Best laptop bags for back-to-school, from a initial day of category to finals week

August 15, 2016 - storage organizer

Next to a laptop itself, a laptop bag is one of a many critical purchases we can make come back-to-school time. A good laptop bag will assistance we take on a bucket of a new propagandize year, while a not-so-good laptop bag could finish adult spilling out all your rigging when you’re already regulating late to a final exam. Isn’t that ironic?

With so many laptop bags and backpacks to select from, it would be an idle practice to try to find a best laptop bag out there. Instead, we’d rather assistance we find a right laptop bag for any situation, from creation an sense on a initial day of category to flourishing finals weeks unscathed.

The right laptop bag will not usually protects your most-precious bucket (your laptop) and assistance we lift a rest of your back-to-school arsenal, yet also offer singular facilities that put a and in A+. Here are a best laptop bags for a ever-changing inlet of a chaotic school-year.

Best for everyday: Booq Cobra Squeeze

Leave it adult to Booq to make a laptop trek that’s both compress and atmospheric during a same time. The company’s Cobra Squeeze (MSRP $195, accessible on Amazon) is a VW Beetle of laptop backpacks, regulating a architecture figure so we can things as many as probable though formulating uncanny bumps or wanting an oversized backpack. During a examination contrast period, this was a many considerable aspect of all—how a Cobra Squeeze could fist in even tight, swarming spaces like a transport or propagandize hallways.

Monica Lee

The Cobra Squeeze has a dedicated laptop sleeve that can fit adult to a 15-inch MacBook Pro or a 16-inch Lenovo Ultrabook. Then there’s a second sleeve for tablets. On possibly side of a backpack, you’ll find easy-to-reach zippers for storing your smartphone. These side-pockets have additional stuffing to equivocate scratches, and they’re super useful when we need to squeeze your iPhone to check content messages.

Monica Lee

This backpack’s singular turtle-shell pattern also helps redistribute a weight so that your shoulders don’t feel ragged out via a day. The shoulder straps are padded and bend inwards, that is really helpful, too. Even yet we used a Cobra Squeeze to projection around a laptop, a tablet, dual college textbooks, a full H2O bottle, and 3 flattering thick novels (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay, anyone?), a bag still felt light.

Furthermore, a Cobra Squeeze uses a water-repellant fabric in box of a stormy day (although it never rained on us during a examination contrast period), and a association has instituted a sequence series tracking system to assistance recuperate mislaid Booq bags, creation them a inestimable investment. So we can feel assured bringing a Cobra Squeeze to propagandize with we any day.

For usually a essentials: Hex Infinity Cross Body

We’ve all been there: You snooze by your alarm and arise adult during 8:55am, right before a 9 o’clock final. You don’t have time to change out of your pajamas, let alone container all your things or be weighed down by a complicated laptop bag on your approach to class. For offensive moments like this, there is Hex’s Infinity Cross Body bag (MSRP $70, accessible on Amazon).

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