Downsizing Tips from a Professional Organizer

July 2, 2017 - storage organizer



The ups and downs concerned with downsizing your home meant we could substantially use some assistance navigating a trek. It can be both sparkling and daunting to let go of things and simplify.

The pivotal to a reduction stressful pierce is to mangle a routine into increments. As a veteran organizer, I’ve helped families downsize for a accumulation of reasons—from dull nesters with dull bedrooms to those with a transport bug or seniors who are sleepy of stairs to stand and lawns to mow.


Start with a Right Mindset

It’s too easy to get mired down in all a details. Begin with an opinion adjustment. There is clearly a reason because we started meditative about downsizing. Try to concentration on a advantages of going smaller instead of home on what we competence need to leave behind.

Make a list of a things that drew we to this decision. Perhaps we will be vital closer to family, or you’ll have reduction space to purify and maintain. This means you’ll benefit some-more giveaway time to try hobbies and village activities, that should proportion to reduction highlight and some-more fun.


Focus On Your New Home First

The easiest approach to confirm what to keep and what to let go of is to fill adult your new home with things we adore and things we need. Once your new space is organised to your taste, you’ll feel some-more gentle vouchsafing go of a excess.


  • Start with a Basics. Just like we had your really initial apartment, start with a basics. You’ll need a bed to nap on, a nightstand, a dining list and chairs and a cot or favorite comfy chair.
  • Add Furniture You Love. You expected possess during slightest a integrate of seat pieces that have story for you. Work those in next. For example, your grandmother’s wish chest competence not be a necessity, though we adore it. Plan to make space for it during a feet of a bed, underneath a window or as a coffee table.
  • Build in Storage. Your smaller space will still need some storage. You competence have print albums, off-season wardrobe or additional bedding that we still need to store. If we are perplexing to confirm between seat pieces, always select a one that allows for storage. For example, a flattering dresser can be used during an opening instead of a corridor table.
  • Add in Necessities. Take a demeanour around your stream home for things you’ll need in your new home. You’ll wish to pierce some lamps for light as good as things to yield delight such as a television, mechanism or stereo.
  • Make It Feel Homey. Once you’ve comparison a simple seat and necessities, it’s time to select taste accessories. Start with art. Select favorite family photos, prints or pieces from travels, or find new pieces that pronounce to we and fit your new home’s aesthetic.
  • Bring in Textiles. Anchor your new examination spaces with an area rug. It will emanate regard and assistance tie together all of your several seat pieces. A carpet can now renovate a cold, dull room into something that feels like home. Then, supplement relating accent pillows and flattering chuck blankets to keep a friendly feeling going.
  • Keep It Safe. While you’re selecting all of these items, make certain to keep an eye on safety. Choose stout seat pieces that aren’t expected to tip over. Make certain bookshelves are anchored to a wall. Inspect comparison lamps to make certain cords are not tattered or cracked. Keep pathways transparent of outing hazards such as repository racks or prolongation cords. Be certain to arrange apparatus so no stepladders are indispensable to strech things. Swap out comparison rugs and mats for new area rugs with a non-slip backing.


Tackle What’s Left

Once you’ve worked by your decisions about things to pierce to your smaller home, you’ll be some-more prepared to let a rest go. There substantially isn’t one resolution for all of your additional belongings. Some apparatus competence be valuable, some competence be chronological and others competence usually be value a dollar. Consider some of these solutions I’ve used in my time as a veteran organizer.


  • Gift to family. You competence wish to present apparatus with story and nauseating value to family members. Or, we competence have a immature family member only starting out who could use your additional lounge or kitchen gadgets.
  • Find a chronological multitude or museum. You competence have items—from stacks of letters from a war, aged family books or all demeanour of collectables—that a museum or library could use.
  • Sell online. You competence find a vast marketplace online for specialty apparatus like collectables, china or silver. Keep in mind we can sell these kinds of apparatus during resale sites.
  • Hire an estate sale company.  For a commission of a sales, we can sinecure a association to come in and do a clean-sweep sale. They will hoop offered all from seat to grass equipment.
  • Host a garage sale. Price your products and horde a garage sale. It takes some work, though a advantage is that we don’t have to share a profits.
  • Donate. Local free preservation stores mostly offer pick-up services for vast or vast quantities of items. Let your cast-offs do good work for a community.
  • Toss it. In many communities, we can arrange a special rabble collection. Call your rubbish government organisation and find out sum of what they will collect up. Ask if we can smoke-stack it curbside or if we need a dumpster delivered. You can also hunt ads for a internal hauler and truck.


It should be an easy transition to settle into your new home once you’ve given it with a simple apparatus we need, family treasures and accessories to make it feel like home. Take a time to perform promises we done to yourself to suffer a additional time we have by pursing all a fun things you’ve planned.

Lea Schneider works with homeowners on critical organizational issues that take place with vital life events, including downsizing. Lea is a nationally famous consultant on home classification and writes on her practice for The Home Depot. If we are deliberation downsizing in a nearby future, we can revisit a Home Depot website to examination a far-reaching collection of home taste items, including rugs.

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