EMC Cloud Storage, Flash Memory And Beyond

May 9, 2015 - storage organizer

EMC had a slew of announcements this week, many of them formed on record primarily grown by start-ups it has acquired.   It is positioning itself as an active member in open source storage software, as a retailer of hardware and program for hybrid and private cloud storage and as a heading association in all-flash and hybrid peep and HDD products.   The association pronounced that it is gearing a new product growth towards assembly a needs of third height computing where mobile inclination and a IoT requires vast cloud-based storage resources geared to non-traditional mechanism applications.

On a program front EMC expelled CoprHD source formula as an open source plan for village development. CoprHD shares a same core facilities and functionality of a EMC ViPR Controller. The association also announced a Project Caspian that is formed on Openstack and allows elementary deployment of cloud resources, focus deployment and scaling and is grown formed on record from EMC merger Cloudscaling.

Caspian has effervescent infrastructure layers with racks, bricks and nodes and is geared to a needs of Platform 3 application. The association proof showed that it would concede easy further (and subtraction) of earthy hardware nodes and a low ability to demeanour during opening and request QOS process to quick urge performance.

Besides XtremIO enhancements, lonesome in my final blog, a association continues to support a VNX hybrid peep array products with an proclamation of a reduce cost VNXe line that supports retard and record one storage. Their 3 TB all peep product retails for $25,000.   This product is geared to contest with Dell and HP peep arrays with obtuse functionality, according to a company.


The DSSD D5 Storage Appliance is a 5U shelve scale apparatus charity 144 TB in 36 peep customized PCIe peep modules.   EMC took a complement perspective in formulating this peep appliance, a peep modules don’t enclose their possess storage controllers. Instead a storage controller is built into a system. They also combined a PCI fabric house with 48 PCIe cables that bond to racks of servers. DSSD as a effect of a complement turn controller is intensely fast, many faster and with reduce latencies than many other peep appliances.

This complement is designed for transactional applications and high opening computing. But a many engaging aspect of a DSSD is that it is a determined target. And this brings me to some destiny technologies that EMC was display in their Innovation exhibit. There they were display what they called Two-Tiers indication and a good as memory centric architecture.   The Two Tiers indication supposing unchanging subsets of both information and metadata between a prohibited corner and cold core storage ability (hence dual tiers). The association pronounced it was saying opening and cost advantages from this resolution antecedent for IO and ability complete applications.

Two Tier Architecture

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