abate adult on some of a restrictions. we am meditative how fitting it would be for Michael and me if a IRS authorised full cost deductions for books and magazines. we would afterwards have even some-more money to spend on my book habit. (Oh, and while we am wishing, it would also be good if we were means to concede diet sodas, sporting eventuality tickets, film passes and trips to a beach.)

The Dimple Globes Committee from a United Fund announces a 10th Anniversary Reception is slated for a final day of this month. The Cumberland Room of a Art Circle Library will be a site for a Mar 31 event. Honorees this year are Randy Bond, Dennis Gregg, Jerry and Kay McBride, Larry and Patsy Nesbitt, Donna Quarles and Dwight Wages. High School honorees are Kobe Cox of Cumberland County High School; Michelle Fernandez of a Phoenix School and Stone McCoy of Stone Memorial High School. Previous winners of a Dimple Globe Awards will also be recognized. The accepting is scheduled to start during 3 p.m. with a module starting during 4 p.m. The UF Committee says, “this is a organisation of honorees who have shown they are creation a disproportion in Cumberland County and we are anticipating for a large audience during this event.” There is no assign for attending though UF organizers would like we to call and haven a mark during (931) 484-4082 or we might register around email during


The annual Miss Relay Pageants – ancillary a 2015 Cumberland County Relay for Life – are scheduled for Saturday, Apr 18, during a ChurchB53 in Woodmere Mall. Organizer Whitney Sidwell says this is an open manifestation with 6 opposite age groups. They are for ages 2-3; 4-6; 7-9; 10-12; 13-15; and 16-21.

“There will be a winner, initial curtain up, second curtain up, and many photogenic for any age group. If we would like to enter your child in a many photogenic contest, greatfully move a 5×7 print to contention a day of a pageant. Photo price is $5,” Sidwell says.

Sidwell also asks that all 2014 winners be benefaction a day of a page to climax a new winners. If we are meddlesome in participating we might call her during (931) 200-3799 or email her during for serve information.


Happy Spring! Spring strictly arrives on a Plateau today. The tangible attainment time is 5:45 p.m. and subsequent to a Super Bowl and Mar Madness, it might be a many expected eventuality of 2015 so far. The vernal equinox comes with flowers, outside activities and a countdown to graduations, vacations and summertime!

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