COMMENTARY: RGV local lands threatened by LNGs

February 20, 2017 - storage organizer

I snippet my inland Tejano family behind some-more than 6 generations to a small tomb in a Rio Grande Valley encampment called Encantada-Ranchito-El Calaboz. The Valley is my place of start and where my birthright is located. Because of this, we classify to strengthen my lands from 3 polluting liquefied healthy gas (LNG) trade terminals. These hulk terminals have been due for a Port of Brownsville and a companies behind them have skeleton to build industrial complexes and move primitive lands that embody a stays of my ancestors.

If a terminals are built, they will destroy archeological sites that tie us to a ancestors. It will also dedicate environmental injustice by melancholy circuitously Latino neighborhoods. The comforts will camber some-more than 3,000 acres with soaring storage tanks filled with incendiary gas, polluting light stacks, mixed gas pipelines and large tanker ships.

Growing up, a schools offering small trust about internal Tejano story and even reduction about a inland culture. Over 100 Texas chronological markers are found opposite a Valley nonetheless how many symbol inland peoples? Most compensate reverence to wealthy, white landowners who colonized this region.

Eduardo Martinez, a historian and author during Pharr from Heaven, understands that trust of inland roots is lacking. He told me: “This conditions with a LNG association wanting to build on a funeral belligerent reminds me of a story behind in 2013 in Pharr, Texas. There were some skeleton of inland people found during a construction site. The association changed a skeleton and they were eventually reburied during another location. we unequivocally wish that this LNG association has some grace and honour and doesn’t build on this inland funeral ground. We have had so most story erased here in a Valley, and to build on this specific mark would only be stability that comfortless practice.”

Archeologists call one threatened site a “Garcia Pasture.” It is listed on a National Register of Historic Places. The Texas LNG association told authorities about their efforts to hit Texas tribes about a site. However, we trust that Texas LNG unsuccessful to hit a Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, a clan from a South Texas Rio Grande Delta.

When asked about this oversight, Juan Mancias, authority of a Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, pronounced “The Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas is endangered about a refuge and upkeep of a oldest denunciation and a informative lifeways. Ignoring a participation of a strange people is to foster a ongoing genocide. We ask that they stop ignoring a pleas of internal strange people of Texas and to strengthen a dedicated life ways and dedicated sites.”

Texas LNG’s news exceedingly downplays a significance of a site by omission how stays have already been excavated, including an inland cemetery, stays of a pre-Columbian village, and many artifacts from winding cultures. The National Park Service pronounced that “(Texas LNG) did not do a consummate adequate pursuit in researching and bargain a Garcia Pasture site, nor a antiquated archeology of a Rio Grande Delta and low South Texas.”

Rolando Garza, a internal Brownsville archeologist with a National Park Service, pronounced that, “The Garcia Pasture site is one of a premier antiquated archeological sites in Cameron County.” In his opinion, “this site warrants long-term preservation.”

We contingency pull behind opposite a drop of a land and culture. If people in a Valley intend to strengthen their lands and H2O for destiny generations, afterwards bargain their ancestral ties to their enlightenment and domain is essential. Across a county, tribes like a Standing Rock Sioux are pulling behind opposite multi-billion dollar hoary fuel companies. The tellurian stays in Garcia Pasture are not distinct a small tomb of my mother’s family in Encantada-Ranchito-El Calaboz; and they should be shielded only a same.

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