Editorial: Mural wall needs a push

May 30, 2015 - storage organizer

In Apr 2006, city officials and members of a Chesney Park area collected during a white wall that before served as a bombard of a H2O storage fountainhead to announce a derivation of fundraising efforts to renovate that wall into a Great Mural Wall of Topeka.

The thought was $30,000 for a initial proviso of a project, that a city orator pronounced would renovate “the white-washed body of a now-defunct 10-million gallon H2O fountainhead into a colorful square of open art.”

The initial 60-foot row was embellished in 2007 during a cost of about $28,000, though mutation of a “white-washed carcass” has taken longer than expected, essentially due to a problem of lifting income following a passing of a Kansas Art Commission. Work on a picture stalled for some-more than dual years since of a miss of funding.

Anyone who has a few dollars, or some slot change, to gangling should cruise giving a Great Mural Wall of Topeka a boost. There is room on a wall for dual some-more panels. To date, any row has cost about $28,000.

What began as a Chesney Park plan has turn a village affair, nonetheless Tom Benaka, who was boss of Chesney Park NIA when a picture thought was born, continues to be a many manifest champion.

Professional artists are comparison to approach a prolongation of any row and village members, immature and old, are invited to attend on “community paint days.”

Lawrence muralist Dave Loewenstein is lead artist for a stream row — a ninth altogether and his fifth — “How Topeka Got a Name.” Subjects for a finished panels enclosed Grant Cushinberry, Brown v. Board of Education, a humanities in Topeka, and city and state history.

Benaka and Loewenstein consider one of a remaining panels should be dedicated to a city’s youth, with a final row providing a demeanour into a future.

Looking into a destiny was what city officials and Chesney Park residents were doing in 2006 when they motionless a vacant oddity stretching along S.W. Western, S.W. 20th Street and S.W. Fillmore should turn a colorful art square of that a area and a whole village could be proud.

Benaka says he is fervent to see a picture finished.

Others who share his expectation can assistance make that occur with a timely concession to a Great Mural Wall of Topeka.

Members of The Capital-Journal Editorial Advisory Board are Gregg Ireland, Mike Hall, Fred Johnson, Ray Beers Jr., Garry Cushinberry, John Stauffer, Frank Ybarra, Sally Zellers and Laura Burton.

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