Art Hack Day entrance to Capitol Hill, fostering partnership between artists and hackers

September 8, 2016 - storage organizer

Artists and hackers will take over 11th Ave’s V2 space after this month to spend 48 hours formulating pieces that marry art and technology.

The collaborative project, Art Hack Day, that has been reason in cities around a universe and took place in Seattle in Pioneer Square in 2015, provides a participants with a space and equipment. “It’s a good sourroundings for artists and engineers to combine closely on projects,” Julia Fryett, an organizer for a Seattle event, told CHS. The time imprisonment and thesis can lead to sparkling and astonishing creations, she said.

In Seattle, organizers staid on a thesis “Erasure,” that a 30 to 40 artists and hackers mostly from Seattle and Portland will emanate pieces around.

“We watch as cities, people, and landscapes concurrently turn manifest and invisible, pixel by pixel, dungeon by cell. What stays? What goes? Who decides? Is anything ever truly erased? In an epoch of gigantic probable storage, we are usually now commencement to know what deletion unequivocally means,” a eventuality website describes a theme.

Fryett pronounced a organisation of Seattle organizers including Joshua Noble, Matt Schoenholz, Quin Kennedy, Troy Wolfe, and Yasaman Sheri, also looked for a space to reason a eventuality that followed a theme. V2 lives in a home of a aged Capitol Hill Value Village though user Velocity Dance doesn’t pattern to continue in a space most into 2017 before a growth plan begins, wise into a thesis of “Erasure” with a proxy status.

After 48 hours of work in a space, during 7 PM on Saturday, Sep 17th, a muster will be open to a public. A $5 concession is suggested.

While what a artists and hackers will emanate will occur on a fly during a Art Hack, Fryett pronounced a vast scale media vaunt could underline some performances or live events, projections, interactive pieces, and video or audio projects.

Many of a pieces are approaching to be demos or initial iterations of destiny projects. “Art Hack Day unequivocally illuminates a prolongation of a work… It’s also a approach for artists to exam ideas,” Fryett said.

The organizers with a Seattle eventuality have been operative with one San Francisco-based co-organizer of Art Hack Day Olof Mathe to move a eventuality to Capitol Hill. Along with providing a space, a organizers will move in food and some apparatus such as projectors, media players, tablets and cords. Some artists are bringing their possess apparatus as well.

Most of a about $5,000 a organizers perceived from corporate sponsors Teague pattern organisation and Microsoft are profitable for a space and food. People who wish to attend a Art Hack Day in Seattle can RSVP during

The eventuality is also portion as a kick-off to a Black Box Festival, that explores how record transforms art, enlightenment and life. Fryett founded a festival in 2014.

Black Box 3.0 will run from Sep 17th to Oct 2nd and underline screenings premiering new work during a Seattle Art Museum, pop-up media installations, and village meet-ups exploring digital innovations.

A minute Black Box 3.0 module can be found at

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