Ask Jennifer Adams: What’s a best closet-organizing system?

October 20, 2017 - storage organizer

Q: My best crony and I are neat freaks who adore to keep things organized, though we remonstrate on that complement is a best. She is large on shelves with matching transparent plastic storage bins of all shapes and sizes. we cite a closet where we can simply see everything, with relating hangers and orderly folded garments on the shelves and in drawers. She has a apart box for every pair of shoes, and plenty of tiny small boxes with usually one or dual things in any one. Which of us is right?

A: Well, we are both right for being orderly and anticipating a complement that works for you. There are copiousness of pros and cons with any closet organizer or storage bin system. The many critical partial is to store usually a apparatus we indeed use, that I’m certain we both know.

Whatever form of complement that keeps your closet, pantry, sports equipment, home office, or garage neat and elementary is a right system for you. Just comprehend that no complement is maintenance-free, however. Clear cosmetic storage bins are good since we can see what’s inside, and it’s a really unchanging demeanour — until we need some-more bins and can’t find a same ones. we also like baskets and musical boxes for many of a same reasons, solely we can’t see inside them.

Plastic storage bins smoke-stack nicely, though we have to understanding with a lids, and presumably squandered space inside any bin unless we container them full. And they’re reduction expected to collect dust or insects. But if there is any dampness inside, odors, mold, or mildew can build. And sometimes the cosmetic itself releases gasses and creates odor. Any plastic box is better than cardboard, that disintegrates, smells bad, and can attract pests.

With an open closet storage system, you can maximize whatever space you do have with a brew of shelves, unresolved space, and drawers. You won’t need to open a box to get what we need or lift out other boxes to get the one at a bottom of a stack. And any dampness in a atmosphere will be reduction of a problem. But your garments can get dry or be pounded by insects, especially if we have wool. And you still need adequate space for atmosphere dissemination to keep all as uninformed as possible.

For someone deliberation a new system, a mix of open storage for wardrobe ans apparatus used most frequently, and transparent cosmetic boxes for less-used apparatus competence be a best of both worlds. Just remember to magnitude your shelves and cruise how many storage bins you’ll need. It’s easy to buy too many, too few, or ones that won’t reason what we want.

Work on one closet or area at a time, quickly, so a store won’t run out of your favorite storage bin or hangers. Let me know how it goes.

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