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September 12, 2014 - storage organizer

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What do we do when your habit consists mostly of T-shirts, and we don’t have adequate room to store them? Not everybody has adequate closet space to hang those T-shirts, so dresser drawers get used—and are mostly congested to overflowing. Furthermore, a T-shirts during a bottom of a smoke-stack frequency get worn, since no one can see them. One solution: Fold a T-shirts and record them away, saving space and adding visibility.


Brittany Moser, on her Darkroom and Dearly blog, shows how most space she saved when she went with a folded approach. Brittany says a shirts do tend to get creases—but no some-more than when she folded them and laid them flat. She takes a one she wants to wear that day into a showering room with her, to steam out a creases.


Andrea Dekker has a video display how she folds T-shirts, and Brittany has supposing these step-by-step images. This all seems easy enough—but for those who wish some-more assistance (or a cleaner look), there’s Pliio.



The Pliio wardrobe filers, done of paperboard and polypropylene, were combined by veteran organizer Clare Kumar and engineer Yuriko Zakimi. The filers assistance anyone overlay T-shirts to a uniform 6 inches by 9 inches—in underneath 5 seconds. The contriver says that Pliio drawer makeovers have yielded 20-30% some-more storage space.

As organizer Julie Bestry explains (and we can see in a video): “A Pliio folding filer is a pad about a distance of a tiny placemat, that is placed in a core of a essay of wardrobe we wish to fold. You manually overlay in a sides/sleeves to heed to a edges of a pad, and afterwards overlay a Pliio from one finish to a other.”


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