College Dorm Essentials For Move-In Day

August 14, 2015 - storage organizer


LINCOLN, Neb. It’s an sparkling and harrowing time when your child leaves a nest to conduct to college. However, partial of a fun is assisting them prepare.

10-11’s Natalie Micale went to Bed Bath Beyond during 5040 North 27th Street in Lincoln, where they sell dorm essentials.

The store has worked with universities opposite a state to accumulate lists for any specific university. Parents and students can collect adult a list in a store and a list has what students need and it also says what students don’t need to bring.

Janet Nuss from Bed Bath Beyond is an worker during a store who has some ideas for relatives about what they should deposit in. She explains bedding is key.

“Standard college beds are mostly skinny and not a many comfortable. The solution? Students need to build a improved bed by adding friendly layers of comfort and support with a mattress pad, memory froth topper or fiber-bed. Protect a mattress opposite bed bugs and allergens with a nap protected reward bed bug mattress protector,” pronounced Nuss.

And Nuss also suggests regulating organizational equipment like shelving, crates and habit hangers that can be used to make a many out of tiny spaces.

“College dorm bedrooms are scandalous for being small, so students need to get artistic when it comes to organizing. They can save space by regulating storage and organizational equipment underneath a bed, over a doorway and in a closet. For instance, try regulating an over-the-door shoe organizer to store rolled adult t-shirts, cosmetics, toiletries, reserve and more!,” pronounced Nuss.

Extra shelves and carts are lifesavers when it comes to clutter. The brick grid bin and steel shelving are elementary and stylish ways to classify belongings, and they supplement a fun dash of color.”

Bed Bath Beyond also says they have a giveaway in-store use called “Pack Hold, to assistance students and relatives get things shipped off to college.

Students can emporium for equipment during a store nearby home and collect them adult during a plcae closer to a campus they’ll attend.

To hear some-more about what else they offer, we can watch a videos above and see some of a items.

If you’re meddlesome in looking during other stores for dorm items, we can also click on Target and Walmart’s websites above.

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