Downey: Ukrainian executive stays sealed adult after woe in apprehension in Crimea

March 1, 2015 - storage organizer


Mike Downey, emissary authority of a European Film Academy, is seeking to widespread a word about Ukrainian executive Oleg Sentsov, who has been detained on charges of terrorism.


The Ukrainian executive Oleg Sentsov initial came to a courtesy of a general film universe in 2012 with “Gamer,” that screened to good commend during a Rotterdam Film Festival. Inspired by a mechanism and videogaming bar for kids that Sentsov had founded, “Gamer” was shown in a Bright Future territory of a festival for gifted newcomers.

Today a “bright future” that Sentsov is looking during is 20 years in a Russian prison, indicted of being a terrorist.

Sentsov was arrested in his home city of Simferopol, Crimea, in May 2014. Since afterwards he has been tortured, sealed adult on fake charges in Moscow’s scandalous Lefortovo jail and refused entrance to member of a Ukrainian government.

A debate by a European Film Academy for Sentsov’s release, upheld by many heading European filmmakers, has depressed on deaf ears, as have calls from Amnesty International for an review into his woe and imprisonment. Rather, a Russian authorities recently extended Sentsov’s apprehension until April, when they devise to put him on trial.

During his time in prison, Sentsov, 38, has been incompetent to see his children, 12-year-old Alina and 9-year-old Vlad, who suffers from autism. Sentsov has been lifting his children himself, with a assistance of his sister.

Political observers trust that a Russian authorities, dynamic to make their cast of Crimea and to extend their control over tools of Ukraine, are perplexing to “break” Sentsov so that he will attest opposite heading Ukrainian politicians. Sentsov is one of 4 Ukrainians – a others are Gennady Afanasyev, Alexei Chirnigo, and Alexander Kolchenko – being hold in Moscow on terrorism charges.

As a emissary authority of a European Film Academy, we trust it is essential that we contend vigour on a Russian authorities to recover Oleg Sentsov. Only with open recognition of Sentsov’s predicament and clever general domestic vigour will we be means to finish his detention. This is what we are being suggested to do by a friends and colleagues in Ukraine.

Senstov’s detain resulted from his distinguished and authorised antithesis to a Russian cast of Crimea from Ukraine. Sentsov was a heading member of a Euromaidan transformation that helped overpower a hurtful pro-Russian Ukrainian supervision of Viktor Yanukovych in Feb 2014.

Sentsov was arrested by a Russian tip military in Simferopol in May 2014 after holding food to Ukrainian soldiers besieged within their bases by Russian troops, and assisting to classify convoys of cars to criticism Russia’s takeover of Crimea.

Although a central date of his detain was May 11, 2014, Sentsov was in fact seized during his unit by FSB officers a day before. Sentsov was exceedingly beaten up, suffocated with a cosmetic bag so that he mislaid consciousness, nude of his trousers and underpants and threatened with rape by a rod to force him to confess.

The “crimes” a FSB has laid opposite a 38 year-old filmmaker are that he orderly militant attacks on railway bridges and energy lines, and on open monuments imprinting a May 9, 1945 Soviet feat over Nazi Germany. He was also indicted of being a member of a supposed “Right Sector,” a organisation of impassioned Ukrainian nationalists and neo-Nazis.

“I am not guilty of organizing these impugned crimes,” Sentsov pronounced in a pre-trial hearing. “The box is built and domestic since it is formed on a testimony of dual suspects that was initial extracted out of them underneath torture, and now they can’t redress a allegations, and have been betrothed brief sentences.

“They also used woe opposite me,” Sentsov added. “Before a central interrogations in a SBU [secret police] building in Simferopol they tortured, kick and flustered me to remove a admission and testimony opposite a leaders of Euromaidan and Ukraine, claiming that they had systematic these crimes. After we refused, they told me that we would be called a organizer of these crimes in justice and that I’d face some-more critical charges.”

Since Sentsov’s arrest, all demeanour of representations have been done to a Russian supervision to try to secure his release.

The European Film Academy orderly an open minute from heading European film directors, producers and actors protesting opposite Sentsov’s detention, to Russian boss Vladimir Putin. Signatories enclosed Pedro Almodóvar, Roberto Benigni, Stephen Daldry, myself, Agnieszka Holland, Aki Kaurismäki, Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, Antonio Saura, Volker Schlöndorff, Bertrand Tavernier and Andrzej Wajda. The Academy has also orderly protests and messages of support during film festivals and during a new European Film Awards in Riga.

Amnesty International has demanded an review into Sentsov’s torture; boss Poroshenko of Ukraine gave Sentsov an endowment for bravery. Questions have been lifted in a European Parliament and a House of Commons.

Sentsov’s counsel Dimitri Dinze, who also acted for Pussy Riot during their trial, has done an interest to a European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Dinze has been exceedingly hampered in scheming an effective counterclaim since a authorities have refused to hold a full inlet of a ‘evidence’ opposite Sentsov.

Despite all this pressure, in new days we have been perturbed to hear reports from Moscow that Sentsov has now been indicted of serve crimes, not usually of a “terrorist act,” though also of “illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, travel or carrying of weapons, explosives and bomb devices.” Sentsov’s lawyers have been incompetent to find out a sum of a new charges.

Those who know Oleg Sentsov best contend they are not astounded he has been singled out by a Russian authorities.

“He’s a really driven male who lives on ideas, not money,” pronounced Dilyara Tasbulatova, a Moscow-based film critic. “Oleg is really energetic, a healthy leader. And that’s a kind of chairman they’re going to arrest.”

At this theatre it would be genuine to consider that Oleg Sentsov can design anything though an astray trial, though that usually means we contingency continue a efforts before one of Europe’s many earnest filmmaking talents disappears for years into a complicated Russian gulag.

If we wish to write to Oleg Sentsov, greatfully send your note

• in Russian directly to a jail:

111020, Москва, г.Москва, Лефортовский вал, д.5

п/я 201 1976 г.р. Сенцову Олегу Геннадьевичу

(In English this is: 111020, Moscow, Lefortovskiy val # 5, PO box # 201, to Oleg Gennadievich Sentsov, innate 1976)

– if we chose this option, greatfully send us a duplicate ( so we can check that he receives it OR

• in Russian or in English – to us here during a EFA Secretariat ( We will brazen these to Olga Zhurzhenko, who will interpret where needed, and pass these on to him.

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