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There are several tech stairs we can take to make certain we have an overwhelming trip. Columnist Jennifer Jolly shares some tips.

I transport a ton—as most as 10,000 miles a month for work—which means I’ve done a whole slew of tech-related transport mistakes over a years. The good news is, now we don’t have to. Here are my tip 10 tech-related transport gaffes all in one place, so that we can learn from my mistakes and have a best outing ever (whether for business or pleasure).

Mistake #1: Not Packing (Enough) Power

Dead batteries are a worst, generally if we need your smartphone to connect, navigate, and share. I’ve schooled over a years that there’s no such thing as too most fill-in power. we move my wall charger, during slightest one additional charging wire (to retard into my laptop or a hotel TV USB pier when we run out of outlets), a multi-outlet plug, unstable charger, and if I’m going to be driving, a automobile horse too. Of course, if you’re roving overseas, we competence need to squeeze an opening adapter. Belkin creates reliable wall and automobile chargers while the little Travelcard charger ($30) offers additional energy though additional bulk. Whatever we carry, be certain to container it orderly and tag everything, so we don’t breeze adult with a treacherous mess. For that, we use a basic Grid-It ($15) organizer.

Mistake #2: Relying on Airplane Earbuds or Smartphone Speakers

Headphones are essential for rocking any trip—and aeroplane handouts really don’t cut it. Instead, collect adult the Zagg Flex Arc Wireless headset ($100). This sleek, lightweight wearable has retractable earbuds and connects around Bluetooth, so there are no cables or cords to get tangled in. Plus, a Flex Arc doubles as a wireless boombox, with 13mm outmost speakers that broach rich, full sound to liven adult a mood anywhere we go.

Mistake #3: Not Bringing a Real Camera

Loading adult your smartphone with each vacation video and print isn’t so smart: Snapping lots of cinema runs your battery down and cooking adult your storage space. It’s easier than ever now to collect adult a genuine camera though violation your budget. One new device is the Now Cam ($130) that lets we point, shoot, capture, save and share your memories around Wi-Fi. It sports a 120° wide-angle camera for still photos, 6-second video bursts, and continual video, and comes with a compress orator with built-in mic to make certain we never skip a moment. The waterproof GoPro Hero4 ($500) is some-more of a splurge, though it’s also a good go-to for capturing enchanting moments—though be certain download mostly or supplement storage, as it mostly fills adult faster than we expect!

Mistake #4: Running Out of Storage Space

Speaking of your changed memories, don’t run out of room on your mobile inclination with the Leef Bridge ($30) for Android ($30) or the Leef iBridge for iPhone ($60). Both of these little mobile memory gadgets retard into your smartphone or inscription to supplement adult to 256GB of memory—that’s a lot of vacation awesome-ness! This is a ideal resolution to boost storage ability and continue capturing videos and photos on a go. Paired with Leef’s MobileMemory app (Free), we can also lift your whole film or song library along though holding adult any space on your iOS device. we adore this.

Mistake #5: Not Keeping an Eye on a House

Having intelligent home gadgets monitoring a residence is good when you’re in town, though when you’re on vacation we need something that can call for assistance on a own. Enter LivSecure ($35/month), a high-tech home confidence complement that pairs window and doorway sensors, lights, fume detectors, and some-more with 24/7 veteran monitoring. Whether you’re nearby or far, LivSecure sends we real-time alerts and lets we check in from a computer, phone, or inscription anywhere that we have Internet access. But what’s even better, is that if a glow breaks out or criminal breaks in, LivSecure calls authorities right away. This is outrageous and solves a problem a lot of people are disturbed about. In a new Harris Poll, 93% of people pronounced they wish alarm systems to forewarn puncture responders immediately when something happens. LivSecure also lets we remotely arm your system, spin lights on and off and keep your home or unit usually as protected (or safer) as when you’re during home.

Mistake #6: Using Your Phone Overseas

If you’re roving internationally, jumping online with your smartphone can meant a outrageous bill—but don’t panic, since there are ways around it. The easiest—but not cheapest—option is to call your conduit and get a devise featuring general service. If we have Google’s newest Nexus phones, a company offers budget-friendly dungeon service with general connectivity, and if we have an unbarred phone, an international SIM card lets we prepay for use with your existent phone. For everybody else, demeanour for a prepaid phone with use wherever you’re traveling.

Mistake #7: Not Having a Right Apps

No one wants to spend their vacation downloading things, so before we go, bucket adult your phone with all we need. At a airport, Flio helps we navigate and bond to Wi-Fi while Loungebuddy is a simplest approach to get into airfield lounges. For removing around, Google Maps lets we demeanour adult destinations and tells we when they’re busiest white Moovit offers open movement directions to get there. And don’t forget transport guides and phrasebooks!

Mistake #8: Not Calling Your Bank

Practically all of us use credit or withdraw cards when we travel, that means it’s essential to call your bank to let them know you’re withdrawal town. It usually takes a few minutes—most banks offer easy options to do this on a phone or online—and it prevents a bank from locking adult your label when they see it being used from opposite locale. we forget to do this each work trip, and it’s so annoying to mount during a register and call my bank. No matter how mostly it happens, my cheeks still spin beet-red each time. Plus, zero hull your vacation faster than not carrying any spending money.

Mistake #9: Not Being Able to Carry What we Need

No one wants to projection a massive purse around on vacation—plus it’s a aim for theft. A coupler or vest from Scottevest lets we lift all we need, from your inscription to your H2O bottle. Some of their products also retard RFID that prevents high-tech scammers from grabbing your credit label or pass information though even picking your pocket. One word of recommendation though—buy one distance bigger than we routinely wear. we wear a women’s small, though a fit is cosy adequate that we can see a lot of a gadgets by a material. A baggier fit helps censor your changed gadgets even more.

Mistake #10: Missing Out on a Right Luggage

A good bag can make transport so most easier. For a gadget-obsessed, the Bluesmart suitcase charges your smartphone and can be tracked regulating an app—no some-more mislaid luggage. If we fly so frequently make-up has turn a hassle, DUFL lets we container your bag once, and afterwards send it to DUFL. Just enter your subsequent outing in a DUFL app and your bag’s watchful during your hotel—when it’s time to go, DUFL will collect adult your bag and refine your garments so you’re prepared for a subsequent trip. Easy!

Bonus Tip: Consider Unplugging!

I usually returned from my initial “real” vacation in 5 years, and we didn’t take my laptop out of my luggage a whole week we was away. That’s a outrageous initial for me, though remember—it’s a vacation—and infrequently usually unplugging and recharging your possess batteries is a best recommendation of all!

Jennifer Jolly is an Emmy Award-winning consumer tech writer and horde of USA TODAY’s digital video uncover TECH NOW. E-mail her at Follow her on Twitter @JenniferJolly.

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