Chicago bike pattern comes adult brief in US contest, though could live on

August 5, 2014 - storage organizer

Chicago’s “Blackline” didn’t get a vote. Seattle’s “Denny” did.

The Oregon Manifest announced Monday that a Seattle-built bike won a organization’s The Bike Design Project, a inhabitant online-voting foe to establish a ultimate civic application bike. The bike pattern kick out entries from teams in 4 other cities: Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Portland, Ore.

National voting took place Monday by Sunday on The Oregon Manifest website. The classification didn’t immediately recover opinion totals. Its website pronounced some-more than 136,000 visitors noticed a designs over a seven-day period.

The foe featured teams of pattern firms and bicycle makers in all 5 cities. Each city’s pattern directed to simulate a hurdles of biking within that community.

Seattle’s “Denny” facilities involuntary rigging shifting, electric energy support and built-in storage as partial of a frame. In a news release, a foe organizer described a bike as “an ‘all in’ cycling resolution that integrates security, reserve and preference for a bland commuter.”

As a winning bicycle, foe organizers say, Fuji Bikes will put “Denny” into prolongation and make it accessible for sell in 2015.

Chicago’s “Blackline,” a product of Chicago-based pattern studio Minimal and Method Bicycle, facilities Helios intelligent handlebars with LED headlight and side blinkers and a maintenance-free expostulate sight designed for oppressive winters. Its builders suggested Monday that even yet their bike unsuccessful to win a competition, they wish to keep “Blackline” alive.

“We honour Seattle and all of a teams for delivering truly moving and ardent work on The Bike Design Project,” Scott Wilson, owner and CEO of Minimal, pronounced in an email matter by a company. “We are impossibly unapproachable of a Blackline and a support it received, not usually from Chicagoans, though from a tellurian cycling and pattern communities during large. The Blackline will conduct to Interbike (a Las Vegas-based bicycle trade show) this fall, after that we will cruise a options, and confirm on a best trail for creation it a reality.”,0,6238377.story

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