Environmental concerns pull throng for screening of "Shakedown Oklahoma"

January 23, 2016 - storage organizer

EL RENO, Okla. – Angela Spotts, proprietor of Stillwater County and a member of Stop Fracking Payne County moderated an Oklahoma Sierra Club assembly about male done earthquakes during a 612 village core in a Paseo district Thursday night.

Among a many topics discussed; a continued attack on a adults of Oklahoma by a oil and gas industries use of hydraulic fracturing – a.k.a. “fracking” – and compared wastewater injection wells.

“According to systematic projections Oklahoma will be experiencing incomparable earthquakes adult to a 7.0 operation in a future” she said.

Shakedown Oklahoma. a documentary constructed final year, was shown to a group. It included interviews with Cherokee, Okla. Mayor Karen Hawkins and Oklahoma State Seismologist Austin Holland, who left his position in mid-2015. 

During a apportionment of a film featuring an talk with Holland, he says that systematic justification points to there being bigger and bigger earthquakes. Holland also settled justification that we could have an trembler of adult to 7.0.

Recall that in 2011, a inauspicious trembler that struck Japan, heading to a tsunami and a fall of their chief energy generation, along with a hazardous drop of a Fukushima Daiichi chief energy plant was a 7.0 bulk earthquake.

Oklahoma’s storage comforts in Cushing reason an estimated 58 million barrels of oil, and according to Dakota Raynes, organizer of Stop Fracking Oklahoma, those tanks will not mount anything over a 5.5 bulk earthquake.

Destruction of these storage comforts would hypnotize a oil infrastructure nationwide. In addition, there would be indiscriminate fall of manmade structures including bridges and overpasses creation travel scarcely impossible. We could be confronting a subsequent mass exodus like a Dust Bowl, according to experts.

Many residents in a trembler overflow areas, like a one Angela lives in start to demeanour for a approach out.

Unfortunately many can't leave due to financial, family and other obligations that forestall them from moving. Real estate prices are going to decrease according to a meetings presenters.

Stress levels for many adults who live nearby this oil prolongation is ever increasing. Angela talked about one neighbor who is a Vietnam fight maestro who says this is many worse than anything he gifted in warfare.

“This is a 24/7 attack on a people of Oklahoma!” she also quoted Oklahoma oil nobleman Harold Hamm as observant he is “o.k.” with material damage.

She went on to explain that a state is tranquil by oil and gas industries that have no regard for anything though some-more income and some-more oil.

Canadian County, according to Angela Spotts, is subsequent for heated drilling and wastewater injection.

Canadian County has been spared many of a jolt compared to those in north-central Oklahoma though she pronounced that is shortly to change. Spotts explained that as a earthquakes boost in power there would be no protected area in a state.

According to a USGS a bulk 7 earthquakes blast area is adult to 400 miles. It is a homogeneous of 32 megatons of TNT. For a comparison a explosve forsaken on Hiroshima grown .015 of a singular megaton and killed adult to 75 thousand humans in a initial blast.

To explain a volume of wastewater combined from drilling, 40 to 80 barrels of wastewater can be recovered for any tub of oil. Up to 4 million gallons are used to frack any good and many of a H2O earnings to a aspect as wastewater.

According to Dakota Raynes, this H2O is not reclaimable. It is twice as tainted as seawater containing hydrocarbons along with many of a tip mixture injected during fracking. Along with that come snippet amounts of substances of all kinds including hot particles.

The oil attention has attempted and is regulating a ordering routine called Soil Farming. It consists of evaporating a rubbish into sludge afterwards swelling over operative farmland and plantation land in Oklahoma.

Many sections of executive and western Oklahoma have been possibly infested with dirt tillage practices or are underneath agreement to be used in this argumentative process.

Spotts stresses a fact that a adults of Oklahoma need to mount adult to a lobbying army of a oil and gas attention or face intensity harmful earthquakes.

“Holding your deputy accountable is a usually approach to make progress.” she said.

For some-more information about arriving screenings of Shakedown Oklahoma: TaylorLMullins@gmail.com / @OKShakedownFilm on chatter or a Facebook organisation called Oklahoma Shakedown

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