Empty Nest: Organizing Approaches for your Children’s Rooms

August 19, 2014 - storage organizer

Empty Nest: Organizing Approaches for your Children’s Rooms


Published on Monday, 18 Aug 2014 17:43

Jocelyn Kenner

Our youngest child is starting college this tumble and there is no necessity of articles explaining how relatives can successfully transition into being “Empty Nesters”. we confess that we have energetically devoured any essay and feel improved versed for this new theatre of life and all of a emotions and changes that accompany it.

Recently one of my long-time clients (I will call her Liz) asked me a personal doubt that stopped me passed in my tracks…. Liz asked, “what will we do with your children’s bedrooms now that they are out of a house?” Wait – no essay had suggested me on that aspect! we told Liz we indispensable to cruise that by and get behind to her. While introspective this tough doubt we came to a end that there is no canned answer, or “correct approach” to traffic with bedrooms vacated by dear brood and filled with a lifetime of memories and belongings. Each family needs to find a resolution that is singular to them and works for their needs.

As a Professional Organizer, we assistance clients settle organizing solutions that capacitate afterwards to live absolutely in their homes; these solutions are customized to my clients’ sold needs. So while one customer is anxious to finally have all her t-shirts stored in a drawer given they used to live in a raise on a floor, another customer whose t-shirts always lived in a drawer now wants them categorized by tone and sleeve length so she can locate an suitable shirt during a glance.

The subsequent time we saw Liz we happily reported that we had an answer to her question. we reminded her that my answer is singular to me and might not fit another family’s need or situation. we explained my approach. Afterwards it occurred to me that given nothing of a articles on being an dull nester dealt with this doubt we should share my viewpoint with a wish of lending discernment to others who are during this stage.

DISCLAIMER: If we are brief on space, or a vacating child common a room with a younger kin afterwards a ideas described subsequent are not useful and a opposite proceed needs to be considered. Conversely, if we have an contentment of space and we are ideally calm to keep your child’s room as is, afterwards my recommendation is moot.

College Undergraduate:

When your child is an undergraduate during an out-of-town college, we contend keep his room as is until he finishes his undergraduate education. Most undergrads come home for holidays and summer breaks. Returning to a informed bedroom filled with personal effects is utterly comforting, generally during this transitory time of life that mostly involves vital in tiny, common spaces. That said, it is ideally reasonable to insist that a room be left purify and orderly while he is divided so it can be used for overnight guests, or as an office, workout, or hobby space for a parent, etc.

College Graduate:

Once your child has graduated from college and is vital divided from home, now is an suitable time to cruise redecorating and/or repurposing her bedroom. we do feel it is critical to rivet your adult child in a review about a imminent changes to his room. While she is aged adequate to know that her room should be employed and enjoyed by other members of a family, it demonstrates a clarity of honour and attraction to engage her in a changes. The discourse between primogenitor and child becomes essential so a happy concede can be concluded on by all. Set time aside to go by a room together to confirm what stays and what goes and where/how equipment will donated or handed-down.* There might be nauseating equipment (stuffed animals, books, trophies, etc.) that she would like to have boxed adult and kept in prolonged tenure storage (attic, rented storage unit, etc.), or changed to her stream home. we advise carrying a small, designated space in a room for your adult child to store some garments and toiletries so that when she visits she has a home bottom with a few necessities on hand. we also advise identifying a tiny bookcase or shelf in a redesigned room to store and/or arrangement some of her appreciated childhood equipment for her perusing (framed photos or print albums, high propagandize diploma and yearbook, souvenirs from a favorite trip, etc.). These tiny gestures go a prolonged approach in anchoring and valuing her place in a family, acknowledging her former bedroom, and welcoming her behind to “the nest.”

*Never chuck out your adult child’s effects though consulting her first. What appears to we to be rabble could be appreciated by your child. If she lives distant away, cruise a Skype event or FaceTime. You could also box-up all in a room with a expectancy that she will go by it a subsequent time she visits. It’s fine to put a deadline on how prolonged we will keep a boxes before they are donated, discarded, or changed to a storage section that SHE will compensate for. Be reasonable with a deadline, though do hang to it and remind your adult child intermittently of a imminent deadline. This can be a really motivating tactic.

So as a son departs for his beginner year in college he will leave behind a purify bedroom, though one that is wholly his. we might use it as my proxy yoga and imagining room, we will see….. As for a daughter, she starts a connoisseur module this tumble and continues to live divided from home. We will solemnly and cooperatively make some modifications to her bedroom. Replacing her singular bed with a atmospheric queen-sized bed seems to get a concept thumbs up. we could take over some of her closet space so we no longer need to stand a folding stairs to a integument to store my out of deteriorate clothes. That’s it for now since as all a articles on dull nesting have advised, this is not a time to be creation any extreme changes in my life. Now is my event to concentration on myself, suffer time spent with my father and friends, and a possibility to pursue my passions and hobbies. Frankly, changing her bedroom is low on my list of interests during this point.

Jocelyn is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization). Jocelyn has been assisting Westchester residents classify their homes for a past 7 years. Jocelyn is learned during identifying her clients needs and implementing personalized, useful, and painless ways to conduct a essence of their homes. A mom of dual grown children who have left a nest, Jocelyn lives in Scarsdale, NY with her father and 3 cats. Jocelyn can be reached during Jocelyn@kenner.org or www.seeyourwayclear.com.

Jocelyn will be presenting a seminar by a Scarsdale Adult School, “The Ten Commandments for Organizing Your Home”, on Wednesday, Sep 17th during 7:30 PM. Click here to learn some-more and pointer up. 

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