Did HDDs Just Break The 1 Tbpsi Barrier?

January 28, 2015 - storage organizer

At a 2015 CES uncover in Las Vegas and a 2015 Storage Visions Conference there were a series of engaging storage products on display, generally outmost HDD products such as a Seagate Seven (a 7 mm high 2.5-inch outmost HDD) as good as updated wireless battery powered HDDs from several vendors. Tom Coughlin is a organizer of a annual Storage Visions Conference.

There were also a good many SSDs on arrangement including outmost SSD products with adult to 1 TB ability from Samsung including wireless outmost peep memory products. An engaging proclamation from Toshiba for a 3 TB 2.5-inch outmost HDD with 750 GB per hoop might be quite critical in terms of a expansion of HDD technology.

The Toshiba Canvio 2.5-inch USB 3.0 3 TB outmost HDD has 4 disks, any carrying a storage ability of 750 GB.   Previous Toshiba 2.5-inch products have had a storage ability of 500 GB per 2.5-inch disk.   The Toshiba 500 GB per hoop products had an areal firmness (the volume of digital information that can be stored on a given aspect area of a disk) of 744 Gb per block in. (Gbpsi).


Extrapolating from a 500 GB hoop storage ability would advise that a new 750 GB ability disks have an areal firmness (probably a limit AD) of about 1,100 Gbpsi (1.1 Tbpsi). If so ,then this product, that will ships in a subsequent quarter, would be a top shipping areal firmness HDD. Furthermore a tangible boost in areal firmness over a before era products (at 826 Gbpsi) would be 33%.

Note that HDD areal firmness expansion has been as low as 15% annually over a final integrate of years so this boost in a singular product era is significant. The following figure shows a boost in AD of this product compared to areal firmness introduction story over a final 15 years.

HDD AD Jan 2015

The Toshiba proclamation advise that this HDD is a true perpendicular captivating recording (PMR) HDD but shingled captivating recording (SMR) where marks of information are partially created over any other to get aloft lane firmness (one of a components in a HDD areal firmness (when double with a linear density, a firmness of information along a track). If this was achieved but SMR that is quite poignant and might paint tighten to a top areal firmness probable but relocating over only PMR. Seagate and Western Digital have introduced HDDs regulating SMR to boost storage capacity.

Breaking a 1 Tbps HDD areal firmness is a vital feat for HDDS and if implemented some-more broadly, could concede over 2 TB storage ability in cover computers and capacities over 10 TB in 3.5-inch HDDs. Toshiba appears to be a personality in HDD areal firmness again, leveraging record grown with TDK and Showa Denko in Japan.

Tom Coughlin consults and writes on digital storage and applications.  He is authority of a Storage Visions, Creative Storage Conferences as good as a Flash Memory Summit, tomcoughlin.com

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