DIY Garage Storage Project: Proslat Slatwall

May 31, 2015 - storage organizer

Ever given we changed into a residence dual and years ago, we have wanted to urge a demeanour and application of a garage.  My garage is a small singular since we have garage doors in a front and back  that means we remove a wall and roof value of storage space.  So we indispensable a resolution that would maximize a wall space we do have.

I motionless to exercise some Proslat Slatwall  conflicting a empty south wall that is on a conflicting side of my work area. Slatwall comes in a accumulation of pack packages.  The wall we wish to cover is  approximately 21 x 8 ft  so in sequence to do that, we needed:

  • (4) 8×4 row kits
  • (2) 4×4 row kits

Luckily, had a sale in that they were selling  2 sets of 8′ x 4′ wall panels with 20-piece offshoot pack and 5-piece shelf basket pack for  $278.99, that comes to $139.50 per row kit.   (Disclosure: conjunction Proslat, Woot or Overstock have paid me or supposing me anything to write this review.)

It’s a small tough to do an apples-to-apples cost comparison since other places sell these bundles with opposite volume of hooks baskets, though as an instance for scholastic purposes, Home Depot sell only a one 8×4 row pack for $149 .  The 20 block combo pack is $199, so we flattering most know this is already a deal, comparatively speaking.

Ordering dual sets (4 row kits) from Woot gets me 4/5 of a wall.  On 2 Proslat Charcoal 16 block feet Heavy Duty Slatwall Organizer costs $158.98 after $15 bonus on Overstock and we trust we got giveaway shipping since a sequence was over a certain dollar amount.


(2) 8×4 sets    $557.98
Shipping             $5.00
Tax                   $35.19


(2) 4×4 sets      158.98
total                 757.15

so sum cost of a wall is $757.15 (and some qualification drink and epicurean burgers from Leadbelly )


  There are cheaper options out there and when all arrived we did have a impulse of buyer’s remorse, generally after a credit label bill.  But once we got a panels up, it looked flattering cold so I’m fine with my birthday benefaction to myself.  Take a look.

It took a crony and me all afternoon to put them up.  The training bend on these things is high and a directions miss a lot of instructions.  That’s substantially since there are many opposite ways we could exercise these panels.

You always know how we should have finished it after it is finished and if we had to do this again, we would have insisted that we get  both cars out of a garage and lay all a block down prosaic together to a wall they were going up.  Alas, what’s finished is finished and it is only a garage after all.

(Disclosure: conjunction Proslat, Woot or Overstock have paid me or supposing me anything to write this review.)

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