Common homeowner complaints: Lack of storage, maintenance

December 18, 2015 - storage organizer

Becoming a homeowner can be one of a many fulfilling moments in a person’s life—but it can also be one of a many frustrating endeavors, as well.

According to a new survey, respondents felt a 3 tip home-related annoyances were:

→ Lack of storage (67%)
→ Too most upkeep (66%)
→ Home was too tiny (52%)

Lack of storage biggest issue

Lack of storage has turn a bigger emanate over a past decade not since families are removing incomparable though since we wish some-more room for a stuff. Truth is, some comparison homes miss a storage needed. As a result, new build homes have taken storage into care and built it into a home design.

Homeowners looking to stay in their home though find some-more storage, cruise employing a veteran organizer. At a cost of $60 to $150 per hour, veteran organizers can mostly find spaces and places that can be incited into permanent storage areas. For instance, cruise putting closets underneath stairwells, building incomparable pantries and regulating some-more integument and groundwork space for storage. It might need an additional few hundred or few thousand dollars to finish a tradition storage space, though you’ll be adding usability and value to your home.

Maintenance a large regard for homeowners

The consult found that upkeep is a bigger module for owners (while renters didn’t cruise it a large problem). Even some-more engaging was that upkeep became even some-more of a problem as a homeowner aged.

The aging baby boomer era doesn’t wish to reap a grass anymore or keep adult with home alleviation projects, says Kimberly O’Neil Mara, sales representative during Century 21 Spindler O’Neil Associates in North Reading, Massachusetts. “Often these dull nesters are offered their large homes and downsizing to some-more docile homes or even condos where they can only close a doorway and conduct south for a winter any time they wish to do so.”

Where we live also impacted a upkeep problem. People vital in some-more northern climates—where it snowed some-more or where flooding or serious continue was some-more frequent—considered home upkeep a incomparable problem than those vital in warmer, some-more ascetic climates.

Home owners struggling with persisting upkeep can possibly opt to pierce to a some-more maintenance-free lifestyle—found in condos, townhomes or in unit buildings—or they can hire a organisation that provides anniversary or persisting upkeep repairs. For a break-down of persisting annual maintenance, see a Ultimate Home Maintenance Guide, or checkout a Winter Maintenance checklist for tasks and costs (with links to spring, summer and tumble upkeep guides).
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