Do it better: House hacks and tips for bland living

September 26, 2015 - storage organizer

There are vast victories in life — and afterwards there are a little ones:

Discovering a new use for something we already have, or a time-saving trick, gives that little disturb of “Why didn’t we consider of that before?”

We’ve dull adult scarcely a year’s value of a weekly House Hacks tips — time-, money- and errand savers we can use right divided to facilitate your life:

Handy around a house

  • Use soap or polish as a liniment to keep screw threads from contracting in a hole. Avoid greasy lubricants; they can wick into a pellet and stain.
  • Soap also will assistance anchor a screw into wood; request it to a threads.
  • Use a retard of throw timber underneath a hammer’s conduct for additional precedence when you’re pulling nails. It also will strengthen a surface.
  • Paint pursuit interrupted? Wrap a paint drum or brush in a cosmetic bag or cosmetic wrap. If your mangle will be longer than a few hours, cocktail a plastic-wrapped brush or drum in a freezer.
  • To mislay latex paint from paintbrushes, put a dryer square in a enclosure of comfortable H2O and supplement a brushes to soak.
  • To make it easier to compare a breaker on your home’s electrical row with a room it controls, write a breaker series on a backside of a switchplate.
  • Drilling a hole in a wall? Tape an pouch subsequent a mark on a wall to locate descending smear or drywall dust.
  • Drilling a hole in a ceiling? Slip a disposable crater over a cavalcade bit for a same purpose.
  • Keep a few pieces of pen in any drawer of your apparatus chest to catch dampness and forestall rust.

Clean up

  • To gleam adult steel fixtures, brew 1/2 crater olive oil with 2 tablespoons baking soda. Rub on a pulp with a dry cloth, afterwards purify off.
  • To collect little out-of-reach items, widen a stocking over a finish of a opening cleaner hose and spin on a vacuum. It will siphon adult a intent though vouchsafing it into a canister.
  • Use lint rollers to collect adult a shine that fundamentally scatters from kids’ art projects.
  • Tired of spills creation your car’s cupholder sticky? Pop a silicone cupcake ship into a cavity. It’s easy to remove, purify with soap and H2O and replace.
  • Coffee filters do some-more than assistance make your mornings bearable. Use one to transparent dust, immobile and smudges from your touchscreen electronic devices.
  • Stubborn pieces of food left behind on your oven rack, griddle or potion baking dish? Add a dump of plate soap to a balled-up square of aluminum foil, and scrub.
  • Love smoothies, though hatred cleaning a blender? In a pinch, only fill median with water, supplement a dump of plate soap and strike “blend” for few seconds. Dump, rinse and dry.
  • Are your roof fan’s blades all dusty? Slip a open finish of a pillowcase over a blade and wipe. All a mud will stay inside; only toss a pillowcase in a rinse to clean.


  • Hang a pocket-style shoe organizer inside a closet doorway and use it to store cleaning reserve — out of a approach and out of a strech of children.
  • To make some-more storage space in your shower, supplement a second tragedy showering screen rod inside a shower, subsequent to a wall, and hang cosmetic showering caddies from hooks.
  • The same thought works for cleaning supplies: Stretch a tragedy rod inside a cupboard or underneath a sink, afterwards hang a bottles by their mist triggers.
  • Use a dry-erase pen to leave laundry-related records — like that garments in that bucket need to be air-dried — directly on a soaking appurtenance lid (test initial in an rare spot).
  • Attach a self-adhesive magnet frame or a captivating knife-storage frame to a inside of your medicine cupboard door. Attach all your little bathing tools, such as tweezers, clippers and constable pins.
  • Use filigree washing bags to keep “sets” of little toys, such as nonplus pieces or Lego building projects, together, nonetheless simply manifest — and it avoids regulating cosmetic bags around little children, too.
  • To rinse those little toys, keep them in a filigree washing bag and asperse in water.
  • Looking for a new apartment? Check your cellphone accepting on location, to make certain you’ll get a signal.
  • If your countertops are full and we need to keep your recipe purify and out of a way, try writing a paper or book to a pants/skirt hanger and afterwards hooking that over a cupboard knob. Bonus: Your recipe will be during eye level.


  • Store firewood during slightest 15 feet divided from your home’s substructure to keep pests during bay.
  • Keep firewood towering off a belligerent and lonesome with a cosmetic tarp. You’ll keep H2O on a belligerent from wicking adult into a wood, and urge atmosphere circulation.
  • Poke holes in a lid of a cosmetic divert or H2O jug, and we have an present watering can with a built-in handle. Fill a few and accumulate for discerning watering of pots and unresolved baskets.
  • When you’re planting a unresolved basket, place an open disposable diaper (unused, of course!) during a bottom before adding dirt. The absorbent core will assistance keep moisture.

Personal care

  • WD-40 will mislay nipping resin from hair.
  • For a discerning ironing touchup of a shirt collar or cuff, run a hair flatiron over it.

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