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October 27, 2015 - storage organizer


Have we ever suspicion that maybe you’ve got some-more residence than we can handle?

Homeowners downsize for a accumulation of reasons: to cut their debt payments or maybe only cut down on hassle.

One out of 10 home sellers in 2014 pronounced their houses were too big, according to a National Association of Realtors. The commission is even aloft among comparison citizens.

Seniors toured downsizing options during an open residence Tuesday during Plantation Village Retirement Community in Porters Neck. Starting during 720 square-feet, these apartments aren’t as tiny as a supposed “tiny houses” we competence have seen on existence TV. But for seniors, a apartments offer some of a same advantages.

“There’s not so most residence to take caring of,” pronounced Jane Roberts, a approved comparison pierce manager and owners of Carolina Move Managers. “There’s not so many responsibilities with a yard and home maintenance. And they have most some-more time to suffer their activities.”

But downsizing means interruption with personal items, and that can be difficult.

“People live with their memories, and a comparison they are, a some-more changed those memories become,” Roberts said. “And we need to assistance people remember that their memories are in their minds and in their hearts. They don’t live in a boxes full of paper and photographs that they competence be saving in a basement.”

Professional Organizer Erin Barbee of Plan B Organizing says if you’re relocating to a smaller space, we need to be creative. For example, she recommends ottomans with dark storage compartments.

“The biggest thing to cruise is to unequivocally try to downsize before we move,” Barbee said. “That approach you’re not so impressed on a behind finish of a move, where we have to go by things that simply we don’t have a space for or only won’t work in your new home.”

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