Authorities Bust Million-Dollar Crime Ring in Owings Mills

May 24, 2016 - storage organizer

An Owings Mills male has been condemned to 3 years in jail for conspiring to discharge $6.6 million in prohibited cigarettes and for trafficking and distributing a painkiller oxycodone, along with other medication drugs.

According to his guilty plea, 43-year-old Elmar Rakhamimov of Owings Mills was a personality and organizer of a prohibited cigarettes scheme. Contraband cigarettes are cigarettes on that a germane state taxes have not been paid.

Elmar Rakhamimov concurrent with dual other men, Ilgar Rakhamimov (no relation) and Artur Zakharyan, to collect a income to squeeze a prohibited cigarettes, and to arrange for a storage and travel of a prohibited cigarettes to Brooklyn, New York. The 3 group purchased prohibited cigarettes on 18 occasions between Dec of 2011 and Nov of 2013 from an clandestine FBI representative handling in a Baltimore County area.

The cigarettes were reportedly stored during Rakhamimov’s home in Owings Mills, where some were distributed in Maryland, and some were ecstatic to Brooklyn, New York to be sold.

Authorities pronounced a cigarettes were sole in quantities of 10,000 cigarettes or more, and gimlet no justification of a remuneration of germane state sales taxes. At a time of a indictment, a cigarette taxation in Maryland was $2.00 per package of cigarettes ($20 per crate of cigarettes) and a cigarette taxation in New York was $4.35 per package of cigarettes ($43.50 per crate of cigarettes). The sum taxation evaded over a march of a swindling was some-more than $2.5 million.

Rakhamimov and his cousin, Zarakh Yelizarov, laundered a deduction of a prohibited cigarette sales by an general income laundering operation that connected supports from banks located in Latvia, Cyprus, Estonia, and New York, to a bank in Maryland, disguising a income as legitimate business payments for medical apparatus or supplies. From Dec 27, 2012 by Sep 5, 2013, Yelizarov and Rakhamimov connected a sum of $649,500 by 12 transactions.

Rakhamimov also distributed Oxycodone, medication drugs, tawdry medication drugs and other drugs as prejudiced remuneration for prohibited cigarettes and in sell for cash. He conducted 15 drug sell for that he reportedly perceived $356,123 in cash.

Additionally, on Oct 28, 2013, Rakhamimov sole 340 pills of Oxycodone and 1,000 pills of tawdry Cialis to an particular who paid him $38,980 in cash.

Finally, a supervision presented justification to a justice that Rakhamimov was concerned in a fencing of stolen valuables from the aroused spoliation of an Owings Mills valuables store, orchestrated by his nephew, Stanislav “Steven” Yelizarov.

After abduction a store employee, whose movements they had been monitoring, Yelizarov and his co-conspirators brandished firearms and forced a plant to yield a alarm codes for a valuables store. Yelizarov and a co-conspirator, Grigoriy “Greg” Silberman, also of Owings Mills, stole valuables value approximately $500,000 from a store.

The subsequent day, Rakhamimov told a trusted adviser that he had a million dollars of “hot” valuables to sell, and set adult a assembly for Jan 18 during Rakhamimov’s home. The CI met Rakhamimov and Yelizarov, who were wearing gloves and had a stolen jewelry. The CI bought a preference of a stolen valuables for $29,000.

For these crimes, Rakhamimov perceived a judgment of 3 years in jail followed by 3 years of supervised release. Two group from Reistertown who were also involved–Artur Zakharyan, 54, and Salim Yusufov, 43–were also given jail sentences. An additional male from Owings Mills–Nikolay Zakharyan, 25–was also condemned to prison.

All conspirators were systematic to compensate varying amounts in restitution. Rakhamimov, as a personality of a conspiracy, was systematic to compensate $400,000.

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