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October 20, 2014 - storage organizer

Nearly dual dozen artists from 5 states are fasten army to safety a memory of Albany’s ancestral white oaks by a timber of a trees themselves.

Woodcrafters from Oregon, Washington, California, Utah and Colorado are contributing pieces to Albany’s initial “Lumber to Legacy” auction, scheduled for 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 9, during The Wheelhouse Event Center, 421 Water Ave. N.E.

Proceeds from a auction will advantage Albany’s white ash replacement program. All a equipment combined for a auction are being done during slightest partly from 8 trees harvested from Albany’s ancestral Hackleman white ash grove, and will embody a certificate of authenticity.

Justin McMinds, one of a Albany crafters fasten a effort, is holding his reverence another step. His buffet —a tiny list customarily placed opposite a wall for storage or displays — will embody an overlay, worked in wood, of a tangible tree that supposing a element for his project.

“I unequivocally like a story of where a product was developed. we like meaningful this product came from this tree,” he said. “It gives it some-more nauseating value, that is what we like.”

McMinds was means to see a tangible tree by accessing an aged satellite print online from Google Maps that showed a skill before a trees were cut down. Auction organizer Mark Azevedo, a member of a Albany Tree Commission, reliable some of a lumber from that specific tree was used for McMinds’ project.

McMinds combined his pattern by holding a shade shot of a tree, regulating it to blueprint an outline, afterwards downloading a outline into a mechanism program. The module powers a router that cuts a square according to a alien design.

The finished buffet will bear counterpart images of a ancestral ash on a sideboard’s cupboard doors. The tree designs themselves, any overlays a entertain in. thick, will be done of walnut, a improved to uncover adult opposite a tangible white ash that creates adult a buffet itself.

The harvested oaks came from skill where a Lowe’s home alleviation store is approaching to be constructed.

Azevedo sat in on meetings about a Lowe’s plan with a Albany City Council. With a assistance of a city’s Parks and Recreation Department, Azevedo mostly creates harvested trees accessible to a woodshop programs during several mid-valley high schools.

“We wanted to do something special with this organisation of trees,” he said.

McMinds, who has a unstable sawmill, is a male Azevedo calls when a logs are donated to a schools. But he jumped during a possibility to uncover instead what he can do for a auction.

“I wanted to plea myself,” pronounced McMinds, who owns WoodMinds LLC of Albany. “Show we can do something other than cut adult a record into lumber.”

Several other artists also chose to qualification seat for a auction, from a tradition self-centredness to a cloak shelve to hulk discussion table. Woodshop students from Albany and Corvallis high schools assimilated army with veteran woodworker Gary Rogowski of Portland to build 12 cafeteria chairs for a sale.

Bowls, print frames, a room divider and dual custom-designed apple cider presses done from a white ash also will be accessible for purchase.

One special object — a 12-foot discussion list with a tip done from a single, 600-pound board, donated from one of a white ash slabs given to South Albany High School — is being assembled in Portland and will sojourn there until sold. In addition, Azevedo said, another Portland studio is operative on a tradition square still to be determined.

People who are meddlesome in behest on those pieces are asked to hit Albany Parks and Recreation during 541-917-7777.

Perhaps a many surprising plan is entrance from Pat Megowan of Corvallis, who is regulating a timber to make a ukelele — or, as he puts it, an oak-ulele.

Megowan works mostly on tradition seat and pronounced Azevedo had initial tapped him to emanate a square of seat for a auction. “But we only wasn’t feeling it for a design,” he said.

A revisit with a engineer crony who mentioned ash instruments supposing a inspiration.

“Oak-ulele, of course!” Megowan said. “And we let it get out of my mouth where was articulate to Mark.”

Megowan is awaiting during slightest a few people to demeanour indirect during his finished instrument, that includes touches of koa, large root maple, western red cedar and a dash of myrtle. But he pronounced they’ll expected be astounded by a tones it can produce.

“Oak is not a standard instrument wood, though it’s a unequivocally good-sounding wood, surprisingly,” he said. “It’s not grand enough. White oak? Come on, we make your kitchen out of white oak.”

But he’s found a timber he comparison constructed only what he was looking for: a nice, musical box with adequate firmness to means a notes, that he pronounced infrequently can be an emanate for tiny instruments.

Oak-uleles might locate on, Megowan said, nonetheless he’s not holding his breath. But afterwards again, he added, that’s not what a auction is about.

“I am in whole magnetism with a cause,” he said. “We clout a lot of things down, and we remove a lot to continue as well. We need to do what we can. It’s a much-reduced ecosystem, a ash timber of a mid-valley.

“I’m for saying, let’s not revoke a firmness to zero.”


What: An auction of domestic timber equipment to advantage Albany’s white ash replacement program.

When: 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 9.

Where: The Wheelhouse Event Center, 421 Water Ave. N.E.

Tickets: $20. Includes a light cooking to be catered by Matt and Janel Bennett of Sybaris Bistro. Tickets might be purchased in allege after Oct. 13 around a city’s website,

Information: A list of auction equipment and information about their makers will be done accessible on a city of Albany website underneath a “Lumber to Legacy” link. Information will continue to be posted. A few equipment also will be on arrangement during a Footwise store in Corvallis this month and during Albany City Hall starting in November. The Corvallis arrangement is pleasantness of Footwise and a Mid-Willamette Valley Woodworkers Guild.

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