Bathtub Toy Organizer Holder Storage Basket With Suction Cups Launched On Amazon

September 10, 2016 - storage organizer

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The innovative and marketplace heading EVK Planet Bath Tub Organizer, mixing additional clever 3 in. suction cups holding adult to 8 lbs of bath toys or showering accessories with a durable, stout stylish and lightweight design, has been launched on Amazon.

The EVK Planet announced a launch of a unique, convenient, durable and attention heading Bath Toy Organizer ideal to conveniently store bath toys or accessories and featuring additional clever 3 in. suction cups means to reason adult to 8 lbs.

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The EVK Planet is a renouned family owned business committed to providing a line of singular and affordable lifestyle products, from bath fondle organizers to foldable selfie sticks or dog collars and LED candles, that urge and innovate on a convenience, style, continuance and efficacy of identical solutions in a market.

The business announced that a innovative and heading EVK Bath Toy Organizer, ideal to store bath toys or showering accessories with a operation of additional clever suction cups privately made to urge on existent solutions in a marketplace and safeguard a storage bag stays bending to a showering or bath tiles for longer, is now accessible on Amazon.

The lightweight, easy to use and stylish blue bathtub caddy launched by EVK Planet and made contracting high peculiarity materials to safeguard a durable, stout and prolonged durability resolution is versed with both 2 in. suction cups holding adult to 2.2 lbs and marketplace heading 3 in. additional clever suction cups holding adult 8 lbs.

More information on a EVK Planet Bath Toy Organizer, now accessible on Amazon, and comparisons with mixed aspirant products along with additional sum on a innovative facilities and additional clever suction cups can be can be consulted on a website couple supposing above along with mixed costumer testimonials or 5 star ratings and use instructions.

The EVK Planet explains that “we wanted to yield a bath fondle organizer that was improved than a competitors’ and a group did endless investigate to find that a categorical problem of bath organizers now in a marketplace is their suction cups that can’t reason a weight and tumble off too quickly. We found a resolution for it by regulating a strongest bending suction cups that stay on a tile for a prolonged time”.

The association adds that “our bath fondle organizer is a many courteous and rival on a marketplace with a additional clever suction cups with a hole of 3” and holding adult to 8 lbs. Our competitors’ suction cups are 1 in. and can’t reason some-more than 1.5 lbs. Our group also went a additional mile to make it different, stylish, high quality, durable and in a distance that won’t take too most space in a bathtub or showering though will really keep it organized”.

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