Coal charcoal quarrel continues along Colon Road

April 5, 2015 - storage organizer

After 5 years vital on Colon Road, Dawn Crawley now shares her plantation with donkeys, goats, horses, chickens, ducks, cats and dogs. But if Duke Energy’s devise to move adult to 8 million tons of spark charcoal is not stopped, she says she will substantially have to sell all of her bushy friends.

“I’ve seen stories where people that have had sheep in a areas around it, their animals have died,” she said.

With her home located reduction than a entertain mile divided from a due spark charcoal storage site, Crawley pronounced she is fearful her whole skill will be infested by a spark charcoal given there are springs, ponds and streams on her farm. She pronounced while Duke’s executive Charah is fixation spark charcoal on a site, some of it could also blow onto her land.

“Those small cosmetic liners they put aren’t going to last,” she said.

Even yet she lives so tighten to a site, Crawley pronounced she was not sensitive of a spark charcoal storage devise until February, when she saw an anti-coal charcoal pointer nearby her home.

“The usually tangible notice by mail I’ve gotten is from a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and we got that substantially 3 weeks ago,” she said, referring to a notice about a open criticism duration for a assent indispensable for a project. “You’re given no warning. You’re given no choice, and they only dump poison on you.”

Crawley pronounced she finished her opinion about a spark charcoal famous to a Lee County Board of Commissioners during a open criticism duration about a month ago. She after pronounced she didn’t determine with a board’s preference to accept $1.50 per ton of spark charcoal stored during Sanford’s Colon Mine site since she didn’t trust it is enough.

“It’s not even a volume of income they could have gotten for a unchanging landfill,” she said. “I’d rather have a unchanging landfill out here than that.”

Even if a commissioners used a supports from Duke Energy to support a Colon Road and Osgood Road communities, Crawley pronounced she is not assured it would help.

“What kind of mercantile growth can we put out here that will assistance this poison land that can’t sell?” she said. “I never would have changed out here if we had famous anything about this.”

But Crawley pronounced even yet she believes a commissioners have tied their hands by usurpation an agreement with Duke Energy, she would continue to quarrel to keep it from being stored so tighten to her home. She pronounced a initial step is to inspire as many people as probable to pronounce during open hearings in Apr per Duke Energy’s constructional fill and cave reclamation breeze permits.

Local residents can criticism during dual open hearings, one in Lee County during 6 p.m. on Apr 13 during a Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center during 1801 Nash St. and one in Chatham County during 6 p.m. on Apr 16 during a Chatham County Historic Courthouse during 9 Hillsboro St. in Pittsboro.

“I’ve been articulate to everybody we know, handing out fliers, been putting it adult on Facebook, been perplexing to get as many people there as possible,” Crawley said. “That is substantially a best possibility to retard [coal ash] anytime soon.”

Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League village organizer Therese Vick pronounced BREDL’s internal section EnvironmentaLEE had been removing out information about a open hearings by amicable media, phone calls and email.

“We’ve been reaching out to other areas of a state rather to try to rivet them on this, generally those areas that have clay pits since this really good could set a precedent,” she said. “So we’re following a assent routine though devise and activism are positively continuing.”

Vick pronounced she also wanted to stress that Duke Energy’s spark charcoal devise was still not a finished deal.

“We’re going to use all a collection in a toolbox, and we consider there are plenty,” she said.

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