Bright moments in a Arts 2014

December 25, 2014 - storage organizer

The Empire’s annual Bright Moments in a Arts underline is designed to applaud creativity in all a forms. Each of a following lists of 5 good moments from 2014 presents usually a little cut of a whole picture, as noticed by a difference and memories of one village member. Taken as a whole, a lists are contemplative of a suggestion of thankfulness toward all those who persevere their time, appetite and talent by a arts, enriching a lives in a process. To share your possess list, revisit this story online or on Facebook.


Rob Cohen

Chick Corea and Bela Fleck during JDHS: This was not usually a best opening I’ve means this year, nonetheless one of a many strange shows I’ve ever been to, in my life, period. At 73, Corea is still during a apex of his game, and in Fleck he has a singular and co-ordinate partner. Brilliant compositions, brave improvisations and near-telepathic co-creation were all put on conspicuous display. This was strain of a Stratospheres, so shining as to seem effortless.

Keola Beamer, R. Carlos Nakai and Geoff Keezer during JDHS: A singular contingent of Hawaiian guitarist Beamer, Native American flautist Nakai and Jazz pianist Keezer. Each musician achieved in solo, duet and contingent formats. Musical good will and good amusement abounded. The personification was virtuosic, and a group’s proceed was dedicated uniformly between honour for and poise of tradition, and eagerness to embark toward uncharted forms and combinations.

“Chicago” during Perseverance Theatre: we happened to be in a array rope for this one, nonetheless we can’t leave it out. we wish that we had a possibility to see it from a other side; from what we gather, it was a good uncover from a audience’s viewpoint as well! The spin of talent, concentration and appetite here was extraordinary. Actors, musicians and organisation all brought their best, and it resulted in a prolongation and sold-out run that for many Juneauites was, from what I’ve listened on a street, a prominence of their theatergoing careers.

2014 Gospel Workshop: we don’t remember carrying so many friends so vehement to have been partial of a project. Rev. Bobby Lewis’ talent and appetite is contagious, and in usually a week’s time he churned adult a Gospel Choir out of about 100 eager participants. Inspiring, soulful, low-pitched and usually plain fun.

Tom Waits reverence by Sammy Burrous during GoldTown Theatre: As a musician I’m mostly operative when internal humanities events are holding place, so greatfully pardon me for including another unison in that we was a participant. Sammy Burrous’ weekend of concerts featuring a strain of Tom Waits were another prominence of Juneau’s year in music. Sam put together a sensitive and impulse band, and a strain preference and arrangements were eclectic, interesting and spanned Waits’ prolonged and sundry career. It’s always a profitable eventuality to believe a musician profitable loyalty to another whose sensibilities so shabby their own; Sammy channeled that troubadour and delivered on any level.


Emily D Wall

A Poetry Reading by Juneau Poets: This village reading showcased a vast array and accumulation of essay groups and projects in town. One deputy from any organisation or plan came and gave a brief talk, mouth-watering others to join. It was sparkling to see a unrestrained in a assembly and to comprehend what a rich, literary village Juneau is.

Tidal Echoes Launch: This annual eventuality facilities a rising of a stream year’s biography and a reading or speak by those published in a journal. This year Christy NaMee Eriksen was a featured writer, and Rachael Juzeler was a featured artist. Rachael gave a fascinating speak about her routine and Christy gave a beautiful, enterprising reading.

“Together,” Poetry and Calligraphy by Sara Isto and Gordon Harrison: This uncover during a JACC was a pleasing mix of mediums. My favorite work was a three-way partnership that began with a tapestry patrician “Arras” that Sarah afterwards incited into poem, and that her father afterwards incited into a work of art. This kind of partnership is so exciting.

Folk Fest: My family goes any year, and this year’s was as smashing and honeyed as ever. We lay in a child mosh array adult front and my girls dance and find friends and run around and ask if they can learn to play a violin. It’s one of a things that creates me adore Juneau a most.

Gastineau Sing-Along: Every Friday morning during Gastineau Elementary School there is a school-wide sing-along with strain clergyman Patrick Murphy. All tyro and staff, and definitely a few relatives accumulate in a propagandize commons and sing together. My favorite weekly strain is “We Shall Overcome.” It’s something to hear kindergarteners belting this out during a tip of their lungs.


Steve Quinn

Celebration: Alaska Native dance groups move their energy, a eagerness to share their enlightenment and thankfulness to Juneau any other year. Dance, strain and art start on a travel eventually holding core party during Centennial Hall, withdrawal people pining for a subsequent time Celebration commences.

New Totem Poles: Haida carvers T.J. and Joe Young chopped, cut and chiseled dual new totem poles that mount as centerpieces of Juneau’s Indian Village. They now have 3 poles station in Juneau, a initial lifted several years ago on UAS campus.

Soboleff Culture Center: Juneau residents have been means to watch this building honoring worshiped elder Walter J. Soboleff arise from a partial of downtown that was merely a fire-torn array several years ago. Soon, it will be tie for guest and residents.

Trickster Company: First Rico Worl found a new residence for his Tlingit art: skateboards, sleet play and skis. Then in a summer he over his thought to open a store where he could arrangement a works of rising artists from several Southeast communities.

Kindred Post: Not usually did Christy NaMee Eriksen keep a sell emporium from being a empty storefront, she helped lift an art store that also serves as a post office. Eriksen is also on a front lines of an rising communication organisation called Woosh Kinaadeiyi’, that sealed out a year with a final impact during her store.


Marc Wheeler

Chick Corea and Bela Fleck: Every few years, Juneau hosts a universe category jazz concert. This year, a Arts Council brought mythological pianist Chick Corea and Bela Fleck on banjo to Juneau Douglas High School. Their poise of their instruments was usually surpassed by how good they communicated with one another. we left oblivious that we can’t even consider as quick as presumably of them play.

Richard Nelson and Hank Lentfer: we don’t mostly make a Evenings during Egan harangue series, nonetheless we was beholden to hear Richard Nelson and Hank Lentfer speak about their plan cataloging a healthy sounds of Glacier Bay. These guys have a best pursuit on a planet, camping out in Glacier Bay all summer. Even softened than conference a trumpeting humpback whale accessible by Lentfer was conference a dual naturalists spreading adore of a Southeast Alaskan wilderness.

Robots to Wildlife: Susan Smith’s uncover during a Arts Council gallery was a wonderment. Her ability to take typical objects and emanate illusory robots out of them awed both myself and my 7-year-old son. It was unequivocally tough not to squeeze one of a robots and start personification with it.

Pat Race’s map of downtown Juneau: This map, accessible during a Alaska Robotics Gallery, is like an ultra-hip chronicle of a dorky cartoonish maps generated by internal Chambers of Commerce. The work is a covenant to a artistic rebirth function in downtown Juneau. Race’s map is an appealing beam to many of a internal businesses that have sprung adult in a past few years, bend Juneau once again into a good place to eat, shop, and be inspired. The coolest thing about a map is that it’s free, with no apparent advantage to Race or his business. Thanks, Pat, for this benefaction to Juneau.

As If!: The Alaska State Improv Festival once again brought some of a nation’s tip improvisers to Juneau final summer. Eric Caldwell has figured out how to move dozens of dumb and artistic minds all a approach to Juneau from places like Austin and Portland. The outcome is infrequently dark, mostly hilarious, and guaranteed to make Juneau uncanny (even usually for a week).


Rob Roys

Nick Galanin: “The State of Being, Displaced” during a Alaska State Museum: It sealed in Oct 2013, nonetheless we have been introspective this uncover for a final year. Only a outing to Italy replaced this uncover from my mind. Most of a vaunt can be seen here: .

Final Friday for a Alaska State Museum: A bittersweet day observant goodbye to a place that has meant so many for so many. Finding out that a Rockwell Kent portrayal that had been grieving in storage will finally see unchanging arrangement is usually one little reason to demeanour brazen to a SLAM’s grand opening in 2016.

Rachael Juzeler’s “Favorite Things” during a JAHC: Many Juneau artists have attempted to flue objects from Juneau’s story into good art. Juzeler is one of a few that have succeeded. See!production-work/c1nqm .

“Festival of a Three Skulls” Any possibility we can see Bridget Cross Kuhar or George Kuhar perform in any of their low-pitched incarnations should not be missed. This night found them in both Cloud People and Playboy Spaceman. Silver Jackson from Sitka done larger an already good night of strain and village in support of KXLL.

“Chicago” during Perseverance Theater: Every once in a while PT unequivocally does something exceptional. This is one of them. From Frank Katasse’s Mr. Cellophane, Enrique Bravo’s whirling ringmaster, a dueling murderesses of Allison Holtkamp and Charity Haskins, to a ancillary chorus, band, and dancers all remarkably destined by Shona Strauser and choreographed by Ricci Adan, what can one contend to a people that missed it?


Kathy Ruddy

Manhattan Transfer: During this group’s opening during JDHS during a Juneau Jazz Classics festival in May, we felt as if we had walked into my youth.

Ken Guiher personification Bill Ruddy’s singular trumpet: After my father died final year, we upheld all nonetheless one of his trumpets to his friends and teachers, and was so gratified when Ken Guiher played a singular E prosaic wail in a Brahms during a Juneau Symphony concert. What a special inflection those honeyed records had for me.

Cyril George during Sealaska Heritage Institute: we was gratified to be means to support Cyril George in visiting Sealaska Heritage to be videotaped revelation ancient ancestral story in Tlingit, his heart language. And interjection to complicated record his difference are accessible online even nonetheless he has walked in to a timberland forward of us.

Whale Project: The impulse came this year where we started to daydream a sum of a duct designed to approximate and prominence a lifescale breaching humpback whale of bronze for Juneau’s waterfront. Sculptor R.T. “Skip” Wallen described some alternatives — foam, mist or burbling? Should a H2O torque off a flippers? Should a fountain works be unchanging like Old Faithful or pointless to surprise?

Whale underneath Mount Fairweather “Tsalxáan Tayée Yaay”: In June, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve hosted a loyalty rite for a chain of a skeleton of a humpback whale, “Snow,” 45 feet long, killed after being struck by a journey ship. Snow was given a Tlingit name “Tsalxáan Tayée Yaay,” that translates into English as “whale underneath Mt. Fairweather” in a rite conducted by many Tlingit families from Hoonah. The ancient songs and pitter-patter were unequivocally moving.


Patricia Hull

Zuill Bailey’s ardent and hypnotizing opening of Haydn’s Concerto in D Major, Saint-Saëns’ First Concerto, and Prokofiev’s Symphony-Concerto — all on a same evening. It was a cello triathalon solely he was energized by to a finish and a assembly was left breathless.

Rob Cohen’s “Contrafaction” jazz unison during 360 North: World-class performances of Rob’s intricate, skilfully humorous compositions from him on keyboard, Clay Good on drums, Doug Bridges, on sax and Alexie Painter on bass. If we missed it, there’s video on youtube and during!

Andy Engstrom’s overwhelming ceramics uncover during The Canvas: The forms of his pleasing teapots literally took my exhale divided with their definitely unique, other-worldly peculiarity that seemed to plea gravity.

Perseverance Theatre’s “Chicago” was an extraordinary triumph! So was Bostin Christopher’s opening in “An Iliad.” And nonetheless we find myself reflecting on a company’s new reading of Sarah Ruhl’s “In a Next Room (The Vibrator Play).” The characters’ frank quests for adore and tie was pleasing and strenuously uplifting. A full mainstage prolongation would be a destiny superb impulse for everyone.

“Mother Jones in Heaven”: It was a personal prominence for Mike Maas and we to universe premiere Si Kahn’s one-woman musical. Being entrusted with a plea of honing a content and strain into a final chronicle was a many rewarding artistic routine I’ve ever intent in. Performing it was perfect fun and it continues to lighten my life any time someone shares how a uncover desirous them to spin some-more active in their labor union.


Jetta Whittaker

• This year we applaud and am speedy by dual youth-specific strain groups. Juneau Alaska Music Matters is clinging to strings instruction from kindergarten on up, as investigate shows a fortify of strain translates into softened educational outcomes of all sorts. What a fun it is to watch immature children correlate with honour and honour for initial their card violins and after a genuine instruments! Kudos to Lorrie Heagy, Meghan Johnson and Guo Hua Xia for mentoring hundreds of students and participating teachers opposite 3 facile schools, and for bringing inhabitant and general spotlights on their successes.

• On a other finish of a spectrum, we desired examination a childish appetite of high propagandize students Robert Newman, Elias Antaya, and James and Henry Chang, comprising a Crimson Quartet, as they assimilated pianist and 8th grader Kyle Farley-Robinson for a rousing transformation of Schumann’s “Piano Quintet in E Flat” during a special fundraiser for JAMM. Each of them has played strain for years — divided and collectively, their fortify shows, and is a good motivator for immature JAMM musicians.

• Not to toot my possess horn, nonetheless what a fun it was to attend in Kyle Wiley Pickett’s final unison with a Juneau Symphony. A reprise of his initial module with a Juneau Symphony 14 years earlier, we marveled during how many a organisation has grown artistically underneath his baton. The communication of low-pitched ideas from one musician to another in operation and on party is as smashing as a believe of pity a ensuing strain with an audience, and he helped us to see and hear that.

• we also appreciated Dick Dauenhauer’s communications through well-crafted words, and mourned his black flitting in 2014. A lady with wink eyes, he left us with volumes of pleasing communication to remember him by, as good as an considerable physique of extend on a vitality of inland languages.

• And finally, if we didn’t see “Mother Jones in Heaven,” don’t skip it when (not if) it appears again. Si Kahn’s one-woman uncover featured a impossibly means Patricia Hull as a unequivocally essence of kinship organizer Mother Jones. MJ was a fascinating figure in a story of a American labor movement, nonetheless there was so many some-more to her. Hull’s talent and Kahn’s considerable investigate move MJ to life by stories, amusement and strange songs.


Rico Worl

Tináa Art Auction: Tináa was spectacular. The design in a uncover was substantially one of a biggest collections of museum peculiarity pieces in one place. The blueprint and arrangement was expressive and a eventuality grand. The village came out with outrageous support for Sealaska Heritage Institute!

Woosh Kinaadeiyee Showcase: Woosh Kinaadeiyee hosted their initial annual fundraising showcase. The uncover was hold during a Rookery and featured a menu done privately for a event. The organisation curated a array of Juneau’s tip poets and residence members spiced a events by behaving extemporaneous limericks.

Christy NaMee Eriksen’s Album Release Party: One of Juneau’s many inclusive organizers and owner of Woosh Kindaadeiyee Poetry Slam constructed her initial manuscript underneath a Rasmuson grant. Her recover celebration in Apr featured a newest instruction collection where she corroborated her oral word communication with live collaborative music.

Rookery Monthly Dinners: Every month The Rookery dreams adult an sparkling artistic new cooking and nominal cooking experience. we attended a booze tasting cooking in that they curated a array of dishes with ideally matched wines.

Celebration 2014: A biennial highlight, Celebration saw roughly 50 Alaska Native dance groups from opposite Southeast.


Christine Carpenter

Festival of a Three Skulls concert: Music was my initial introduction into a universe of a humanities (my mom had me personification a piano as shortly as we could strech a keys), and even nonetheless we don’t use strain anymore, it still has a surpassing impact on my artistic process. This unison was hold a day after Halloween, and it featured 3 bands from Southeast Alaska: The Cloud People, Silver Jackson, and Playboy Spaceman. Perhaps it was a music, maybe it was a dancing, or maybe it was a association of people station during a finish of a night, relocating and singing Playboy Spacemen’s “Right in Front of You” that done a unison so noted and enjoyable. All we know is that when we got home, we couldn’t shake a feeling that Juneau is full of talent and good artistic energy.

Closing of Alaska State Museum: A landmark in city for decades, it was no warn that a masses showed adult to a final open eventuality during the, now ripped down, Alaska State Museum on a cold night in February. we stood on a iconic ramp that looped around a diorama of a Southeast Alaska timberland and ran into some-more members of a Juneau village than we have before or since. Working in a museum business, we was overwhelmed by a escape of a village members that clearly know a significance of this museum in a community. And we am anxiously expecting saying these same people rivet with a new SLAM building once it opens to a open in 2016.

Alaska Robotics News: Full disclosure: we am inequitable about a Alaska Robotics gang, as we am dating one of them. But, we still consider what they were means to accomplish during a legislature eventuality is something that was an critical partial of a humanities village this past year. In a universe where news is mostly disastrous and formed on pitting people opposite one other, it is lovely to suffer loyal joke as a news source. The Alaska Robotics squad were means to news on a news of a 2014 legislative deteriorate with humor, and even some members of a supervision enjoyed and took partial in some interviews and episodes, such as Beth Kerttula and Mark Begich. It was extraordinary to see a domestic village not take themselves too severely and be some-more relatable to a people of Alaska. And after carrying finished a successful Kickstarter debate final week, a Alaska Robotics squad will be behind with some-more satirical news for a 2015 legislative deteriorate — so stay tuned!

Wearable Arts: Arguably a biggest humanities eventuality of a year, we feel a little cliche in including a eventuality on my list. But any year, it certainly is one of my favorite events to attend. we unequivocally suffer saying what people create, nonetheless a many inspirational aspect a uncover is a fact that a whole Juneau village engages with it. It’s not usually a people who are already embedded in a humanities community, nonetheless everybody — doctors, students, journalists, musicians — are invited to take partial in conceptualizing wearable art. we always suffer a art itself, nonetheless a loyal impulse comes from a extended range of village members who participate. It unequivocally is a loyal village humanities event.

Perseverance’s prolongation of “Chicago”: A late further to my list, and one we roughly wasn’t means to add! we was rarely unhappy when tickets sole out before we could get my hands on them, nonetheless we lucked out with, literally, a unequivocally final wait-list sheet for a unequivocally final show. And it’s no warn it sole out so quickly. “Chicago” has prolonged been one of my favorite musicals, substantially since of my adore of jazz strain and a glitz and glam of a resounding ’20s. I’ve seen it on a vast shade as good as several vast venues, nonetheless this competence have been my favorite prolongation yet. With such a little stage, a uncover did an implausible pursuit of mouth-watering a assembly into a story. we felt like we was in a jail dungeon with Velma and in a courtroom with Roxy. The relocating aspect of a uncover wasn’t usually a implausible prolongation itself, nonetheless realizing that a little community’s top-notch museum organisation could opposition Broadway.


John d’Armand

Richard Moore was kind adequate to entice me to sing in his unison by The Man Choir last September. Past my primary as a singer, we declined his kind invitation. However, my mother many had to pin me to my chair when we attended a concert. For 34 years, we had fantasized that someday there competence be a glorious men’s carol in Juneau, nonetheless we had usually about given adult wish when Maestro Moore destined an refreshing opening by some of a best masculine singers in Juneau. we wish he’ll benefaction such a unison again. If he does so and invites me, I’ll be there!

• Earlier this month, Tyree Pini conducted back-to-back performances by a Thunder Mountain High School fibre rope and full orchestra. The immature musicians demonstrated that they were being lerned by a definitely means and responsible conductor. This was enlivening to one who, carrying taken his high-school rope for granted, had watched strain programs, generally orchestras, being cut from public-school curricula opposite a country.

• For many years, Bruce Simonson has built a musicianship and repute of a Juneau Bach Society to a indicate during that a refuge of a Northern Light United Church is being filled for his concerts. One competence never know that he had not been lerned as a veteran musician, for he understands a strain of Bach intimately. In his pre-performance lectures and in his conducting, he speaks and conducts expertly and with enthusiasm. His new unison consisted of means soloists and a surprisingly vast and good offset choir, all accompanied by a excellent instrumental ensemble.

• In October, we attended a overwhelming unison by the Juneau Wind Ensemble, conducted by Todd Hunt. This time, we really wanted to burst from my chair and join a band, for it played a Vaughan-Williams “Folksong Suite,” that I’d played 61 years progressing in a Tennessee All-State Band underneath a good wind-ensemble conductor Frederick Fennell. That stays one of a vast thrills of my life, and Todd and his players brought it all back. On a same program, Todd conducted a premiere opening of his possess considerable composition, patrician “Essay: Mountains.” By a way, we quite remember a tubas, who played with trickery and elan.

• What city a distance of ours has an garb to opposition the Juneau Symphony Orchestra? The many noted concerts of a year are Kyle Wylie Pickett’s final unison last open and this autumn’s initial concert, that was conducted by Troy Quinn. This organisation owes many of a high customary to a contentment of means and responsible pedagogues who steer a immature musicians of a town. Furthermore, Lisa Ibias has been, for many years now, as means a concertmistress as an rope competence wish to have.


Jim Hale

I would like to minister dual arts-related things I’ve enjoyed over a final year. The initial is Mudrooms — good stories, good atmosphere, a genuine clarity of Juneau as a community. Always a good time.

The second one is a Arts Culture section itself. Of course, we have a Arts table to appreciate for holding on my column, (“On Writing”) nonetheless besides that: over a final year a territory seems to have taken a new literary spin in further to a superb coverage of all a other humanities here in town. Thanks.


Sergei Morosan

Tom Waits Tribute Show  during a Goldtown Theatre: This was one of my favorite events that we went to all year and done me feel unapproachable to call Juneau my home. Sammy Burrous and his 6 or 7 square rope unequivocally did compensate reverence to a good Tom Waits in a many classy, fun and strange way 

Gospel Celebration with a Rev Bobby Lewis and Eustace Johnson: This was a truly relocating experience to watch and listen to and once again done me feel unapproachable to be a partial of this community. There was a impulse when a whole choir was singing and a object was lucent in by a windows lighting adult a singers faces. Unforgettable.

The 40th Alaska Folk Festival: I’ve had a payoff to offer on a residence of a folk festival for a past 5 years and it was truly smashing to be a partial of something that’s caused so many joy, fun and conviviality for a final 40 years. Here’s to a subsequent 40!!!

Mechiya Lake and a Little Big Horns: This grand rope was brought adult here from New Orleans by a Jazz and Classics Festival and was a swingin’ good time during a JACC. This city certain does adore to dance, keep it adult Juneau.

Collette Costa and a Goldtown Theatre: I wish to send out props to a possess little art residence theatre. I’ve had a eventuality to take partial in several live events there as good as be in a assembly for countless cinema and concerts. It’s so cold that we have a little museum in this city that can module such a far-reaching array of high-quality entertainment.


Mary Catharine Martin

Improv: My Challenge of a Year was holding Improv classes with Eric Caldwell of Morally Improverished and a Alaska State Improv Festival (AS IF!). Improv — in that people on party make adult what they contend and do in a impulse — is a demonstration to watch, and I’d always suspicion it would be fun, nonetheless horrifying, to try. The artistic people in a class, and Caldwell, done it a smashing experience. He’s charity another weekly class, an introduction to Improv comedy, starting Jan. 29.

• 49 Writers: It can get a bit waste staring during a vacant space on your computer/notebook/iPad/scroll, nonetheless 49 Writers is formulating a state-wide village of those that adore a combined word. The classification started a Juneau bend this year, and has brought Alaskan writers like Sherry Simpson to city for scintillating conversations and workshops.

• Alaska Robotics News: If we missed Alaska Robotics’ coverage of Alaska’s 2014 legislative session, and their stability joke of a state’s politics, we should really, unequivocally watch it. Though Pat Race told KTOO on Dec. 12 that they competence not lift adequate income on Kickstarter to continue a plan for a 2015 legislative session, it looks like it got full funding, that means during slightest 6 segments. That creates me happy. ( 

• “An Iliad” during Perseverance Theatre: Bostin Christopher did a good pursuit with this. He was one man station in front of a throng of people, nonetheless he remade a space. It was a pleasure to watch.

• The Tlingit language: Though we haven’t nonetheless schooled anywhere nearby as many Tlingit as I’d like to (only a few words), I’ve enjoyed stating on a many efforts, locally, to safety and continue a Tlingit language, an useful partial both of Tlingit enlightenment and millennia of believe about Southeast Alaska. Lance Twitchell’s classes during UAS; Mallory Story, Will Geiger, Richard Radford and Andrew Williams’ giveaway Tlingit Language Learners organisation during a downtown library; a Sealaska Heritage Institute module partnering Tlingit elders and denunciation learners for a three-year mentorship — all are critical tools of an critical goal.


Rachael Juzeler

JAHC’s Arts Roundtables: These meetings have gotten some new blood and there are some sparkling grassroots artists groups that are rising from them, like a Juneau Mural Project, open studios, Maker Spaces, artists reviews and other several groups concentrating on enhancing a humanities in Juneau.

S.E. Conference’s announcement of “The Arts Economy of Southeast Alaska”: A singular announcement that looks during a humanities in terms of a clever mercantile motorist in Southeast.

Buddy Wakefield: A illusory and relocating show.

Local Music scene: Sammy Burrous’ Tom Waits tribute; Falltoberfest (and Folk Fest, of course); Festival of a Three Skulls.

• (Personal): Breaking my rejecting strain and removing supposed into a All-Alaska Juried XXXV, removing invited to be a featured artist in Tidal Echoes and jurying a UAS open tyro show, holding a solo uncover during a JAHC gallery


Katrina Pearson

• The announcement of “The Last Road North” by Juneau photographer, Ben Huff: After operative with Ben in bookselling, it was delightful to see his work about a Dalton Highway strech publication. It is a book of photographs — that are both still and clever as they illustrate a multiplication between landscape and industry.

• The North Words Writers Symposium in Skagway: A prominence from 2014 enclosed a row patrician Edible Poetry, that featured John Straley, Nora Dauenhauer, and a late Richard Dauenhauer — a contingent of frank and intelligent poets.

• John Fehringer’s 30th Anniversary art opening during Annie Kaill’s: John showcased dual new pieces of work, Sandy Beach and Ebner Falls, that valid to be adore letters to Juneau and a people who live here.

• Sarah Asper-Smith, in general: Sarah is an constituent force behind many artistic projects in Alaska. She’s an author, an artist, a museum vaunt designer, and a book designer. 


 Shar Fox

Feb. 28 Final Friday Party of a Alaska State Museum: A bittersweet, nonetheless full of love, entertainment of hundreds of folks behest lustful farewell to a 1960s building to make approach for a new SLAM to open open 2016. we had been operative there part-time for a final 8 years in visitors services and afterwards cranking it out a year ago with assisting container it up. Many memories there, privately and professionally.

• The Folk Fest is a treasure. Young, old, good, bad, all are estimable of honour for their 15 mins of courage, if not their talent. And always it’s a unexpected, opposite folks that unequivocally stone me!

Celebration is a abounding ominous experience. we learn so much, culturally and personally. I’ve attended roughly any Celebration and a expansion and changes have been surpassing and exciting. This year we found myself sitting subsequent to a associate whose mom had died recently. He had betrothed her he would re-connect with his culture. He was attending Celebration to try and stay clever for her. My mother-in-law had upheld divided a few weeks before and pity a grief in a midst of a songs and dancing was recovering for both of us.

• Love a passion and open-heartedness of a Woosh Kinaadeiyi Poetry Slam.

• And lastly, what we remember in a village art universe is a hole left by Richard Dauenhauer’s passing. Not usually as a producer nonetheless also a unique, many curious, humble, brilliant, funny, merciful tellurian being.


Amanda Filori

The JAHC’s Wearable Arts show: It’s always a provide to see all a opposite forms of artists emanate their costumes. 

Young Dubliners performance: Those guys were overwhelming and Juneau was propitious to have them come to town. 

Tom Waits Tribute Show: My hermit Sammy Burrous and all of those means folks singing good songs.

Falltoberfest: Such a good partnership of folk musicians.

“Chicago”: There are not adequate difference to report this uncover and a amazingness.


James Brooks

My choices are a bit off-kilter when it comes to arts. You competence not even consider they fit underneath a powerful of “arts” during all, nonetheless we like to consider that umbrella’s vast adequate to keep a sleet off roughly anyone.

• Chronologically, a initial eventuality of my 5 is a Eaglecrest Fireworks Spectacular, that took place behind on Feb. 15. we had a possibility to speak with a pyrotechnicians behind a show, and after saying a approach Gary Stambaugh and Sigrid Dahlberg embellished a sky with fire and hint (admittedly, with a assistance of an whole setup and takedown crew), it’s easy for me to contend that what they do is art.

• we know everyone’s going to discuss Folk Fest, so I’m going to leave that off my list. Besides, Celebration 2014 was better, anyway. For whatever reason, we consider Celebration was some-more eager than Folk Fest this year, and a attainment during Sandy Beach was a illusory theatre on a beautiful day.

Gold Rush Days, during a finish of June, is my third pick. One of my favorite things is examination means people uncover off their skills. That can be on a basketball justice (I’m meditative Gold Medal, not usually a NBA) or Gold Rush Days, where folks get to uncover off their talent with an ax, chainsaw or stone drill.

• On my birthday, Sept. 13, we distinguished by going to a third annual Capital Brewfest during a JACC. We hear a lot about humanities that welcome steer and sound — even hardness — nonetheless we don’t see many shows or programs that welcome smell and taste. The Brewfest was a illusory event, and we can’t wait to see a subsequent one.

• I’m going to lie a bit and conduct over to Sitka for my final collect of a year. I’m assured that Alaska Day celebrations in Sitka should be on a must-attend list of any Alaskan. Even if we don’t have a Victorian-era robe or dress to wear, a Alaska Day Ball, march and send rite should be on your report subsequent year. If not subsequent year, keep in mind that 2017 will be a 150th anniversary of a Alaska Purchase, and formulation is already underway for a blowout eventuality …


Melissa Griffiths

• Alaska Robotics and Juneau Public Libraries teamed adult to offer workshops with cartoonist Dylan Meconis on character-building and another with her partner, lawyer Katie Lane, on traffic for freelancers. The workshops were ominous and supposing impulse — and they were free!

• An insinuate poetry reading with Nora Dauenhauer, Christy NaMee Erikson and Ishmael Hope to applaud a edition of Hope’s initial book of communication “The Courtesans of Flounder Hill.”

The Wool Pullers personification a little table unison during my table during a Empire office. They’ll be submitting a video for a foe to presumably perform a Tiny Desk Concert for NPR.

• Carrying one of Ricky Tagaban’s woven bags on a red runner in April. Tagaban sells his Chilkat iPhone bags during Kindred Post.

• Finally, owning a Rob Roys painting, purchased after a Dec Gallery Walk. Noting that a few beers creates my father disposed to shopping art.


Amy Fletcher

Tinaa Art Auction: A illusory feast for a eyes, mind and spirit, this eventuality featured a many extraordinary collection of art I’ve ever seen outward of a museum, many of that was combined privately for this auction as a approach to lift supports for Sealaska Heritage Institute’s Walter Soboleff Center. Every aspect of this eventuality was top-notch, from a approach a art was displayed to a conform uncover that highlighted immature Alaska Native designers.

Theatre in a Rough’s “Winter’s Tale”: Aaron Elmore and Katie Jensen, means museum artists, benefaction plays that strike usually a right change of frolic and seriousness, of fidelity to their selected content and desirous creativity. Their latest production, “Winter’s Tale,” featured surprising elements including transformation shabby by normal Maori dance, costumes desirous by Kabuki theater, a soundtrack of sea waves, and strange strain — all while maintaining concentration on Shakespeare’s story, denunciation and characters. A enchanting experience, as always.

Jorden Nigro’s Gratitude Lens Project: I’m not a post-er — Facebook, Instagram or differently — nonetheless we concluded to try this thought formed on my honour for Jorden. The judgment — to post a print any day depicting something we are beholden for — fast became a habit, training me to demeanour some-more closely during a bland things that we take for granted. Though a plan is over, that sign is still with me.

Emily Wall and Lance Twitchell’s poem: As partial of Sarah Isto’s good entertainment of internal poets during a JACC, Emily Wall review a poem she wrote formed on a birth-story of Lance Twitchell’s daughter, Ava (part of a stirring collection of birth-story desirous poems). Lance, a co-worker of Emily’s out during UAS, accompanied her on stage, reading his partial in Tlingit. Beautiful and moving.

• Contrafaction, Festival of a Three Skulls, and Tom Waits Tribute: Though it’s arrange of intrigue to list all three, there’s no approach to leave any of them out. Rob Cohen’s Contrafaction jazz concert, The Cloud People/Silver Jackson/Playboy Spaceman’s Festival of Three Skulls, and Sammy Burrous’ Tom Waits Tribute uncover during a Gold Town were all amazing, memorable shows for opposite reasons.

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