Cali county electorate pass fracking ban

June 17, 2016 - storage organizer

fracking anathema passes in California's Butte County

Published on Jun 10th, 2016
by Dan Bacher


By Dan Bacher

The electorate in Butte County, California approved a fracking ban, Measure E, by an strenuous 71 percent on Jun 7.

Butte is a fourth California county to anathema a environmentally mortal and dangerous method of oil fracking anathema passes in California's Butte Countyextraction, according to a matter from Frack-Free Butte County,  the campaign organized by a Citizens Action Network (CAN), in coordination with a Butte Environmental Council, in a mostly farming and rural county. San Benito, Santa Cruz and Mendocino counties have also upheld fracking bans, as have a cities of Beverly Hills and Carson,

“We are anxious that Butte County electorate motionless to strengthen a purify H2O and almond and walnut farms from fracking,” pronounced Dave Garcia, of Frack-Free Butte County. “We’re unapproachable that we can palm down a village that’s immature and primitive to a children and grandchildren.”

Measure E proponents were means to remonstrate a voters that poisonous fracking chemicals would destroy a county’s H2O supply and farmlands, as good as discredit a health of their citizens. The poisonous chemicals used in fracking, including benzene, toluene and other carcinogens, could make groundwater vulnerable for celebration and irrigation.

“We honour Butte County for banning fracking and safeguarding California’s changed H2O resources,” pronounced Ella Teevan, Northern California organizer with Food Water Watch. “When a Governor and internal inaugurated officials destroy to act, electorate are holding a beginning during a list box to strengthen their health and their H2O from fracking. The feat in Butte County will enthuse other counties and cities to follow suit.”

The latest feat opposite fracking in a California county shows that grassroots activists can indeed win, in annoy of a oil industry’s energy and influence, when they are organized.

Big Oil is a biggest and many absolute corporate run in Sacramento — and a Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) is a biggest and many absolute lobbying organization.The oil industry, including WSPA, Chevron, Phillips 66, AERA Energy, Exxon and Shell, have spent some-more than $25 million so far in a 2015-16 legislative session. Big Oil also has millions and millions of dollars to spend on choosing campaigns.

There was no official opposition to Measure E during a campaign, though activists trust that it is likely that a oil attention will record a lawsuit like Marathon Oil did when San Benito upheld a magnitude anathema opposite fracking in 2014.

On Jun 6, 2014, profession Sean P. Welch of a San Rafael-based organisation Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Gross and Leoni filed a lawsuit opposite a beginning proponents on interest of an oil attention organisation  called “Californians for a Safe Secure Energy Future.” The lawsuit claimed that a beginning petition sheets that were submitted had several deadly authorised flaws that done it invalid.

“The county clerk halted a routine of certifying signatures while a justice box was resolved,” according to Ballotpedia. “The fit claimed that a petition did not approve with county and state elections law with courtesy to diction and formatting. In a rough statute on Jul 23, 2014, Butte County Superior Court Judge Robert Glusman decided that a petitions’ faults, that were certified by a petitioners, were not poignant adequate to block a beginning process.”

This magnitude is one of 4 identical initiatives upheld in a state that has been contributing to a flourishing anti-fracking movement now during a forefront of a domestic discussion, Measure E advocates noted.

The thoroughfare of a Measure E ban on fracking comes after a identical bidding unsuccessful to pass a Butte County Board of Supervisors in Feb of 2015, due to oil attention opposition. Residents were endangered that a county’s 200 deserted gas wells were developed for fracking given a use is occurring in adjacent Glenn, Colusa and Sutter Counties, according to Measure E proponents.

Garcia emphasized, “The biggest feat of this debate was a fact that it was residents of a county, not  the corporations, that motionless either or not fracking would be authorised in Butte County.”

As of Feb 2015, there were 10 active gas wells in Butte County, with many some-more wells in nearby Glenn County and Tehama County.  In early 2015, nothing of a wells had been reported as hydraulically fractured, according to Frac Focus.

There are also 17 healthy gas storage wells, depleted wells that are now used for storage, operated by Wild Goose Storage, according to Garcia. That operation is identical to a Aliso Canyon Gas Storage facility, the infamous operation responsible for a large gas trickle that forced thousands of residents of a Los Angeles County village of Porter Ranch to pierce out of their homes final year.

Residents of Monterey and Alameda Counties watched a Butte County magnitude closely with an eye to their possess internal campaigns, Teevan noted. Alameda County’s Board of Supervisors is approaching to opinion on a fracking anathema someday this summer, while Monterey County electorate will tackle a emanate on a list Nov 7.


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Dan Bacher is an environmental publisher in Sacramento who focuses on California’s H2O issues, a healthy sourroundings for a salmon fishery of a Northwest, and a attempts by large cultivation and large oil to sow all a water.

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