Closet Works Launches New Revolutionary 360 Organizer Storage

December 17, 2014 - storage organizer

ELMHURST, IL — Closet Works, a Chicago formed tradition closet and storage classification company, is unapproachable to announce their New 360 Organizer by Lazy Lee for business in a Chicagoland area. This patent-pending 360 Organizer utilizes an innovative rotating device to concede for 360 degrees of easy and still rotation, while dramatically augmenting your storage space. The organizer can be used for shoes, clothes, pantries, booze storage, and most more.

“The 360 Organizer is a biggest product breakthrough we had had in providing Chicagoland homeowners with a complement that is both grand and space efficient. We have packaged utterly a bit of storage within a 40″ x 40″ space” says Tom Happ, boss of Closet Works.

The 360 Organizer comes in dual customary configurations. The Woman’s Dream and The Valet. The Woman’s Dream consists of all shelving that is ideal for shoes, purses, and folded items. The Valet also consists of shelving, though comes with drawers and space for prolonged unresolved items. Both configurations come in a far-reaching accumulation of colors, and both concede for a shelves to be practiced to accommodate opposite object heights. In serve a 360 Organizer provides 4 singular sides of storage that are serve customizable by a designers to accommodate your singular storage needs.

“We have designed a 360 Organizer to be a really versatile system. It’s meant to demeanour good in each home”, says Happ. “Most importantly, it can work to urge storage and classification in any space including a bedroom, pantry, washing room, and even a home office. We like to consider of it as a Chicagoland homeowner’s dream come true.”

For some-more information on a 360 Organizer revisit or call toll-free during 800-4-CLOSET (800-425-6738). Chicagoland residents can physically see this and take it for a spin by visiting a Closet Works salon during 2000 N Clybourn Avenue in Chicago.

About Closet Works

Closet Works designs, manufactures and installs tradition storage solutions to business for scarcely 3 decades. Storage solutions embody Closets, Pantries, Offices, Wall Beds, Garages and Laundry Rooms. Closet Works production is finished within a state-of-the-art 60,000 block feet production facility. More information is accessible during

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