EMC Enhances All Flash Beast And Hyperscale Products

May 5, 2015 - storage organizer

At a EMC World in Las Vegas EMC done poignant product and beginning introductions to support digital storage mandate in complicated information centers.   EMC is a marketplace personality in common storage products and it is creation a vital pierce to support private clouds. This eventuality is their vital partner and patron eventuality with over 40,000 attendees from 99 countries with countless associated events including 400+ dermatitis sessions.

EMC introduced a XtremIO 4.0. The association refers to this product as “The Beast.” Since a introduction 18 months ago, XtremIO has been a fastest offered product in EMC story and, according to IDC, a top-selling all-flash storage array.

Version 4.0 provides poignant multiples compared to a before generation.  The new 40 TB X-Brick building blocks double a firmness of a before era product. It also provides adult to 33% aloft opening and supports multi-Petabyte configurations. The association is charity configurations of adult to 8 of these X-Bricks with non-disruptive opening and ability expansions with 16-way active controllers (up from 12).

EMC Xtremeio

XtremIO 4.0 also includes extended support for hybrid cloud and private cloud storage services that it says allows scale-out storage converging opposite all workloads. Free program updates to existent XtremIO business helps them boost their workloads, converging and performance. XtremeIO 4.0 offers in-memory duplicate services, enabling whole workflows to be streamlined and programmed from a storage by a hypervisor and into a application.

The association is targeting program growth operations, real-time analytics, prolongation and non-production database acceleration, SAP consolidation, private/hybrid clouds, enterprise-wide messaging and partnership as good as electronic medical annals for this product. XtremIO and a Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.0 concede converging of mission-critical workloads and non-production copies into their Hybrid Cloud with Tier 0 Storage and Copy services.

VCE (EMC is a member and retailer to a VCE Foundation for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud) introduced a VxRACK hyper-converged rackscale storage system. This scalable product enables to scale to many thousands of servers and tens of petabytes of storage capacity, while delivering high opening and value per IOP. The VxRack systems are pronounced to element VCE’s flagship Vblock and VxBlock converged infrastructure platforms for goal vicious Tier 1 workloads.

The VxRack systems precedence EMC ScaleIO software-defined storage with built in networking to concede eccentric scaling of mechanism and storage to erect a hyper-converged architecture. Software stacks move several EMC technologies together and concede a choice of hypervisor, including a entirely integrated VMware smoke-stack formed on VMware’s EVO:RACK record and VMware Virtual SAN.

The multiple of Blocks, Racks and Appliances shown during a EMC World offer a extensive converged infrastructure to capacitate private cloud environments and hybrid private and open cloud storage. EMC has successfully practiced itself to keep a products stream and appealing even as a marketplace has changed towards hyper-converged architectures in sequence to support a flourishing applications in a cloud, powering today’s economy.

Tom Coughlin consults and writes on digital storage and applications.  He is authority of a Storage Visions, Creative Storage Conferences as good as a Flash Memory Summit, tomcoughlin.com

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