Back-packable organizer stores cooking rigging and protects a flame

April 22, 2016 - storage organizer

Back in 2013, we looked during Utah startup Grub Hub and a thought for hauling cooking rigging to camp. Its wheeled kitchen-in-a-box rides to stay like a drum container and sets adult to give we an orderly place to prep and cook. While it’s a accessible approach to get your kitchen from automobile to campsite, no one’s holding such a vast section backpacking, canoeing or bikepacking, and it competence even infer too most for automobile campsites that entail any kind of genuine hike-ins. For those kinds of activities, Grub Hub presents a all-new Cirque, a backpack-friendly kitchen organizer that doubles as a windscreen.

There’s zero insubordinate about a trek kitchen organizer – there are copiousness on a market, including finish sets, from outside brands like MSR and GSI. What creates a Cirque engaging is that it’s some-more than usually a simple organizer; it’s also designed to set adult as a windscreen during camp, safeguarding a stove’s fire from a breeze to boost outlay and diminution fuel consumption. It sets adult like a mini tent, relying on shock-corded CO poles to give a fire-resistant fabric structure and approximate a stove from 3 sides. The 3 bottom corners embody interest loops to secure a Cirque to a belligerent around enclosed stakes (or rocks on tough or soothing belligerent antipathetic to stakes).

In further to safeguarding a stove from breeze and awkward humans, a Cirque offers advantages identical to Grub Hub’s automobile camping unit, despite on a most smaller scale. The enclosed organizer hangs things like utensils and condiments right over your stove to keep them handy. The organizer is removable, something that Grub Hub explains is accessible when we need to fast accumulate it in a bear bin when in bear country.

Another aspect of a Cirque that sets it detached from other backpacking kitchen organizers we’ve seen is that it’s designed to reason a standard backpacking stove, pot and fuel when packaged up, not usually utensils and other accessories, assisting keep all your cooking rigging orderly in one place in your pack. It folds and zips into a accessible rectilinear storage bag finish with handle.

The Cirque weighs usually 7 oz (198 g) and measures 12 x 3 x 2 in (30.5 x 7.6 x 5 cm) when packed, deploying to 12 x 18 x 18 in (30.5 x 45.7 x 45.7 cm) during camp.

Grub Hub says that it’s tested a Cirque during backpacking trips by Utah and a Sierras, and motorcycling by Utah ravine country. Beyond backpacking, Grub Hub imagines it anticipating use for activities like kayaking, motorcycling and bicycle touring.

Grub Hub is lifting Kickstarter appropriation to assistance “turbocharge” production. The US$19 early bird oath turn has sole out, though a Cirque section is still accessible during a $24 level, that Grub Hub estimates as $15 off MSRP. The section is sole as a organizer/windscreen with CO poles and aluminum stakes and does not embody a stove, utensils or other items, that are graphic for proof functions only. The debate has been relocating along usually though is usually about a third of a approach to a $10,000 goal. Should a debate succeed, Grub Hub hopes to get stoves into backers’ hands starting in July. Shipping is singular to a US.

Sources: Grub Hub, Kickstarter

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