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February 26, 2017 - storage organizer

(MENAFN Editorial) Chipseasy-Smart Electronic Component OrganizerA intelligent electronic tools storage and government device on your desktop – store, search, and use tools digitally

About this plan

With a discerning growth of wiring technology, there are some-more forms of electronic components than ever before. This leads to problems in electronic components government such as nonessential repeat purchases, time-consuming storage, bad government of existent parts, and mistakes that could have been avoided.

Chipseasy is an integrated, intelligent electronic components organizer. It allows for a fit government and storage of your electronic components, and ensures we can entrance a compulsory components for any plan by ejecting a right storage units. Easy to incorporate into your stream system, Chipseasy caters to a electric engineering attention for a storage and government of electronic components, a automatic hardware attention for a storage and government of tiny parts, and a chemical engineering or medical attention for a storage and government of initial drugs. Precision mechanisms and user-friendly designs are built directly within a Chipseasy, and all a user needs is a personal mechanism to classify their projects. Chipseasy provides a fast, simple, and fit approach for users to finish their projects. Owning a Chipseasy will make your studio, office, or lab super-clean and neat.

Metallic Body Design

Chipseasy is easy to use, compact, and rarely efficient. It has a high-end and aesthetically-pleasing lead pattern that can be placed anywhere in your lab or studio.

The Chipseasy is designed as easy-to-operate desktop apparatus with an aluminum cover, as good as 8 drawers with 64 storage units. Up to 512 opposite electronic components, or other tiny tools like screws and nuts, can be stocked and monitored in a Chipseasy.

The Chipseasy offers 5V and 12V DC energy supply, and consists of a control board, LED arrangement row and switch, etc. It communicates with a back-end government network complement by a user interface.

Front View of Chipseasy

Sectional View of Chipseasy

Single Drawer Explosion Drawings

Multicolor options are accessible to make Chipseasy a stylish partial of your studio or lab. (This is usually accessible for 100 pledges.)

Color Selection of Chipseasy

Connected to your mechanism or intelligent device around USB cable, a Chipseasy has easy-to-operate program with absolute features. It supports keyboard submit and voice submit to hunt a compulsory components. We will broach 3 focus modes: Operation Mode, Storage Mode, and Soldering Mode.

Operation Mode is used when users need to get or batch specific components. This mode creates it super-flexible to hunt and squeeze a tools we need.


Operation Mode of Chipseasy

Storage Mode is used to batch a vast series of components simultaneously. This 3-step routine is optimized automatically, and allocates storage units to make a routine of stocking countless components elementary and easy.

Storage Mode of Chipseasy

Soldering Mode is designed for PCB public jobs or plan development. This mode gives users a discerning and easy approach to finish their pattern with some-more than 60% time saved.

Soldering Mode of Chipseasy

After uploading a components squeeze list or plan check of materials, a Chipseasy can automatically check a register to compare a components in storage with a uploaded BOM and list. For blank tools that are not in stock, a Chipseasy will beget a new list and automatically upload it to mixed online purchasing platforms like Parts-in-Place.

The Chipseasy provides an interactive community. You can register online, emanate an account, plead designs, and even share your circuit blueprint and DIY gadgets to other members of a Chipseasy community. Users can also find and sell components with one another.

Chipseasy Community

1. We finished a investigate and design, and finished all a compulsory public and testing. It’s been a prolonged road, and we are intensely vehement to broach this Smart Electronic Components Organizer to a world.

2. In sequence to broach Chipseasy as shortly as possible, and to safeguard everybody has entrance to this electronic pattern and components government solution, we need your supports to ramp adult production.

3. We wish to accommodate your needs and solve your stream problems. Your support will concede us to broach a Chipseasy all around a universe and give people like we an effective components government solution.

This is a HD chronicle of a Kickstarter categorical video on YouTube :

Risks and hurdles

We are a manufacturer of consumer electromechanical products. This is a third Kickstarter project. With a pattern and prolongation knowledge we gained from a dual prior successful projects, we trust a Chipseasy is mature, stable, and market-ready. While many Kickstarter projects don’t come with a warranty, we are unapproachable to yield a 6-month guaranty for a Chipseasy.
We have fabricated a tellurian group of talented, passionate, and encouraged designers and engineers. Members of a Chipseasy group have solved problems and worked by pattern and prolongation hurdles any day for a final 18 months. At any step, we offer a best solution. We have built a really good attribute with a manufacturer, and any Chipseasy will be entirely tested before shipping. Though there is always a probability of variable risk, we will be doing all in a energy to revoke this risk to an excusable operation by operative with a backers and providing unchanging updates.
We conclude your being an early supporter, and we are assured that we can broach a Chipseasy on schedule.


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