Byrds have large skeleton for US 2 property

September 3, 2014 - storage organizer

It’s been 9 years given O’Brien and Melanie Byrd changed their wine store business out of a Nord Building on Nucleus Avenue in Columbia Falls and onto a U.S. 2 strip.

Now a successful business integrate are holding an even bigger step forward, holding tenure of several lots during U.S. 2 and First Avenue West owned by OKO Properties and once leased to Western Building Center.

This is some-more than usually environment adult O’Brien’s Liquor and Wine in a new location. The skill includes dual underdeveloped lots on a west and a lot of sell space in a 5,000 square-foot building that once housed a Columbia Falls Army Navy store and many recently a Garden of Eden Thrift Store.

The Byrds, who are celebrating their business’ 10th anniversary this year, had been looking for a new plcae for some time.

“When we bought a wine permit from Jack Therrien of Jack’s Pharmacy some-more than a decade ago, we knew we wanted to be in it for a prolonged haul,” O’Brien said. “That means that in a decades to come, we will continue to be active in a village outward of a store.”

That’s maybe an understatement. A former propagandize teacher, veteran soccer actor and nationally-recognized high propagandize soccer coach, O’Brien has grown a internal Flathead Rapids soccer module from a decline in 1998 to where it now serves some-more than 1,000 youths opposite a North Valley.

The Byrds are also ardent about assisting needy families and students, donating some-more than $5,300 to internal recipients.

“We’re usually vehement to watch a 3 immature children and a business develop in this town, and we wholly accept a shortcoming that comes with carrying a store in such a showcase location,” Melanie said.

O’Brien will rest on his wife’s formulation skills to get a new skill prepared for opening day on Oct. 31. Melanie, a former propagandize teacher, does a bookkeeping for both a wine store and a Flathead Rapids.

“She’s a ultimate organizer and neat freak,” he said.

The integrate devise to make a pierce though losing a singular day of business, usually like they did 9 years ago.

“We devise to pierce wholly in 24 hours, starting on a Saturday night,” O’Brien said.

The incomparable building will make it probable for them to take advantage of incomparable volume purchases that need some-more storage, though O’Brien is also deliberation another sell business in a building, like a present shop.

“Not usually for tourists — something for locals,” he said.

He also skeleton to make some changes right divided to a dull lots west of a building.

“We’re unequivocally vehement about beautifying and building this skill for a community,” he said.

The lots will be spotless adult and landscaped, O’Brien said, with skeleton for building them for sell in a future. What to do with a two-story lumber sheds from Western Building Center days, however, is a “tricky” question, he conceded. He pronounced a skill comes with 20 feet of space behind a sheds, so he has some ideas.

In further to good opening and plenty parking, a new plcae will suffer a synergy of other area projects — a successful Montana Coffee Traders restaurant, Xanterra’s new warehouse-laundry and offices, and a city’s skeleton to landscape a opening to Nucleus Avenue.

“In these 10 years of business, not a day has left by that we aren’t overwhelmingly beholden to this smashing community, not usually for their clientele though for their support and friendship,” O’Brien said. “Now it’s sparkling to possess a possess space and be means to offer a business even improved preference and some-more convenience.”

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