Ballona Institute: Environmental Leaders Blast State Plans for Los Angeles Coast’s Ballona Wetlands

September 29, 2017 - storage organizer

“We are against to large bulldozing that would destroy homes and food sources for thousands of internal animals – some of that no longer exist elsewhere on a Los Angeles coast,” settled Marcia Hanscom, Sierra Club orator who has perceived awards for safeguarding California wetlands.

“The devise also pretends to be about open entrance when bulldozers aren’t indispensable to open a trail,” Hanscom continued.

Huey Johnson, California’s Secretary of Resources from 1978 to 1982, of Defense of Place (and The Trust for Public Land founder, that brokered a Ballona land deal), also questioned a plans.

“Why is a California Department of Fish Wildlife overseeing a devise that is damaging to wildlife?” asked Johnson.

“It’s distressing to me and to many stewardship advocates of a healthy lands to watch this group and others charged with safeguarding healthy resources to be increasingly shabby by outward interests who wish to make income off of landscapes and wildlife that are treasures to protect,” he continued.

Robert outpost de Hoek, a former sovereign wildlife biologist and Ballona Institute President, indicated his classification will safeguard devise sum are entirely bright to a open (including proposals to explode levees given inundate risks to a village could ensue.) He said:

“I was in Governor Gray Davis’ bureau when he was deliberation spending a record $140 million for this land, since it is profitable medium for some of California’s many imperiled species. Why spend millions to erase each vital thing and start over?  That’s not restoration!  That’s personification ‘Dr. Frankenstein!'”

Robin Silver, founder, Center for Biological Diversity, that filed a lawsuit to strengthen involved class during a Ballona Wetlands in 1997, said:

“It’s intolerable that California Department of Fish Wildlife biologists would determine to recover a devise not entirely protecting of a dozens of class during Ballona on a state’s List of Species of Special Concern, let alone those that are on a sovereign and state Endangered Species lists.  We demeanour brazen to reading a papers and station clever to strengthen a wildlife.”

Alexandra Nagy, Senior Organizer, Food Water Watch-California, voiced snub that Ballona Wetlands village leaders have been shoved aside in preference of private interests that devised a plan.

“Governor Brown is again selecting private interests over a larger open good.  We’ve seen this with Aliso Canyon, a Delta Tunnels plan, and now during a Ballona Wetlands.  Angelenos will not put adult with this!  We ask a supervision leaders – generally LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn, CA Senator Ben Allen and Assemblymember Autumn Burke – to umpire and approach a bureaucrats who authorized this devise for recover to repel it and never let it see a light of day again,” exclaimed Nagy.

Andrea León-Grossman, Southern California Organizer, Food Water Watch, pronounced residents she has oral with would rather see open income spent to mislay all infrastructure from a Playa del Rey gas storage margin during a wetlands and close it down, rather than profitable to repair and column adult superannuated infrastructure.  This new devise enables continued use of hoary fuels during a field.

“Our idea is to pierce to 100% renewable appetite to strengthen internal families and a environment.  If we are critical about a planet’s destiny and tying a impacts of meridian change, we will spend resources shutting down a storage margin – that advantages a health and reserve of a residents, visitors and a animals that live there,” León-Grossman said.

Gina Di Teodoro Bryant, Earthrace Conservation’s representative, chimed in, “We will not let animals relying on this land – to be left homeless or prisoner in crates so bulldozers can hurt their furious and changed habitat!  Wholesale drop of ecologically frail habitats can't continue underneath a fake dwindle of ‘restoration.’  It’s generally unsuitable since appropriation for purchasing Ballona came from voter-approved ‘Wildlife Conservation’ bonds!'”


Marcia Hanscom, Sierra Club
(official Sierra Club hit for inquiries re: Ballona Wetands restoration)   (310) 877-2634 (mobile)

Huey Johnson – former California Resources Secretary
c/o Nancy Graalman, Director, Defense of Place – A Program of a Resource Renewal Institute
(415) 515-1616

Robert “Roy” van de Hoek
Ballona Institute –
The Voice for Nature on a Los Angeles Coast
(310) 877-2435 or (310) 821-9045

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