Blockchain Entrepreneurs, Musicians Test Ideas during Berlin Music Festival

May 26, 2016 - storage organizer

MusicTech Fest Berlin

A group of musicians, entrepreneurs and blockchain advocates is set to gather during a festival in Germany after this week with a aim of contrast how a record can change a strain industry.

The Music Tech Fest Berlin is set to be hold from 27th to 30th May. During this time, the MTFLabs: Blockchain beginning will bring together participants including Grammy Award winner Imogen Heap, who has been advocating for blockchain applications in a strain attention given final year.

Also participating in a eventuality are Vinay Gupta of Ethereum, strain prolongation height PledgeMusic owner Benji Rogers and blockchain startups Ujo and Ascribe. About 25 participants sum are set to take part.

Notably, attendees intend to write a routine news formed on a event’s findings and contention it to members of a European Commission, a executive arm of a European Union.

In interview, organizer and judge Peter Harris, who founded music streaming height, pronounced that participants are anticipating the policy and plan discussions set to take place during a eventuality will form a springboard for suggestive applications of a technology.

Harris told CoinDesk:

“While we do have a series of developers here, this isn’t about essay code. It’s purposeless to write a program app unless you’ve unequivocally finished a around research of how it’s going to be used and who it’s going to impact.”

Focus on strategy

Specific areas of concentration will embody metadata storage, temperament corroboration and establishing formal tenure of strain for use by third parties.

“If you’re a film producer and we wish to use a song, that routine can be exhausting,” pronounced Harris.

While Harris remarkable that there will be developers in attendance, a concentration of a eventuality is on how bequest members of a strain industry, including strain labels, collection agencies and publishers precedence parsimonious control over information to boost their profits.

“I don’t consider there is conscious immorality being conducted in those organizations – there might be, though we don’t consider so,” pronounced Harris. “But a biggest emanate is that there are silos of data.”

More work to follow

After a festival ends, mixed skeleton are in place to safeguard a work continues.

In partnership with Amsterdam-based Hack in a Box, a participants will collectively furnish a whitepaper set to tell on 28th May.

The white paper will in spin lay a substructure for a news a event’s director, Andrew Dubber, skeleton to contention to members of a European Commission.

“We’re going to tailor a white paper as a square of routine and attention advice,” Dubber told CoinDesk.

Then, on Monday, eventuality participants including member of strain streaming height Soundcloud, a Berklee Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship (BerkleeICE) and others are invited to plead a formula with a European Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI), hosted by a discussion and pattern firm, Funkhaus.

The eventuality is dictated to move together a European policymakers and attention attention leaders including Samsung, Siemens, Bosch, Philips and Intel.

Harris concluded:

“There’s a lot of seductiveness here by a parties to keep this relocating forward. We’re going to start with a white paper though there’s some petrify ideas too.”

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